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Rumor Claims All-Electric Ford Mustang Will Arrive By End Of Decade: Video

By now, it seems inevitable that an all-electric Ford Mustang will be built one day. After all, as automakers continue to push to add EVs to their respective lineups, U.S. states and countries around the world continue to pledge to eliminate the sale of new ICE-powered vehicles by 2035. And since the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E has already become (technically) the first all-electric Ford Mustang, how much longer will it be before the pony car follows suit?

Now, a new rumor has emerged from Autoline stating that not only will the all-electric Ford Mustang enter production in December of 2028, but that it will also mark the end of the ICE-powered pony car altogether. That means the 2029 model year Mustang will be a purely electric product and will represent the next-gen model, replacing the current S550. Autoline also says it will be produced at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant, where the current-gen Mustang is built.

While an all-electric Mustang seems inevitable, this report contradicts what we’ve been hearing for some time now. As we’ve previously reported, the 2023 Ford Mustang is expected to receive a complete overhaul and represent the seventh-generation of the iconic Mustang nameplate.

That model, expected to be called the S650, would enter production in 2022 and ride on the Ford CD6 platform that also underpins the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, and will be available in a hybrid and/or all-wheel-drive configuration. As we reported last August, the new S650 Mustang is also expected to have an eight-year life cycle, which means it would run through the 2029 model year.

Thus, at this point, it’s unclear if this rumor might actually turn out to be true. We don’t doubt that an all-electric Mustang will arrive at some point in the foreseeable future – the only real question is when that might happen, and if it will truly mark the end of the ICE-powered pony car altogether.

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  1. JimL

    I wonder if my 2019 Bullitt will go up in value? But seriously, perhaps it’s time. I saw that Israel has developed some new battery tech that allows seriously short charging times. Once we have that, and it’s affordable, and a very robust dependable charging network… then I’m in for an electric DD. But I’m still keeping the Bullitt for fun. Cue Rush singing Red Barchetta…

  2. Richard F Klima

    Nobody is talking about how to charge all these EV’s. There are not enough charging stations even now. How do people charge in a multi-family complex? The electrical grid won’t handle it anyway.
    California is already having brown outs due to their conversion to renewable energy. It just won’t handle the extra load.

    1. Ford Owner

      Just buy a hybrid. You get over 70% of gas savings yet never need to plug in. It is not fully electric but still much better than gas only. I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid and in six years I spend less than $25 in gasoline a month, and do only one oil and filter change a year.

      As for “extra load” an overnight charging EV uses less energy than a new A/C unit. All power utilities has surplus power for nights. Ask them!

    2. Ford Owner

      Maybe by 2035 gasoline will lose production and prices will rise to over $10 a gallon. Then it will be too expensive to drive your 2019 Bullitt (BTW, I saw that movie in a theater).

  3. NCEcoBoost

    Why? How stupid. Isn’t that what the Mach-E is all about?

  4. MikeyTX

    I suppose this would be the best way for Ford to kill off the brand. As for rising gas prices ? We are afloat in oil. Another large reserve was just discovered off S America that is larger than the Permian in N American.

  5. fpvfan

    I’m not the smartest man in the world but this whole push to EV doesn’t seem like the best idea in the world. For starters, it’s dirtier to make EVs than it is to manufacture and operate ICE vehicles and that’s a proven fact. On top of that EV’s are really only good for people who own houses with garages or safe places to park and charge their cars at night where there cables wont get stolen. It’s also not going to work for people who live in rowhomes as parking is a challenge alot of times and there is no where to plug up a cable or people who live in apartments. To me, electric vehicle cater to the upper middle class and upper class of people who have access to things like this. I’m not saying that Electric cars don’t have their place but to stop the sale of ICE vehicles is probably not the best thing in the world. To stop the sales of commercial and fleet ICE vehicles would be smarter than completely killing conventional cars. Converting from fossil fuel based gasoline to Biofuel hybrid vehicles and hydrogen powered vehicles would be a much more intelligent idea since Biofuels and hydrogen are much more abundant and run clean and they’re not as harmful to the environment. Not to mention converting businesses and homes to solar powered and focusing more on wind farming and hydroelectricity for power to run cities. As usual, big business and governments attacking the wrong things.

    1. Andrew

      Agreed! I’m all for increasing sustainability and such, but sometimes I just look at what the government is doing and wonder if it’s harming more than helping…

      1. Mike

        When has the government do anything that helps, other than get out of the way. They will pick winners and losers again now, along with so many other job killing things. Just a sad time in America right now, like the late 70’s

    2. Mike

      When you understand why they push the man made global warming bs, you understand this whole thing is about destroying capitalism. There isn’t enough demand nor need for electric cars. Half the people bought them to get free rides in hov lanes and still wouldn’t have bought one without their neighbors paying for a huge part, with tax credits. Never mind charging stations, we don’t have enough electric production in the country to cover if half the cars were electric. Now that this America hating guy is in office, it will only get worse. He wants all the clean coal plants shut down and it’s about impossible to get a nuclear station built. Hell, California already has brown outs with just a small percentage of electric cars. Imagine all of California having electric cars like gov Moonbeam JR wanting only electric cars sold in CA by 2030 I think. You can have AC or a car, not both. What a sad joke.

      1. MikeyTX

        So Ke-mo Sah-bee which you going to pick ? Horse or saddle ………….

  6. MikeyTX

    Actually, this entire issue would be solved if my ex wife would quit eating cheese and bean burritos at Taco Bell. Nuff said ………. lol

  7. Lurch

    All I know is that Europe is going in that direction, too, and talk about a place where people live close together in smaller residences. If they really want to do electric, there is a way to do it: maybe collective garages with charging stations? It’s just a matter of how we spend our personal and tax money.

  8. Mark Bedel

    Well, it’s happening and sooner than later for some. And there are some shortcomings with the all electric platform, like the recent discovery by the folks at Car & Driver with their long term test vehicle the Tesla 3. They had discovered a 7% loss in charging capacity upon reaching the 24,000 mile mark. What does this mean for long term owners? Easy math can calculate this out…and that’s assuming that it’s a linear loss.

    And a big issue, what happens to all those expensive battery packs that deteriorate over time? Keep and run your vehicle well over 100,000 miles…then what? The used car market also starts to become an interesting, new arena. How about a plan for recycling all those rare earth minerals? Could be a booming new industry segment if someone has the enthusiasm to tackle it.

    Having allowed for slow battery technology development in this equation, design and manufacturing of an electric vehicle platform requires far fewer components than an ICE unit, which should translate into smaller supply chain sourcing and coordination, as well as reduced time to marketplace and associated resources. This is primarily what is attractive to manufactures. There are other benefits like reducing fleet emissions, and or eliminating them completely at some point in the future. In theory, less regular maintenance for the owner/operator.

    They’re here to stay, and will become the dominant power source moving forward. It devoid of issues? Certainly not. But do the benefits when compared to ICE…and I mean to all parties involved…outweigh the negatives…most surely.

  9. Ford Owner

    So fpvfan, gasoline is cleaner than electricity? Then what about the electricity used to pump and store it? Have you seen the soot that gasoline leaves behind inside engines? And why do gasoline engines need so many oil changes? Finally, what about the emissions of burned fuels? Do you still believe that electricity is dirtier? Do you use gasoline to power your electronics, your phones, and your computers? Your mind is much dirtier!

    1. fpvfan

      Oh yeah and to answer your other question. Like most engines or any other kind of pump with a piston in it. Oil Changes are to protect internal parts from friction damage and help keep internal moving parts from metal on metal contact. That has nothing to do with them being gasoline powered. It’s the same thing with air compressors, which are electric powered. They require oil to keep the piston lubricated inside the cylinder which helps keep compression as well and also keeps it cool since oil is also a cooling agent. And yes actually we do use fossil fuels to power our electronics, seeing that most power plants aren’t solar powered or wind powered or powered by hydroelectricity. So yeah, you use fossil fuels to power your electronics too. Unless of course, you live in a house that is 100% solar powered. It may not be refined into gasoline, but still fossil fuels. However, you got one thing right, my mind is alot dirtier!

  10. MikeyTX

    @ Ford Owner …………. What leads you to believe @fpvfan has a mind? For all we know, he could be the “tinman” in drag ………… roflmao !


    While all the talk is going EV….in politics… the end….the customer is king…..and local….car buyers …me included like freedom..meaning in car talk….not resticted on how many miles i can go…which is basically what the current EV tech is now….250 350 mile between charges..and big wait until between charges ..will crap average car buy style .now there is a niche that for daily driving we usualy dont drive that much…with the ice engine you have options…mabe the EV technology will soon do that..Seen that Fords EV Transit van only offers 127 miles on a charge…..GM…announcement is like moving cart before the horse….if the US…doesnt do a complete ban of Gasoline engines…then Ford or Toyota..Kia FCA, keep offering a choice between the two…GM will have lost market share..,and moved to fast…I have no problem with EVs..big picture….forced on us …with todays tech…not so much…imho


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