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Ford Super Duty Sedan Blends An F-250 With A Ford Focus: Video

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Pickup truck owners generally understand that there is a compromise involved with owning a vehicle featuring an exposed bed. A bed cap or a tonneau cover can alleviate some of the burden of the body style, but for the most part, there is no true substitute for a factory-enclosed area like a trunk. But as The Drive recently found, a Brazilian company called Tropical Cabines once offered the Ford Super Duty as a sedan by splicing together a Ford F-250 with the rear end of a Ford Focus.

ford super duty tropiclassic

The extraordinarily bizarre vehicle was called the “Tropiclassic,” and it appears that the company didn’t limit itself to simply converting vehicles like the Ford Super Duty into a sedan. It also transformed pickups into three-row SUVs and also offered custom cab extensions too.

ford super duty tropiclassic

Overall, the conversions were pretty extensive, as the company apparently stripped the trucks down to a chassis-cab like configuration, then built its own in-house components for the sedan-shaped bodies, presumably using fiberglass. The customized C and D pillars, along with the rear end surrounding the trunk, actually look quite similar to something like in early 90s Lincoln Continental, if that really specific section is viewed in isolation. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the Tropiclassic looks like a regular Ford Super Duty.

ford super duty tropiclassic

But the real eye candy is out back, where any visual connection to the F-Series Super Duty ends and a likeness to the Ford Focus begin. Given the odd proportions of the entire section, it is unclear how much of the Focus’ rear end was actually retained, but the Tropiclassic does appear to use the same trunk lid and along with the tail lights and rear quarter panels.

Although it’s extremely odd that something like the Tropiclassic ever existed, sedan conversion fantasies are not thoughts or experiments limited to the western hemisphere. As Ford Authority reported not too long ago, an Australian insurance company took the time and effort to render what the current generation Ford Explorer would look like as a sedan. In both cases, neither products came out as disastrous as one would think, but they are nonetheless quite weird.

That said, the Tropiclassic at least makes sense when once considers its origins. Like most South American countries, Brazil isn’t known for having the highest-quality roads, making body-on-frame trucks and SUVs well-suited for the conditions. However, neither one of those vehicles comes with the elegance of a three-box sedan. So we imagine that the idea for the Topiclassic was born when someone though to combine the durability and ruggedness of a full-size, body-on-frame pickup truck with the looks of a sedan.

Either way, the above advertisement confirms that the Tropiclassic Ford Super Duty conversion operated like a sedan, with a fully functioning trunk from the first generation Ford Focus. Unfortunately, it seems like the company stopped making them some time ago, but they’ll definitely live on as some of the strangest vehicles to ever exist.

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Written by Edward Snitkoff

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. I think the rendering of the Ford Explorer sedan is beautiful! I love the wheel opening-wheel size proportions. I would buy that in a minute.

  2. Ford: Just stop the madness! You build a Mustang SUV, then you try to make an F250 sedan? We just want choices, not a blender slurpy of all your vehicles. How do we haul a scoop of mulch in a trunk?

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