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Ford Testing F-150 Signing Solution For Non-Magnetic Aluminum Bodies

Since Ford made the switch to aluminum body panels starting with the 2015 Ford F-150, some owners have found themselves in a bit of a pickle. Aluminum isn’t magnetic, which means that we can’t just stick magnetic signs on newer F-150s, as we’ve done for decades prior. There are a few aftermarket solutions currently available, but Ford is now working on a F-150 signing solution of its own.

2021 Ford F-150

The automaker is currently testing a magnetic F-150 signing solution that will allow signs to stick to the truck, Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with the matter. The solution is part of an internal Ford project that is nearing completion and will allow signs to be stuck to both the doors and the tailgate of the F-150.

Current aftermarket solutions require owners to first apply something like a mat to the body panels of the 2015 and newer F-150, or other vehicles with aluminum body panels, which adhere to the panels using adhesive. Then, magnetic signs can be placed on top of those mats as normal. The mats can be removed without damaging the paint or leaving residue behind, but the process is far from user-friendly.

It’s unclear exactly how Ford’s F-150 signing solution will work at the moment, or if it will even involve anything magnetic. But the fact that Ford is working on this at all should come as music to the ears of business owners, fleet operators and others that like to have an easy and cost-effective way to advertise their business on their trucks. Right now, their only option is to go with stickers or vinyl wraps, which can be considerably more expensive and more permanent, too.

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  1. Wrex04

    Or use outdoor vinyl made to stick to any surface, that lasts at least 3yrs minimum and is easily removed with heat.. Over engineering an issue that really isnt an issue, way too go Ford. How about fixing the coyote engines that keep losing quarts of oil instead?

    1. TMiller

      That does nothing for those of us who want to temporarily put our business sign on the truck when working, but take it back off other times like when taking the wife out to a nice dinner or so it doesn’t look like a work truck is parked in front of our house.

  2. Tom

    I just wish we could read about cars (sedans and coupes) again instead of pickup trucks and SUV’s. Ford dropping ALL cars is a terrible decision. I guess I’ll be forced to leave Ford when my MKZ is up for replacement.

    1. Ryan

      I get that a Ford Edge isn’t all that exciting, but how is a Fusion or MKZ any more exciting?

  3. Tom Mayhew

    The placement of the magnets would require standardization of the magnetic signage and placement magnets. Otherwise they could repel one another.

  4. Bill H

    I hope they are also working on something for the roof to allow warning flashers to be used without permanent mounting or the small solutions mounted to the CHMSL. I went with permanent mount on my 2020 F-350 but would be nice not to have to drill holes in the roof 🙂

  5. Jason McWilliams

    Why don’t they just add iron powder to there paint formula problem solved. This is what they do to make magnetic paint residential home use.

  6. Duder

    Or just maybe not buy a POS F150…

  7. gibby

    Quit your crying, aluminum is better, no one is ever happy, maybe you would prefer the rust that comes from using steel panels and you could hang your sign on it. Put small velcro patches on so you can remove the sign and adhesive remover will take of the patches when sell the truck. None of these truck manufacturers are perfect but when you pay $50,000 for a truck I want mine to be aluminum and these engineers spending their time on issues of lowering cost and fixing real issues that we consumers can’t on our own! The Expedition is all aluminum and Ford does a terrible job of advertising it and the Tahoe is made of steel at $90000. Buy that and put all the stickers you want…lol

  8. John

    I agree. I have an F-150 and bought it primarily because it’s aluminum body. Had Dodge and Toyota trucks and got tired of rust issues after a few years. Ford solving this issue with Aluminum body is way more important than sticking a sign on your truck.

  9. F Yous

    To the genius who replied to take his wife out to dinner. First. How nice of a dinner is it that you are worried about showing your TRUCK with lettering. Second, theres this magical version.. That is MAGNETIC, that allows you to put magnets on the MAGNETIC vinyl. I can assure you that a reg vinyl lettering professionally done looks 1000% more professional then the hack magnet signs now a days. Looks fly by night and thats not just my opinion. Look at 2 pics side by side one with mag sign and one lettered. Which looks more presentable?


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