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Ford Issues Mustang Mach-E Stop-Ship To Address Quality-Related Issue

As we reported just two weeks ago, the very first 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E deliveries were already taking place as several early adopters have since received their shiny new all-electric crossovers. However, it appears that customers who are still awaiting delivery might have to wait a bit longer, as Ford Authority has learned from its sources that Ford has issued a Mach-E stop-ship for all models to address a quality-related issue.

According to these same Ford Authority sources, the Mach-E stop-ship will delay shipments by as much as 60 days. It’s an unfortunate development for the automaker’s very first mass-produced EV, which has won a number of prestigious awards in recent weeks and has received universally positive reviews thus far.

“As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles, we are conducting additional quality checks on several hundred Mustang Mach-E models built before dealer shipments started last month,” a Ford spokesperson told Ford Authority. “As part of our quality process, we want to ensure they meet the quality our customers expect and deserve. We notified affected customers that they may receive their Mustang Mach-Es on different timing than previously discussed. The team is working to expedite these vehicles, and we hope that customers receive them ahead of targeted dates, providing there are no COVID-19-related transportation delays.”

This Mach-E stop-sale is something the automaker has been working hard to avoid following similar issues with the 2020 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, launches that were riddled with problems due to quality issues from the start. It’s quite possible that the Mach-E’s delay could be an attempt to prevent these sorts of problems from reaching customers as well.

As we recently reported, Ford has also been storing thousands of early-production 2021 Ford F-150 models in both Detroit and Kansas City, which were built at the Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant simultaneously with prototype pickups. The automaker stated that it was performing final quality checks on those models before shipping them out, while models currently in production are heading straight to dealerships.

New Ford CEO Jim Farley recently made it quite clear that he intends to reduce warranty costs and improve new vehicle launches moving forward, and even had extra workers on standby in case problems surfaced with the 2021 F-150 during its early stages of production. As of right now, it’s unclear what is causing the Mach-E stop-sale, but we’ll have more to report very soon.

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  1. crabbymilton

    I make the disclaimer that I’m not a fan of the MUSTANG nor this new version of it. However, it’s pretty clear that FORD has crossed over from somewhat hopeless to no hope at all.
    Wasn’t this supposed to be the time where they really really really got control over their quality problems this time?

    1. Charles

      There’s a reason why everyone only calls it the Mach-E and not the Mustang Mach e. The only model I’ll be maybe willing to call a Mustang is the GT model. Also the quality can’t be that bad. There’s no one way that it’s even close to Tesla’s quality which literally has the roof fall off and miss matched panels. I have to had it to Ford for actually addressing that they have quality issues in the Mach E and fixing them. I hope that the auto industry doesn’t go back to the 90s though early 10s quality. I don’t know what they were thinking when they started the back to basics trend but it set them back by a lot. I mean imagine showing a designer from the 50s-60s all the plastic that they use in cars then and still do in some.

      1. Thomas J Wilson

        They are probably going through each and every car because of drug problems. Example: A lady bought a new car from autonation ford in Amherst, ohio. She was going down the road and her front wheels seemed to be out of balance. She brought the car back to the dealer and they taken the tires off the rim. In the tires were packed with mary Jane. No the woman didn’t get the weed back and the police were called to pick it up. I wonder what quality that weed was?

  2. Chris

    Oh man, this is like the 1980’s/90’s Ford quality issues all over again. Who in the hell is in charge at Ford? Is it the guy that likes to race cars? “Oh how cool” Maybe he ought to concentrate on running the company and fire the morons who can’t get the job done right the first time.

    1. Crabbymilton

      My mom bought a brand new 1980 MUSTANG and I learned to drive in that car. So while I have fond memories of that car in that respect, it had more problems than you can get think of. It had the 3.3L 6 with about 90hp. Seemed powerful for a young driver but I can’t imagine how weak the 4 cylinder was and rough. So I guess FORD is going back to the good old days when they built crap.How’s that for nostalgic thoughts?

  3. Alexander

    Ford has been in the industry for over 100 years. They were the one that invented the assembly line. Why do they all of a sudden not know how to build a vehicle. This is ridiculous. Get some people in there who know how to run a company, because you are doing a disservice to the Ford name. Henry Ford is rolling in his grave right now.

  4. JimL

    Unbelievable. After 41 years of car ownership, my only hard loyalty to Ford is the friendship I have with a particular salesman. But that will only go so far. Ford seems to have completely lost its way.

  5. Matt

    I love my Mustang. The electric crossover is great. The Mustang Mach E is a terrible name.

    Whatever the inspiration, a crossover is not a Mustang. The Mach scale is numeric, not alphabetic.

    The best name for that electric crossover would be “Falcon”. One of the most efficiently swift predators on the planet.

    But then again, no one asked us loyal customers.

    1. Eritor

      I like that. Falcon would have been perfect for the Mach-E.

  6. Motorpsychology

    Along with the F150, there are Bronco Sports being held for quality assurance in Mexico.

  7. Roy Chile’s

    FORD needs to get some real car people in this company “ Quality” is supposed to be “ JOB 1”. Not No More, let Jim Farley and his cronies go racing for good get them out of there before they Destroy the FORD MOTOR COMPANY for good. Any one who makes this many mistakes would have already been replaced

    1. Alexander

      Amen to that!! It’s really hard because I’ve been a Ford Loyalist for many many years, but to be honest they are losing me. I think they really need to step it up. This crap would’ve been tolerated years ago but now with other companies like Kia, Hyundai, Ram, and even Jeep really stepping it up, they have to as well. They better not take their customer loyalty for granted, because with better competition recently, it is getting harder and harder to justify buying a new Ford

    2. Bill Howland


      Agreed….. I wish someone at Ford’s Management had Half a Brain. Or at least intelligence commensurate with the $Millions they’re overpaid.

      They think that since Tesla can keep turning out Crap that they can do it too – where the situation is that people on the ‘Tesla Holy Grail’ will excuse all kinds of horrid problems – that somehow FORD can get away with the same junk. I doubt it.

      Besides GOOFY door operators on the Mach-E. I was going to be one of the first buyers in my area of the vehicle, but after envisioning those doors in the cold February Winters here, I’m standing aside. I want to see HOW OTHERS deal with it first.

  8. Chris

    These are the same circumstances that gave Honda, Subaru and Toyota a foothold back in the day. Excellent point Alexander. Look at KIA and Hyundai now and how they’ve stepped up with design and quality while Ford steps down. Have you’ve seen the new Sorento? The Telluride? The K5? That’s serious competition now.

    1. Max

      The Kia Soul?! 🤣 That doesn’t dismiss the fact that out of every car you see on fire most are Kias and Teslas. The entire point of Japanese and Korean cars is they’re supposed to be reliable and supposed to deliver great fuel economy and Kia doesn’t do either. But seriously what Ford vehicles are you comparing to where the modern Fords quality is down?

  9. Chris

    Max: The EcoBoost engine fiasco is a big one. Coolant leaking into the engine. There’s no excuse for that. The Bronco Sport interior feels cheap and plastic-ity. The refreshed Explorer a couple of years ago had some quality issues. Why can’t they just make em right the first time? It all goes back to the over paid executives who are asleep at the wheel.

    1. Max

      They said clearly that the Bronco Sport was a last minute thought so what do you really expect? It’s not a luxury vehicle either. It’s just meant for a more affordable off-road vehicle. Also, I never had a problem with my ecoboost engine in my Navigator and I had it for almost 3 years and had very minimal problems. Overall the quality regardless is still pretty good but they should figure out quality before they release their products. They have done this for multiple vehicles in a row and I hope the only reason why the Bronco is being held off is so they can address those problems. I mean they screwed up their biggest sellers (the Explorer and the Aviator) and they know if they screw up the Bronco they know that it’s going to take years to recover. I’d rather wait for mine then have to go in for a recall every month.

  10. RG

    I’m confused by the comments by people complaining about Ford quality while simultaneously complaining that Fors is taking longer to insure quality 🤔

  11. John

    I bought a new 2017 F150 Lariat twin turbo and it has been an excellent truck. It is my first Ford and I would certainly buy Ford again.

  12. Chris

    Yes. That 3 cylinder engine is a joke. Some lawnmowers have 3 cylinder engines.

  13. Tom

    Too much “work-from-home” engineering in my opinion. I see a lot of hipsters out jogging and in line at Starbucks during prime working hours around my neighborhood. If you want to see recalls, just wait until thousands of these Mach-E’s get into customer hands.

  14. MY NAME IS GENE!!!



    Internet QB/Troll: Quality has to be the best!
    Ford: We are making sure that pre-production models are the same quality as production models and some orders may be delayed.
    Internet QB/Troll: Your quaility must suck because you are fixing things before yhey reach the customer! You must execute and every new model must be 100% when it rolls off the line! ESPECIALLY THAT NEW MODEL THAT YOU NEVER MADE BEFORE AND IS A COMPLETE REVAMPING OF YOUR WHOLE MANUFACTURING PROCESS!!!!!

  15. Materialman

    OMG already! Really Ford?

  16. Chris

    So Gene!. We spend 45K or more on a Ford… but we should expect problems, service bulletins, and recalls? Are you normalizing and excusing crappy production? Just grab the inside of the armrest in the Bronco Sport, you can feel the seem in the plastic. Thats a lack of attention to detail and just plain
    cheap. I have an 18 Escape SEL and Ford couldn’t even put a lightbulb in the shifter column.

    1. Bruce Farber

      “but we should expect problems, service bulletins, and recalls? ” Well, apparently you fail in your analysis. They are doing what they are doing so they get exactly the opposite of what you describe. Try thinking about it for a minute or two longer… if you can.

  17. Ron

    Prices keep going up and quality going down.

    1. Crabbymilton

      True but most people don’t want to work for free. Then they want all of the premium benefits when they do a lousy overall job. That means everybody.

  18. John Smith

    100 years ago this month Henry ford was scratching his head wondering why his vehicles weren’t being built swiftly and efficiently enough. While walking through the detroit plant he had noticed the workers weren’t too enthusiastic about what they were building. So he doubled workers pay to 5 dollars a day. Everyone flocked to the plant in hopes for a job. He turned 100 vehicles a week to 200 and they were coming off the line hot and ready like a little caesars pizza. Lesson learned. Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your company….I am one of those employees and can tell you that ford does not take care of us.

  19. Bruce Farber

    Amazing comments here! Ford is doing the right thing and has the support of 95% of the reservation buyers and these posts here are nothing but crapping all over a company showing so much integrity, they only want customers to receive the best product they can deliver. And they are not willing to tell their customers to take delivery and promise to fix it later like most other companies do. Of course, you are all free to buy your vehicles from those proud Quality Fanatics like Tesla, Volkswagon, etc., or from Toyota who refuses to offer a Zero Emission vehicle. For me, I will wait another couple of weeks (I doubt if it will be much longer than that) to get the best. Also, what this article failed to report: This “defect” only affects a few hundred of the first ones built in November and December, but they are checking them ALL to make sure. Go Ford!

  20. 1964Comet

    H1B engineering combined with Chinese parts.

  21. gareth

    All car manufacturers have issues with there cars and engines and they still sometimes don’t do recalls when they should.
    Ford ecoboost engines are very reliable and if maintained correctly will do monster miles yes some early ones had issues but that was down to inferio suppled part.
    So ford seems to be doing the right thing and learnt from the explorer roll out diaster and double check pre-production models to makes sure they are all good to roll but that is not good enough for the moaners!.
    Depending on what the Quality issue this relates to a stop sell policy is sometimes the best idea.
    If you look around any car interior no mater who the manufacture is there will be moulded imperfections somewhere.

  22. Eddy clavijo

    My 2014 F-250 6.2L Gas engine is the best vehicle I have ever owned period

  23. Bob

    Let’s not forget, Ford plants were shut down for 3-4 months during the COVID outbreak back in March. They are trying to catch up and it will take some time.

  24. Chris

    That’s a good point. It must be hard to work on the line masked. It’s not an easy job to begin with. It’s high pressure.

  25. Chris

    Nothing like hearing the growl of a 3 cylinder engine when you punch it. Cars should have minimum of 4 cylinders. Buyer beware: The lower trim 2020/21 Ford Escape are 3 cylinder. The Bronco Sport too.

  26. Chris

    All right. Let me clarify. There’s plenty of plastic in all cars. There is a big difference between lower quality plastics and higher quality plastics. Ford of late seems to be going with lower quality plastics and less upscale soft touch materials.

  27. Chris

    Oh yeah Stalkbroker? What about Bill Ford? He bares no responsibility for the lousy decisions? These dopey decisions started with the CEO whose previous job was running a furniture company.

  28. Thomas J Wilson

    If all you have is a complaint about a name of a car line. Remember the Mustang came about because of the Ford Falcon, They used the same floor pan. Ford is going green and soon will everyone else. once the gas pony is no more Then the electric pony will be the new breed. Reminds me of the first generation computers and the floppy disks, or the laser disk players with the big record player sized disks and half way through you would have to manually flip the disk. A few years later the compact disk was born. Now Ford is taking the Mustang in a new direction with a lightening fast pony, a maverick!

  29. George Papaioannou

    Completely new with nothing in common with anything prior. I don’t know if this is such a big deal. If this were a Tesla Y, which is basically the same vehicle as the 3, then I would worry.

  30. David

    My 2015 mustang gt was built with an aluminum hood in the same factory utilizing other metals. The resulting contamination caused the paint to literally blister. This apparently has happened with some other fords as well . There is a huge class action suite against them as they are refusing to replace the hoods . When will ford learn they can’t keep cheating their customers . Now I’m shopping for a new electric car . Will be enjoying my Tesla y soon. The mache would have been my fourth mustang


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