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Ford Mocked For Chinese Mustang Mach-E Launch Mix Up

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E deliveries are already underway, though a recent supplier issue is holding up that process for some folks. Ford’s first-ever all-electric production vehicle will soon populate the roads of countries around the globe, however, including China. Ford just announced today that the Mach-E will be manufactured in China by Changan Ford for local customers, but this rather important Chinese Mustang Mach-E announcement featured one little error that has drawn some criticism.

Ford’s Chinese Mustang Mach-E announcement was posted on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website, with a digitized picture of a horse and text declaring 2021 “the Year of the Horse.” However, China’s current zodiac is Year of the Ox, not Year of the Horse (which will happen again in 2026), which caused many to believe that Ford simply made a huge mistake here.

Some criticized Ford for the move, claiming the automaker “disrespected” traditional Chinese culture, while others took it a bit more in stride and joked that perhaps they slept too long and missed the next five or so years. Others speculated that the “mistake” was actually done on purpose as a bit of a marketing trick to get the news of the Mach-E’s arrival in front of more eyeballs.

Ford’s response, however, makes it seem like a simple misunderstanding. “Today we announced that the Mustang Mach-E will be manufactured in China this year, and 2021 will be the ‘Year One’ of our electric ‘horse’,” the automaker explained to the Global Times.

Whether this was an attempt to generate free publicity or just a message lost in translation, well, we may never know for sure. But either way, there’s no denying that more Chinese citizens are aware of the Mach-E’s existence now than they were yesterday.

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  1. Paul

    When I buy a Ford it’s to support my fellow Americans. Not Bidens Chinese business partners.

    1. Bob Walsak

      Paul has an Agenda.

    2. Shamus

      Biden doesn’t choose where Ford sells their vehicles and Ford isn’t going to stop just because of a few racist Americans.

      1. Mortimer Duke

        Precisely to which Americans do you refer as racist and on what basis?

      2. Paul

        I’m sorry I was having a hard time reading your comment with all the light being emitted from a burning cross someone placed on a Biden supporter’s lawn.
        Trump was able to effect where Ford sold their cars back when we were making America Great Again. Unlike now.

  2. Joseph Drew

    You did note that the Mach Es that are built in China are for the Chinese market? Wasn’t that clearly noted in thia article? Knock off the comments that have no truth in fact or bearing on the subject.

  3. Mick1


  4. Lee Glidewell

    When are Biden’s Chinese business partners going to move in and take the helm at FoMoCo, ‘Ford Authority’? Got any articles about that?
    Good grief, I’m beginning to think y’all are hopelessly incompetent. Is this all Americans get to hear from now on? Biden this, China that. Another stupid electric vehicle.

  5. Mortimer Duke

    Welp, in addition to safe bio weapon development or bat cooking, we now know China apparently also can’t do irony.


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