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How To Use The Ford F-150 Camera Views On Demand Feature: Video

With each passing refresh and generation, the Ford F-150 – like most every other vehicle on earth – comes equipped with more and more cameras. The benefits of these Ford F-150 camera views are obvious, giving truck owners a better view of what’s going on around their pickups, which makes them safer and easier to navigate through tight spaces.

However, some owners may not know exactly how the Ford F-150 Camera Views On-Demand feature works, which is why the automaker has come up with this informative video explaining just that. As it points out, 2021 Ford F-150 pickups come equipped with a variety of cameras that provide an overhead view of the truck’s bed, what is immediately behind the truck, and what is behind a hitch trailer.

These views can be seen while the truck is in park or neutral, as well as in drive at speeds up to six miles-per-hour. To view them, simply press the camera button located above the SYNC 4 screen. Next, press the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the touchscreen. Now, multiple camera views will be displayed, which the driver can choose from.

The bed camera provides a view of cargo stored in the bed and lets the owner know at a quick glance whether or not the tailgate is open or closed. An available auxiliary trailer camera shows what is located behind a trailer while it’s being towed, though it must be purchased and installed separately.

By default, the rearview camera is always displayed when backing up, and there is also a bird’s eye view of the truck to show what lies around it.

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  1. Jim

    How can all these cameras be turned into the ultimate dashcam system?
    Why isn’t protective system on police and miltary F-150s available as an option?
    No more wires hanging from mirrors, etc.


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