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Some 2021 Ford F-150 Owners Are Having Wireless Android Auto Issues

Of the many features present in the 2021 Ford F-150, one of the more welcome is the wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability present in SYNC 4. Previously, owners had to physically connect their smartphones to their pickups to enjoy the benefits these services provide, like navigation and access to music libraries. However, it appears that some 2021 Ford F-150 owners are currently having some trouble with their wireless Android Auto functionality.

The problem first surfaced on a Google support forum, where a 2021 Ford F-150 owner stated that their wireless Android Auto functionality was working properly for a little over a week, but now only works if the phone is connected to the truck via a cable. Soon, others chimed in stating they were having the same problem, which began happening following a software update on their phones was installed – Android Version 11 and Android Auto v 5.8.6 or higher.

“Ford was recently made aware that some 2021 F-150 customers who use Android version 11 and Android Auto app version 5.8.6 or higher may lose their wireless Android Auto connection,” Dave Darovitz, Ford Truck Communications, told Ford Authority. “Ford is working with Google on a resolution. Until it’s ready, customers have nearly full Android Auto functionality today via a USB connection.”

In the meantime, some users have had luck deleting all updates and setting up Android Auto from scratch, but this must be done every time they use it in their pickups, as the phone forces users to update before pairing their phones. Others haven’t even been able to get the feature to work when plugging in their phones, however, which just causes them to constantly reboot.

In the meantime, one owner found a solution – delete all vehicles in the Android Auto app, turn off location, then go into the app settings and press Version 7-10 times. Next, press the three dots in developer settings, then check Add Wireless Projection to set it up. For several users, this has solved the problem, but in the meantime, we’ll be waiting for a proper solution.

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  1. PowerboostFan

    The last solution mentioned finally made Android Auto at least usable on my 2021 F-150 Lariat with Powerboost. On mine, as soon a I would connect my Galaxy S21, the phone would continuously reboot. Without cord, Android Auto would not connect despite BT working fine. Now, as long as I turn off location and manually tell Sync 4 to connect to Android Auto in the phone, then phone asks me to give permission to turn on Location, Android Auto connects and then I can plug phone in if I need to charge it, without it rebooting.
    I had been trying for last 2 days to get it to work. Brand new truck, brand new phone.
    Thank you!

  2. Jarrod

    I have the s 20 plus and a 2021 f150 stx and if I plug phone in it continuously reboots and if I try to hook up wireless my phone tells me to follow propts on stereo screen but there’s nothing about andriod auto on stereo screen and I can’t find it any where

  3. Jack D

    I am glad to see I am not just an imbecile. 2021 Lariat; Samsung S10. Constant reboot upon plug in. I do find the Android Auto in car screen settings, but it always asks me to plug in the USB. Its a vicious cycle. All regular BT functions are fine. I did try turning on and connecting to the Wireless Casting Wi-Fi network. Nothing helps so far. I am going to try Powerboost’s suggestion. But it sounds like we may need to wait, watch, bitch and moan for awhile.

  4. David Dikman

    2021 Lariat – Samsung S10Plus Phone.

    OK…..PowerBoostFan = genius.
    Went to car with phone, had turned phone location services off. Got in car and turned it on. Miraculously, I was prompted about enabling Android Auto (wireless). Followed prompts on phone and car screen, reenabling phone location services when told to do so. FR-IGG-IN BINGO!. Was working fine. And then, plugged in USB cord to USB/Power under dash and it did NOT crash the phone.

    Only item, is if you leave Android Auto and then go back to regular Bluetooth Services, once you switch back the whole thing needs to be done again. Phone powered off when switching back to Android Auto. Unplugged it from cord. Did the cycle again and it all worked again fine.

  5. Gary Anderson

    This describes my problem exactly. I picked up my new F-150 yesterday. So they haven’t solved the problem as of Feb 16th.

  6. David D

    Turn off location services on phone.leave wifi in. Start car. Android auto should work wirelessly. android auto should load. You can thennturn on location services on phone and all works fine until you come back to your car. Turn location services off again and it will work.

  7. Peter F

    I have had my 2021 F150 Lariat for about one week. Same issue with my iphone 12. Apple Carplay will only work when I use the USB 3 slot (USB 2 slot and wireless don’t connect). What is extra frustrating, since my phone will not connect via bluetooth, I can only receive calls and cannot pull up the phone app and make an outbound call. Siri also does not work. Crazy. Called Ford and they told me apparently this was a known issue and that they would be issuing a software update. Looks like it is not just an android issue.

  8. Jay

    Samsung Note20 Ultra

    Disable Google chrome on your phone and use another browser like firefox. That made the wires connection work for me.

    I’m going to try the disabled location setting for wireless today. I hate having to plug in.

  9. Jay

    Update: I tried PowerBosstFan’s method and that worked. So here all the things I’ve done, in sequence to get it to work:

    1. Disabled Chrome in the app settings of the device- settings, apps, select chrome, select force stop then disable (this prevents the boot loop when connected via USB)

    2. Enabled developer setting and followed the instructions in the article for android auto.

    3. Followed Powerboostfans instructions and deactivated location services in the quick panel before starting the car. Android auto fires right up but shows an error about location. I then turn locations services on and everything works fine wirelessly.

    NOTE: Wireless Android Auto would not work with a VPN running. I had to turn off my VPN for it to work. I hope this helps.

  10. Chris libby

    Fyi, appears this is fixed. I dropped my phone on wireless pad, and android auto just connected and worked wirelessly..didn’t have to do anything.

  11. john

    It’s not just android, apple car play does not work with my iphone 10. Installed phone into the truck and car play works for about 15 minutes than crashes and cannot get carplay to work again unless i delete the phone from the truck, reinstall and than again, it plays for about 15 minutes than crashes.

  12. Eric P Dreas

    Turning off location service fixed both Android Auto as well as AppLink including Ford+Alexa

  13. Chris

    I enabled the android auto developer mode and enabled the projection feature. Now android auto is working fine in my 2021 F150 (even in wireless mode). Prior to this, the truck would not give the option to go into android auto even when plugged in with a usb cord. I purchased the truck yesterday and after connecting with bluetooth the wireless android auto initially worked. However, during the 1+ hour drive home is just stopped working after a phone call. To get android auto app to come up to go into developer mode, I had to remove the phone from the truck and the truck from the phone in the bluetooth settings. Then when I repaired, it connected again to android auto. After making the projection setting change, it has worked every time I drive.

  14. NDM

    Still no OTA update to fix this issue!

  15. Jb

    Think they’ll ever fix this?!

  16. Paul

    I’m having a similar problem on my 2021 Mach e the switch for the wireless app projection is visible but grayed out

  17. Ray Best

    I have had this problem for a year now ,constantly rebooting , when phone calls come in half the time it connects after ringing over speakers and the times you answer but now you have to pick up your phone while driving. I brought it back to the Ford dealer and after 3 days he told me to get an Iphone Itold him i need a Chevy work truck because I have no issues with using my phone in it!!!!! Same with my Subaru it works fine in it.

  18. Jb

    So sad. Two years later and they still haven’t fixed this.

    1. BD

      You’re so right. And not only do I still have this problem, but it’s getting a lot worse. Audio drags now, then android auto will disconnect completely. What a bummer. I’ve switched phones so the phone doesn’t seem to be the issue.


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