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Straight-Piped Ford Fusion 3.0L Duratec V6 Actually Sounds Good: Video

While we love (and miss) the Ford Fusion around these parts, the practical sedan wasn’t exactly what anyone would call a performance maven. The mid-size sedan (and soon-to-be wagon/crossover) was certainly a comfortable, efficient, and reasonably fun-to-drive vehicle, of course, but not something that people were keen to soup up. But we must admit – this straight-piped Ford Fusion sounds pretty dang good.

The straight-piped Ford Fusion is equipped with the 3.0L Duratec V6, which saw two different versions through the model’s first generation. Neither was particularly powerful, of course, with the first producing 221 horsepower and 205 pound-feet of torque and the later model cranking out a slightly-better 240 horsepower and 223 pound-feet of torque.

This particular car is a 2012 model, so it’s packing the latter, more powerful version. But we’d never imagine that a Fusion could sound this good. The car emits a fairly deep rumble for a V6 – not the higher-pitched, raspy sort of noises Ford EcoBoost mills produce when equipped with a less restrictive exhaust, or even later Ford Mustang V6 models, for that matter.

Yes, the sound of this Duratec makes us pine for the old days, even though we wish the Fusion would have never been discontinued, to begin with. Perhaps if it had survived through now and buyers were more interested in the sedan, we could have a sporty ST version available to purchase today. Even if it didn’t sound as good as this car, it would have been cool, nonetheless.

But alas, this isn’t our dreams, but rather the real world, so these things aren’t going to happen. But at least we can listen to the sweet sounds emitted by this older Fusion and think about what could have been.

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  1. Caleb

    It sounds nearly identical to the ford 3.7L v6 that got shoved in things like the mustang and explorer

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Ford shouldn’t have discontinued the Fusion it was still a strong seller on the market. Had Ford added a 365-400hp AWD SHO as the top model which is closer in size to the older Taurus, it would have been a major Import killer and #1 seller in USA sad what could have been

    1. Michael G

      I agree, though , my 2017 Sport with the 2.7 L biturbo is quick stock. I did have Steeda do a few tricks, probably putting out about 365 hours now.

  3. Raymon Jackson

    Buyers lost interest because of the problems with the other motor styles. As well as yours model. They proofed unreliable and the transmissions failed more often than other vehicles. Thus the class action lawsuits against ford.

  4. Daniel Littlefield

    That’s my car thanks for the feedback

  5. Thom Norris

    That looks like the 3.5 L V6 in the Sport edition. I have a SEL 3.0 L dual exhaust and the pipes are not flared at the tips and they don’t sound like the model in that video. I think you have a Sport edition.

    1. Henry

      You realize the whole point is that this is straight piped so obviously it will sound different and have different tips than yours?

    2. Daniel Littlefield

      That’s my car it’s a 3.0 v6 it’s a 2012 se

  6. James Colston

    Have driven my 2011 ford fusion 105000 miles and still haven’t done the first tune up and drive it everyday. Has been a very good car and very fast. So stop bashing ford I’m a ford man

  7. Joyce Polk

    I had a 2011Fusion , I really liked it, I sold it to my friend. It was
    Full of power and good on gas.
    If I have to get a used car again I will choose another one

  8. Rassig

    I’m wondering: a) Does it still have cats? I’d assume so. b) Is there a crossover pipe?

  9. Michael David Culver

    I have a 2012 se and its been the most reliable car I’ve ever had. I see all my friends cars from bmw to Hyundai and their cars are always broke down

  10. Andy VH

    My 2010 3.0V6 Fusion is nearing 220,000 miles, original transmission, VERY reliable, and still gets 25+ mpg average. Best car I’ve ever owned.

  11. Thom Norris

    My 2011 SEL 3.0 is at 106K and she is still beautiful inside and out. I’m getting new front springs, struts and wheel bearings this week along with a new set of Cooper All-seasons.
    My Dad and I are painting the wheels with VW’s Diamond Silver and a clear coat in July. All recommended services were done at 100K. Best car I’ve ever owned.


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