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Here’s How The Ford Transit Full Display Interior Mirror Works: Video

Of the many thousands of Ford parts and accessories available through the automaker’s catalog, one of the more interesting is its Full Display Interior Mirror. Available in the UK for the Ford Transit, the Full Display Interior Mirror is an intelligent rear vision system that uses a rearward-facing digital camera to capture video and stream it to the mirror-integrated LCD display.

The Full Display Interior Mirror simply goes where the regular rearview mirror would normally be located, but provides the driver with an improved panoramic view of what’s behind the vehicle. Since it uses a rear-mounted digital camera, the special mirror provides an unobstructed view that is free from passengers, a closed bulkhead, or any sort of cargo that might be stored inside the vehicle.

The mirror also features adjustable brightness and angle control, so the driver can adjust it for the perfect view in any situation. We’re beginning to see more and more digital rearview mirrors like this one pop up in production vehicles, as their benefits are obvious, and it’s nice to see that Transit owners in the UK have this option.

It’s particularly useful in the Transit, of course, a vehicle that often is used to carry passengers or cargo that restrict rearward vision. Even with backup cameras standard on all vehicles these days, they still don’t provide a very wide view of what lurks behind it, including pedestrians, other vehicles, or objects.

Ford’s Full Display Interior Mirror is available through Ford’s UK accessories site for the retail price of £597.82 ($817.44 USD) and can be installed at any local dealership, but it does require a cable kit, sold separately, for installation.

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  1. Josh

    If the rearview mirror is in reality a LCD screen, why keep shaping it like a mirror? They could make it look as modern as it is by shaping it like a monitor… Perhaps even touch screen to zoom in or out as needed.

    1. Justin

      Couple of reasons, they generally fit them as an option based on commercial packaging so not all vehicles will need one. Another reason is they don’t want the drivers view obstructed as much as possible so the shape and placement of review mirrors is carefully designed to be easy to check and not interfere with your vision forward. A third reason is most of these mirrors are optional as a screen and function as a normal mirror when not activated, this also keeps it functional in a LCD failure situation so you don’t lose complete use of the mirror.

  2. gareth

    Why does everything need to be changed to look a different shape so it just can be called modern when it works perfectly fine and safe in its original designed shape.


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