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Pro Touring Mustang Fastback Packs 750 HP Coyote Underhood: Video

These days, there are so many restomods out there in the world that their builders have to create something truly special to stand out. Needless to say, the folks at Timeless Kustoms did just that with this classic, pro-touring Ford Mustang Fastback it calls “Devious.” Considering the fact that it packs 750 horsepower underhood, we’d say that’s an appropriate nickname for this Mustang Fastback, without a doubt.

Devious is a track-focused build that’s powered by a supercharged 5.0L Coyote V8 with forged internals and a supercharger that produces 632 horsepower at the wheels, which is pretty strong. It sends that power through a six-speed Tremec manual transmission with a Centerforce clutch back to a built rear end with a Strange center section and Curry internals.

Detroit Speed supplied all of the suspension goodies, which include a bolt-in front clip, a four-link rear, and adjustable coilovers at all four corners. The entire car is caged for strength and safety, which hints at its track-focused nature. Forgeline wheels look great and provide plenty of strength, while Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes bring it down to a stop very quickly. The car also wears some sticky Toyo tires measuring in at 265 up front and 305 in the rear.

The interior is fittingly minimalist, with Sparco racing seats, five-point harnesses, Autometer gauges, and not a whole lot else.

Unlike most track cars, this one wears a show-quality finish with a deep blue custom paint job that’s sure to draw attention everywhere it goes. Breathing through a Magnaflow exhaust, it also sounds incredible while it’s ripping up the streets. Come to think of it, black and blue is the perfect color scheme for this Mustang Fastback, because it’s bound to leave the competition bruised and beaten.

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