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Ford Thunderbird Trademark Filing Suggests Potential Revival

A new Ford Motor Company trademark filing could suggest that the Ford Thunderbird might be making a comeback.

Ford Motor Company has filed to trademark “Thunderbird” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Ford Authority has learned. The application was filed on January 13th, 2021 and is assigned serial number 90463054. The filing carries the following goods and services category: Motor vehicles, namely, concept motor vehicles; four-wheeled motor vehicles.

The Ford Authority Take

This trademark filing serves as a pretty good indication that Ford could be planning to re-introduce the T-bird. The biggest question now is, just what kind of a vehicle would a new, modern-day Ford Thunderbird be?

We can see Ford going in one of two directions here. One would be something along the lines of a personal luxury vehicle that would be similar to the first 11 generations of the model. The second would involve taking the Thunderbird name in an entirely different direction, much like Ford did with the Mustang Mach-E.

If indeed Ford does intend to bring back the Thunderbird, then it will very likely be as an electric vehicle. Ford Authority has heard from insider several sources that the Dearborn-based automaker is currently planning an EV onslaught while also culling many ICE projects.

Ford seems to have developed a fondness of resurrecting old nameplates for modern-day models, having recently done so with the Ford Bronco, and Lincoln Aviator, along with the upcoming Ford Maverick. The last time Ford used the Thunderbird name was in 2005, and the last T-Bird was produced on July 1st, 2005.

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  1. Jerry

    I seem to recall that they did this back in May of 2016. ttps://
    Not nice to get me all excited again unless this is really true. I have my fingers crossed.

  2. Jorge Esquinca

    If Ford decides to bring back the Thunderbird, I hope it will be a coupe like it has always been before (even if it´s an EV) and don´t spoil it making another boring SUV or Crossover. Particularly when those who, like me, don´t like SUV´s or crossovers and are not willing to buy one, are being forced by Ford to go to other brands.
    Last week I had the oportunity to drive the Mach-e and I´m really disapointed. Yes, it´s a very good vehicle, specially for those who like SUV´s or crossovers, but as someone who had owed 4 Mustangs, it´s not a Mustang, it doesn´t look like a Mustang, it doesn´t feel like a Mustang, it doesn´t behave like a Mustang and it doesn´t have the character of a Mustang. Putting a Mustang grille, Mustang tail lights and Mustang badges doesn´t make the car a Mustang. It´s just a make beleive Mustang. Ford should have named the car only Mach-e and forget putting the Mustang name, badges, grille and tail lights.
    I hope Ford gets cured from the SUV and crossover cancer and doesn´t do the same with the Thunderbird. If Ford intends to build a Thunderbird, then that´s what it shall offer: a real Thunderbird (even if it´s an EV). If Ford intends to sell another boring SUV or crossover, even if it´s going to be an EV, then Ford should better use another name.

    1. Tom Reed

      great post Jorge, I agree that Ford (like Dodge did with Charger) has disgraced the Mustang name by putting it on something that absolutely does not resemble the Mustang. The so called marketing gurus have their empty heads where the sun doesn’t shine….

  3. GaryB

    i thought Ford was done with passenger cars. Itll probably get brought back as another 4 door electric cuv. Same platform as the mach e with a different body mold. Probably lower power motors to increase range.

  4. Roy Chile’s

    The 2001 FORD Forty-Nine concept car would be a great Thunderbird coupe and convertible on the next Mustang platform PowerBoost 3.5, V8 or EV

    1. Jerry

      I hope you are correct with that suggestion. I agree it would make a great Thunderbird, and it should be a convertible hardtop. The way the Forty-Nine is designed it looks like it could go in that direction. I got my fingers crossed. BTW my screensaver is the Forty-Nine as I liked that car from the first time I saw it. And I am sure you know it has a Thunderbird engine in it (a V8), as it should be.

      1. Roy Chile’s

        Had Ford built the Forty- Nine as the next Thunderbird after the 2002-05 2 seater, I would have bought one hands down your right a hard top convertible is needed a option that’s was left out twice in 1955-57 and 2002-05 do to cost. Let’s pray

  5. Gary.

    I’m probably older than you guys but I loved the baby birds and the T Birds of the sixties. The interiors and dashboard of those sixties cars were awesome. If they build a T bird do it right, don’t make it an SUV but a personal luxury car with some power.😆

  6. Keith Bassett

    I could not agree more with the other commenters. If Ford does resurrect the Thunderbird nameplate….AGAIN. Please don’t dangle the promise of smart and stylish luxury sport coupe (hopefully a 2 seater) in front of us like a carrot……..then pull the rug out from under our feet by delivering yet another boring crossover or cookie-cutter SUV. Something with flair that says…” I don’t care how long it takes me to get to 60 mph. I just wanna get there in class”. Please FORD ….for just once, listen to your loyal buyers who are dreading going over to the import dealer….YOU owe it to us, to all potential car buyers….but mostly to the moniker ‘TH U N D E R B I R D’. Fly free, soar high and proudly carry on heritage that is America’s finest personal luxury coupe.

    1. Jorge Esquinca

      Completely agree.

  7. Jack

    I hope this becomes a Tesla roadster competitor so we don’t have to listen to Musk’s cult brag about how they think they’re better than everyone!

  8. Lee Glidewell

    Great. Here comes another stupid electric vehicle that nobody wants.
    Henry is probably rolling over in his grave.
    Sheesh, people, git-a-clue.

  9. Louis

    Bring it

  10. Robert C Kahn

    We enjoy our ’02 and yes it is not a ’55 but we were not old enough to purchase one then. The good thing is they both inspire us to enjoy our surroundings with the TOP down, something we can not do in my wife’s SUV. (A glass roof does not count.) Hopefully Ford does not disappoint us again.

  11. David

    You are so right. Ford is RUINING the name Mustang. SO SAD !

  12. wallace masciuch

    The Ford F 150 convertible should not be an April Fools Joke.
    This concept vehicle should be produced as a 4 door LINCOLN Convertible truck a la the 1960’s Only available as a Lincoln with all the benefits of the F 150 brawn and muscle.
    More than a baby boomer phantasy but a high end hauler and tower

  13. Tyler Spaulding

    If they do bring it back I would be excited to see it as a coupe or a limited edition sedan

  14. Hermann Siegl

    I also fear Ford is going to slap the Thunderbird label on another E-SUV.
    I would rather see a Tbird burning Hydrogen.
    Exhaust is Water and you water the Dandelions in the ditches while driving.


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