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GM To Axe Gas Vehicles By 2035, Become Carbon Neutral By 2040

Ford’s cross-town rival, General Motors, plans to eliminate gasoline powered vehicles from its lineup by 2035 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, the company announced recently. The latter target is a more aggressive date than what the company previously pledged, and a figure more ambitious than what Ford has stated it could accomplish, as The Blue Oval previously outlined plans to go carbon neutral by 2050.

GM will take concrete steps between now and 2035 in order to completely switch over to EVs, including a massive capital spending pivot and an additional investment into increasing its fast-charging network.

Going forward, GM will devote most of its future R&D funding to electric and autonomous-vehicle initiatives, and will strive to introduce EVs “for every customer, from crossovers and SUVs to trucks and sedans.” The company is planning for 40 percent of its U.S. lineup to feature battery-electric powertrains by the end of 2025, and it said it will offer 30 fully electric models globally before then. Most of those vehicles will be powered by GM’s Ultium technology, which consists of Ultium batteries and Ultium motors. The upcoming 2022 GMC Hummer EV will be the first vehicle to utilize the new components.

While one of Ford’s primary rivals transitions away from CO2-emitting vehicles, it will also take steps to make sure its affiliated charging networks are powered by renewable energy sources, and that there are simply more of them for customers to utilize. GM will partner with EVGo to make than happen, and their goal is to add more than 2,700 carbon neutral fast-chargers to that company’s network by 2025.

In order to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2040, GM plans to have all of its American operations running on 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, with the rest of its global facilities transitioning by 2035. Previously, the company stated its intentions to accomplish that goal by 2040. The company also signed Business Ambition Pledge for 1.5°C, a framework dedicated to a carbon net-zero economy that Ford has already been a part of for quite some time.

These moves put GM a bit ahead of Ford when it comes to sustainability targets, and Ford has yet to announce anything like GM’s Ultium technology. That said, it is simultaneously transitioning to EV tech, just like its cross-town rival. As Ford Authority recently covered, The Blue Oval has accelerated its near-term EV rollout by cancelling some ICE powered products in favor reasonably-priced of fully electric vehicles, with the Ford Thunderbird name potentially being reserved for one of them. Those are set to bolster the Ford F-150 Electric, 2022 Ford E-Transit, and freshly launched 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E.

It will be interesting to see if GM can fully transition to EV powered vehicles by 2035, as the capability requirements for heavy-duty trucks like the Ford Super Duty remains extremely high. Ford currently has no plans to fully electrify anything larger than the Ford F-150 for that exact reason.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. TomJ

    I read that gm wasn’t cutting gas and diesel from trucks, just cars and SUV’s by 2035.

  2. Ford Owner

    Ford has to convert all of its non-electric vehicles into hybrids so the customers can transfer to electric power in steps. And anyone who has driven will electricity is already convinced of its benefits over gasoline. As for the rest of the truck line, there are electric motors more powerful than any Ford engine, even more than the Triton V10. I bet Ford will reveal them by 2022.

    1. Thomas J Wilson

      You bet there is, trains have been driven by electric motors for a long time, that diesel engine you hear is the generator that powers those electric motors and thats why they can pull so much weight or cars.

    2. Ken Orzel

      And those big motors don’t weigh much.

  3. GeorgeS

    A big problem will arise as everyone goes the EV route, standardization! Everyone will have their latest technology but it will cost us more. Like battery operated tools, you cannot trade batteries from one manufacture for another. This will limit any repair issues and will only designate the customer to the dealer. I want EV to be successful but you don’t want proprietary components.

    1. Ford Owner

      The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has established several standards for electrical vehicles (they were who created the gasoline nozzle standards), and the charging standard is J1772 (look it up). Every EV manufacturer worldwide, except Tesla and Nissan/Renault, use the J1772 standard for allowing their products to be charged easily wherever there is an outlet. Tesla owners, even if they have their own standard, use an adapter to allow their cars to be charged at J1772 stations. And Nissan/Renault, which has the CHAdeMO standard, have cars with both (look at the Nissan Leaf). These two have joined the SAE in a way.

      So, GeorgeS, the SAE makes the standards for EV usage, but not for manufacturing the cells and batteries. Same for all battery power tools. The manufacturers buys whatever fills their needs. Just like when you make a pizza, you choose whatever sauce and cheese fulfills your needs. For now, the world’s two biggest cell and battery producers for EVs are Panasonic and LG Chemical. Ford uses Panasonic and GM uses LG Chemical.

  4. Mick1

    You build it and they will not come. City dwellers unlike suburban home owners cannot park their electric cars in their own garage, driveway or always in front of their homes to recharge over night. Beijing Joe Biden will raise gas prices and force people to buy electrics and/or make it illegal to own or to costly to operate a gas powered vehicle.

    1. Ken Orzel

      Comrade Joe will be gone soon enough.

      1. Raymond Ramirez

        And Madame President Harris will take the office in 2025.

        1. Tigger

          Dream on. Her and Comrade Joe will be lucky if they are not impeached if the Republicans regain the house and Senate in 2022.

    2. Raymond Ramirez

      Those same city dwellers who cannot charge locally, cannot refuel with gasoline either. So for those cases, just as they visit a gas station for refueling, go visit a charging station or recharge when visiting someone who has any AC outlet available (you cannot do this for gasoline!). And there are millions of outlets somewhere in their cities!

      Joe Biden will NOT raise gas prices. The oil producers will gladly do that for you to get money back after their failure to keep Trump in office.

      BTW, most nations (including the U.S.) will prohibit new gasoline car sales by 2035 or earlier, so keep your obsolete gas cars longer.

  5. Lee Glidewell

    Who the he// cares what Government Motors is planning? I’d be curious to hear when they ‘plan’ on paying back the Obama bail-out
    ‘Carbon neutral’… what a freakin’ joke. How about mentioning all the poison/pollution created from worn out batteries? Need to replace the battery in y’all’s hybrid or EV? Better ‘plan’ on taking out a 60 month loan.
    Yeah, sure sounds ‘carbon neutral’ to me!

    1. Bob Dobson

      You are absolutely correct, everyone just forgets about all those batteries. “Lets just not talk about it and dumb buyers will never know until it’s too late and they bought our electric cars”

      Let’s also not talk about where electricity comes from, like Coal and Gas fired Electrical Plants…..lets hide that carbon footprint.

      I love how everyone also forgets China and India are the two biggest polluters ON EARTH!… when North America as a whole becomes carbon neutral who is holding China and India to the same standard?

      Oh Ya …Trump tried to do that and then they gave us the Corona Virus, now Creepy Uncle Joe will sell us out yet again.

      1. Raymond Ramirez

        Bob, go crawl back under the rock you came out from.

      2. RexPantera

        Bob,you told the truth and already someone cannot handle it.

  6. Tigger

    Go to the website and read the press release. Nowhere did they say they will stop selling ICE engines by 2035. BTW 2035 is an eternity. Administrations will change and management will change. People also underestimate how big the oil lobby still is.

  7. Chris

    Which cost more to produce? EV or ICE cars? This “electric fantasy” by Ford and GM will be fun to watch fail. This electric BS is just a way to get their shaky stock prices up. Yes they’ll make their EV’s but they will still be making ICE cars and trucks for decades to come beyond 2035.

    1. RexPantera

      I was going “ICE”? what in the world…. Oh Internal Combustion Engines! Yes for decades IMO they will eventually have to register with the FAA in a few years for the flying vehicles they will have to make just to catch up with some entrepreneurs.

  8. RexPantera

    And what happens while driving down the road and your vehicle goes dead because you forgot to plug in the night before? How about when you have to turn on the heat because it is cold outside and the battery is drained too quickly? That battery pack takes a while to amp back up folks it is not pour and go like the engines are now. Also what happens when that battery pack goes out after warranties are expired and they are now N/A in the book? In my opinion the good old internal combustion engine is here for a few decades still, you can talk up the EV’s all you want since you want to worship the earth be my guest but there will still be Petro vehicles for a while, quite a while.

  9. Chris

    I’d like to see how fast the battery wears down when you get stuck in the snow.

  10. cjh

    While all of GM talk sound good……let them do it……try to sell a suv….and the customer is afraid to go on a trip with it….because of slow charging and limited mileage…..Fords new Transit EV…goes only 127 miles on a charge..that only probably be good for goverment use….not service trades…who travel twice that a day……which is its main market…..while evs mabe the future….GM must think the EPA.. is going to mandate that like California……if the gov doesnt….most competitors would probably offer a choice….Large Suv and Pickups…have been Detroits cash cows…..and GM said they were elimating Diesel too…that the market that will be hurt most by limits that current EV tech has…..being forced on us….will mean we need policy changes….I can see resale of used cars and trucks …being a all time high…and collectors items…Think GM will have to back off some of that mandate…


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