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Motion R Ford Mustang Mach-E Wears Some Properly Sporty Styling

While traditional Ford Mustang fans aren’t terribly pleased that the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E bears their beloved pony car’s name, many others seem to be quite content with it. However, some have qualms about the crossover’s styling as well, deeming it, well, a bit boring. Luckily, as it always does, the aftermarket has already come up with a solution, and it’s this Motion R Ford Mustang Mach-E makeover.

The Motion R Ford Mustang Mach-E overhaul consists of a full body kit and a new set of wheels, but that’s all that’s needed to totally transform the look of the EV crossover. The UK-based firm – which specializes in Ford Transit parts – is now turning its attention to the world of electric vehicles, beginning with the Mach-E.

Starting up front, Motion R ditches the stock Mach-E’s grille for a more traditional looking piece, then adds some non-functional air intakes on the sides of the front bumper and a large front splitter. Down the sides, the Mach-E gains wide fender flares and side skirts, which frame a set of Quantum44 Q44 flow-forged wheels.

The look is capped off with a rear spoiler and rear diffuser, and each of these body parts is available in either 2×2 carbon fiber or a forged carbon weave, depending on buyer preference. Motion R will also be offering some interior upgrades for the Mach-E, which it hasn’t yet provided pictures of. However, it says those goodies will include a flat-bottom steering wheel, Napa leather upholstery, and carbon fiber door panels.

As of now, Motion R hasn’t said how much its Mach-E upgrade(s) will cost, nor if it will be offering any sort of performance improvements. But if the electric Mustang proves to be anywhere near as popular as it’s pony car brother, we imagine this is only the beginning of what the aftermarket will have in store for owners.

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  1. Waz in Oz

    Sure looks nice and sporty, but one problem with EV’s is that any extra weight the vehicle has to carry will ultimately impact its range/ performance. Having said that, the same would be true of an ICE vehicle too.

  2. Yeniss

    BAD!!! I bought Mustang
    Mach-E 7 months ago, someone crashed me 3 weeks after I bought, now car It’s been in the auto body 6 months waiting for parts from Ford Company. BE CAREFUL!!!! if you going to buy this car Ford company doesn’t have enough parts to supply the customers and they don’t care about . I was fighting and fighting we te customers service and tell them to give me a rental car and they just give me 2 rental car months, I have to pay to the bank for car I not using. This is ridiculous is not my fault Ford company doesn’t have enough parts. C. E O. JIM FARLEY, OUR MONEY MATTERS!!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING GOOD TO THE COSTUMERS. The only I need from this company is give me may parts and rest of money for pay the rental car.


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