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Vintage Ford Truck Emerges From The Sea Like Some Mythical Creature: Video


We’re always seeing various creatures emerge from the sea on the news, usually things like turtles, but sometimes whales or even cows. But one thing we haven’t seen crawling out of any ocean, at least until now, is a vintage Ford truck. Or a Ford truck of any kind, that is. However, now we can check that off our list as well because this video shows a vintage Ford truck emerging from the ocean hauling a bed full of wood like a boss.

We don’t have a ton of context as to what’s going on here, but it’s highly entertaining nonetheless, as well as pretty darn impressive.

It all went down on the beaches of Las Grutas, Patagonia, Argentina, where the person that shot the video says they were helping free a Toyota that got stuck in the sand when they saw this vintage Ford truck emerge from the sea like some majestic creature.

The odd sight made everyone stop in their tracks and stare, which heck, we can’t blame them for doing. And aside from being a strange thing to see, it’s also worth noting that the old Ford doesn’t look to be in the greatest shape. It’s missing its grille and the body is a little beat up, and the truck’s heavy load has its rear end sagging, too.

Regardless, the pickup keeps on chugging along, no matter whether it’s traversing loose sand or deep salt waters. It rides right on past the stuck Toyota, its owners probably chuckling to themselves that something with such a stellar off-road reputation can’t cross a simple beach without some help. At least, that’s what we’d be doing if we had just pulled off a super cool stunt like this, because they certainly earned the right to gloat a little.

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  1. David Pickford

    I’ll see if I can find a copy of the adverts run by Ford Australia when they first sold the factory RHD F trucks in Australia in 2001. It featured a F250 pulling a semi trailer (18 wheeler rig) up and out of a mud hole that completely covered the semi. It was filmed in New South Wales but was a conjob; the semi was actually a replica of an 18 wheeler made from extruded foam, nonetheless it looks awesome

  2. Dave Mathers

    Well of course it came out of the ocean!! After all it’s colour was AQUAmarine!! LOL

  3. Dave Mathers

    Well of course it came out of the ocean. After all it’s colour was AQUAmarine!! LOL

    1. Samuel Arostegui

      The story on this ran through various spanish language sites a while back. They interviwed the owner of the truck. He’s a young guy in his early thirties, very humble and poor. He comes from a long line of fishermen. Several generations of his family have subsisted by trapping octopuses (I know this is not the correct plural form of the word) and he will often be seen in his truck along the coast. He explained that he built the truck from all sorts of salvageable parts. It’s sort of a “Frankenstein” truck if you will as he has maintained it with whatever he can find. He would like a better truck but says that doing what he does for a living can’t pay for more. He sells what he catches but it’s not enough. The Latin American head of the Ford co. offered to give the truck a complete overhaul to make it like new but there’s a problem. They can only do this if he provides them with proper documentation of vehicle ownership which he doesn’t completely have. This is because not all the serial numbers match and the govt. requires this for transport to the nearest Ford facility. Many argue that he should just be given a new truck but others say this would only hurt him in the longrun with the high expense of upkeep, maintenance and taxes for a new truck. Everything came to a halt in trying to help him out. I would say to just give him some money to have him sort out what’s happening in his life. When interviewed he went on to say that he has no formal knowledge of engines and tinkers with the truck enough to make it run everyday. Necessity is the mother of invention.

      1. Dave Mathers

        Thanks for the back story, VERY interesting!

  4. Victor Munoz

    I have always been a Chevy Truck man.
    I’ve own Ford Trucks, Dodge Trucks.
    Some were long lasting, some no so long lasting.
    But, I did have a 1995
    Ford F150 4X4 with the 302 engine, it lasted me a Looooong Time. I had to sell it, I loaned it to my younger Brother-in-Law (Big mistake) It got Wreaked, the Drunk Drive hit it on the Passenger side, bent all the quarter side tremendously. Once that happens, your Suspension and Alignment will never run Correctly. Sold it for parts…
    Anyhow, that truck was the Best Truck I have Ever owned in my 60+ years of Life.


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