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Massachusetts To Ban New Gas-Powered Car Sales By 2035

Back in September, the state of California announced its plan to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by the year 2035, joining a dozen-plus countries that had already made similar pacts. Recently, more countries have made similar pledges, including Japan. Now, Massachusetts is the second U.S. state to announce that it too will ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by the year 2035.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced the plan as part of the state’s new decarbonization road map, which aims to reduce emissions emitted from passenger cars and reach net-zero fossil fuel emissions by 2050. The report states that currently, 27 percent of emissions in the state come from passenger vehicles.

In order to make widespread EV adoption possible, Massachusetts plans to expand its public charging infrastructure in the coming years. Currently, California and Massachusetts are the only two U.S. states requiring that all new vehicles sold by 2035 be electric, though New Jersey has set a goal of eliminating gas-powered car sales by 2035 as well.

Regardless, these mandates merely ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles and don’t affect those that are already on the road or sold prior to 2035. Thus, it will be quite some time before ICE-powered vehicles disappear completely from the roadways, if ever.

These mandates undoubtedly place a great deal of pressure on automakers, including Ford. However, in addition to the recently-launched 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, The Blue Oval has a variety of electric vehicles in the works, including the 2023 Ford F-150 EV, which is due to arrive in mid-2022.

Mach-E Production

Additionally, Ford’s recently reached labor agreement with Canadian union Unifor includes a $1.95 million investment in the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant to retool it for the future production of five electric vehicles. That process will begin in 2024, with the first EV expected to roll off the assembly line in 2025.

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  1. cee


  2. William Thomas Kircher

    More of a concern in Middle and Rural America where the charging network is currently inadequate for such thoughts. The UP of Michigan has zero DCFC chargers and during real winter conditions the range of battery electric vehicles will drop almost 40% making road tripping impossible.

  3. Mark L Bedel

    As suggested above, banning ICE vehicle sales by a certain date I don’t think is going to have the effect that most think it will. If it would, you’d see manufacturers exhibiting various kinds of protests. Actually, the industry has been doing the exact opposite. They agreed to uphold the emissions laws passed by the prior administration in lieu of the the adjusted laws passed by the current administration. There are reasons for this.

    With work situations changing possibly for good, folks are driving less, and putting fewer miles on their ICE vehicles potentially prolonging their lives, so the need for replacement, unless it’s a lease, will extend the lives of those ICE’s already in driveways and garages. And with brands funneling many of their vehicle models out through fleet sales and fleet turnover, gradually tailing in more EV’s as part of these large fleets, should be relativity controllable.

    The tangent time lines for ICE replacement and EV adoption will be very long. Those looking for any type of “hard stop” with either technology, will have look very long and hard. The changeover will be greatly unnoticed…

  4. Chris

    Again more choice and freedom being taken away by the climate change buffoons. China, Russia, Mexico and India put more crap in the atmosphere than anyone, but it’s our problem I guess even though we have the highest clean air standards of any country in the world.

  5. Will

    Just stupid stupid stupid !!! They are upgrading right now a lot of rest areas in CA with EV charging stations. And what do you see ??? Propane tanks and generators !!!! beside the charging station for EV cars ! How stupid is that ??? They should install solar panels and battery packs to charge EV’s and not fossile powered generators ! Beside that long lines on the EV charging stations. A fast charge for an EV’s takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Vehicles are lines up to get there charge…. running out of power while waiting because they have to run the heater in the EV’s not to freeze…. Welcome to the land of the stupid Politicians !!!

  6. Chuck

    Most of these states who are banning the sales of ICE vehicles are almost or almost have a fully available charging network today or probably in the next few years. The auto industry also has about 14-15 years so if they fail to reach that they should have a serious management concerns. I doubt that states in the Midwest or states with poor population to size ratio will do this if they’re not capable but if they might you can always buy ICE vehicles in other states since only sales are band in only that state. I hope that by 2035 they better have a lot faster charging though cause or else they’re going to have serious backups.

  7. Roy Covington

    Hmm. I wonder what the farming, ranching, and other entities that require heavy hauling and pulling capability are going to do! I also wonder how the bunch of dumbasses that decided this think
    they’re going to get electric vehicles, groceries, furniture, and other consumer goods that require horsepower delivered without the use of ICEs.

    Somebody better get busy designing and building electric motors that put out hundreds of horsepower, as well as the capability to charge them enough to run thousands of miles. Oh! I see! They will be charged by ICE powered generators or even nuclear reactors.

  8. Lee Glidewell

    The states that are putting out these mandates and think they are saving the world 🌎 are already so messed up. Yeah, just look at California and Massachusetts. What a joke!
    Pi** on California, Massachusetts and electric vehicles. Unless it’s on rails, I’m not having anything to do with ’em.
    I wish so-called scientists would stop referring to ICE vehicles as burning ‘fossil fuels’. Petroleum is the lifeblood of this nation and it didn’t come from the emaciated remains of dinosaurs and sea creatures. Truth be told, Mother Earth 🌎 is still brewing it. Sheesh people git-a-clue!

  9. MikeyTX

    Yup ………. This will decimate the dealer network in MA. I will buy one when it is capable of going the distance from Denver, CO to Dallas, TX without recharge. I do this at least 4 times a year to visit my granddaughter. 🙂 Ditto the other miscreants in Berkeley (gag), CA ……… lol

  10. Sherwood Baker

    How about we just ban stupid people?

  11. fpvfan

    I don’t think the entire world is going to go electric people. Billions of dollars are still being used for research in algae based biofuels, ethanol fuels, hydrogen fuel cell cars and other means of fueling vehicles. I think it’s great that people are trying to save the environment and I believe that levels of electrification are necessary, however I feel like where the focus should be is on solar, wind and water energy for residential and commercial buildings as well as fleet companies and complete electrification for fleet vehicles, freight vehicles and public transportation vehicles. I feel the same way about vehicle autonomy. Autonomy has a place in areas like shipping and receiving yards, where tractor trailers have to load, unload and maneuver through areas at low speeds. Electrification in these areas will tremendously reduce harmful pollutants in the air.
    As far as commuter transportation, I don’t disagree with electrification as an option but i don’t think it should be the only option. Biofuels work and even with a hybrid system with electrification and a biofuel engine, the auto industry can still work towards being cleaner while still satisfying the percentage of the population that want their cars powered by internal combustion. As anyone who has ready any of my responses to anything on this forum knows, I’m a huge fan of Ford Performance, more in particular, Australian Ford Performance and european Ford Performance as I am a fan of the Barra Inline-6 Turbo engine family and the former Duratec (Volvo sourced) Inline 5-cylinder Turbo engines along with the ecoboost program. Everyone knows Ford currently has a 3.0L Hybrid in the Lincoln Aviator GT that puts down some very impressive numbers (494hp/630lb-ft of torque to be exact), some of us know of the Barra 325T 4.0L I-6 engine from the Ford Falcon that produced 436hp/425lb-ft of torque). I see no reason not to take engines like this already powerful I-6 Turbo engine, do some testing and tuning with algae-ethanol based biofuels to achieve equal or higher power numbers with direct and port injection systems, Throw these in front of hybrid-DCT and hybrid automatic transmissions and now have performance cars with clean hybrid propulsion. Displacement on Ford Inline-6 engines go as high as 4.9L (300ci) which can always be breathed on to produce 5-liters of displacement bringing 5-liter hybrid performance to the ecoboost platform along with Inline-6 power stroke diesel engines, something to the tune of 6.4L with a catchy name like the “390 Powerstroke diesel.” Drop down to a 4.7L (289ci) I-6 Ecoboost hybrid, a 3.3L (200ci) I-6 Ecoboost hybrid and a 2.3L 5-cylinder hybrid ecoboost powertrain and 2.3L 4-cylinder hybrid ecoboost powertrain and now you have a lineup of clean performance engines that can run your performance vehicles and trucks. The inline engines save space in the engine compartment for hybrid electric systems (especially if longitudinally mounted) and offer high torque. Flat plane crank/cross plane crank designs could allow for unique sounds and expanded RPM ranges in certain applications as well. And this is all being run on algae based ethanol biofuel. Seeing that certain Biofuels create N20 better known to gearheads as Nitrous Oxide, the EGR system in these cars would be beneficial to improving power by putting the created N20 mixture back into the combustion system to be reused until the emission coming out of the tailpipe are little more than H20 (water). I feel like a lot of small cars (if they return) and small crossovers should migrate to being more electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars as well as super duty truck moving on from strictly diesel to electric. The more of these types of vehicles we have going electric, the more we can have of the biofuel ICE/hybrid vehicles. It would also mean that petrol fueling stations would need to change as well to accommodate for new fuel tanks and pumps and systems. All-in-all, electrification is coming and it’s not a bad thing. It just needs to be better thought out and refocused a bit.

  12. Mike

    They better start building nuclear power stations. Of course the people pushing this global warming scam don’t like nuclear either. They would rather return us to the dark ages so long as they have their ac. So stupid. The pollution and strip mining and poisonous chemicals, needed to make these electric cars, don’t matter, just forcing people to do what the elites say is best no matter how stupid, is what they’re after. Everyone knows the 3rd world countries won’t be going electric so the people that will be punished, like always, will be Americans and Europeans.

  13. Beau Boucher

    In a city like New Bedford Massachusetts where you have city blocks full 3 floor apartment houses how do you expect people to charge their cars. Some of these homes only have 60 amps per floor and how many amps does it take to run a charger. It sounds like they are trying to push poor people into mass transit busses and ride sharing services.

    1. Wx

      Not to mention there are still towns in western Mass which don’t even have broadband internet yet, and yet they’ll somehow now be expected to upgrade their electrical infrastructure to accommodate the increased load that’ll be required to charge electric vehicles at night. On top of that, many of these towns lost power for several days as a result of an ice storm a few years back. I guess if that happens again the response will be “fxck you – you should’ve moved east”. Oh, I foresee a lot of people moving, but not east…

      This is just the latest example of tyranny wrought by the wealthy utopian tyrants who live inside the I-495 corridor, God-dxmn everyone else.

  14. Ford Owner

    You missed the new Ford e-Transit which will be available by 2022, too. That makes three EVs, not just the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150.

    As for all those “fanboy” comments against EVs, just do a test drive of an EV or even a hybrid. I drive a 2014 Fusion Hybrid and after driving on electricity for five years with little gasoline and no engine maintenance except one oil change a year, I will NEVER buy an ICEV again.

    1. fpvfan

      The great thing about the auto industry has always been choices. Some people love electric cars, some people love hybrids and some love good old fashion ICE vehicles. Some like sedans, some like coupes, some like SUVs and crossovers, some like trucks and some like wagons and shooting brakes. What people are upset about is the fact that the way electrification is being presented is that it’s going to eliminate choice and force people to buy something they may not want. Its the same thing with this SUV craze. This entire world has forgotten what balance is and it shows in everything we do. Clothing styles, politics, and every single aspect of life is so unbalanced now. Agendas and preferences shouldn’t always be forced down everyone else’s throat or thrown in everyone else’s face. People should be able to choose what kind of car they like, style of clothes or whatever their pursuit of happiness is and be able to enjoy being in their own lane as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. Yeah I agree we need to find cleaner energy and it’s being worked on. but we need to keep ICE vehicles around as well as having electric and hybrid vehicles on the road as well.

      1. Ford Owner

        Just do a test drive in a hybrid or electric and you will also be convinced that the ICEV is past its time and should be removed.

        1. Wx

          Hybrids are going to be banned too. Hope you either have a house with a garage, or rent in a wealthy Metro West suburb with plenty of charging stations.

        2. Larry V

          That is your opinion and it’s great that you think so, but others may not. The issue with EVs are range and charge time. As soon as they develop an EV that can charge 5-5: 500 miles range in 5 minutes, then widespread adoption is guaranteed. Offer conversion kits for current ICEs and you have a winner. For now, though, it’s pretty bleak!

  15. Todd

    Liberals are idiots.

  16. Larry V

    Seriously?!? I road trip about 1000-1200 miles per day sometimes. How the f*** am I supposed to do that in a cost conscious electric car that gets tops 250 miles range and takes an hour to recharge every time? So I should just add an extra 4 hours to my day because I’ve been mandated by the government to use a technology that is not yet ready for prime time, is hugely inconvenient, has planned obsolescence baked in (nothing wrong with my ICE vehicle, folks) to “save the planet”… It’s time we rethink who we vote for. Nothing wrong with EVs, it’s that the technology is not ready for what we will demand of it, and draconian bans on ICEs are just pissing people off!


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