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What Are Ford Vignale Vehicles, Which Are Sold In Europe?

Those who live in Europe are likely already quite familiar with the Ford Vignale name, as it graces a number of vehicles sold in the region. But those living in other parts of the world might be wondering exactly what Vignale means or signifies. Vignale was actually the name of an Italian coachbuilder that was established in the late 1940s, but has since grown to encompass a variety of high-end Blue Oval vehicles worth of such a distinguished name.

Ford doesn’t currently sell Lincoln vehicles in Europe, nor does it plan to, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last October. Instead, it offers the Vignale treatment for six of its models, which are essentially range-topping, high-end versions of those vehicles. The Ford Vignale distinction places these models above any other trim level available for those vehicles, including ST, Platinum, and other higher-end trims.

Vignale models come with a host of features that would look right at home on or inside of a Lincoln, including quilted leathers, wood and metal interior trim, exclusive exterior color and appearance packages, and top-of-the-line audio and entertainment features. Currently, Ford offers Vignale versions of the Ford Edge, Ford Fiesta, Mondeo, Kuga, S-Max, and Focus.

Back in 2017, Ford began allowing all of its UK stores to order Vignale vehicles after previously limiting their sale exclusively to the FordStore network, which were flagship stores that featured interactive displays, customer lounges, and other high-end amenities.

Initially, the Vignale models that were sold at FordStore locations offered customers exclusive access to Vignale lounges and Vignale customer relationship managers. Following the successful rollout at 70 FordStore locations, the Vignale was rolled out to all UK Ford dealerships.

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  1. Archknight

    The Vignale trim level should be brought to the US, some would love swanky interiors on Ford designs versus Lincoln.

  2. Chris

    Please Ford just fast track a redesign of the front end of the Escape. Everything’s great except for that. It looks like a frog.

    1. Mark

      Just give us the foreign market front ends.

  3. Mark

    How do we not get the Puma in the US?!?

  4. fpvfan

    Vignale, is what should replace Lincoln here in the United States and be the global luxury trim of the entire Ford Motor company. Lincoln, while nice, is honestly pointless at this point because Ford could simply offer the Vignale, and Vignale Black Label to it’s Ford models and never miss a beat. All of Ford’s greatest ideas are the ones that are overseas and not America or really American born. Vehicles such as the Ford RS200 (a two seater that with today technology could run with vehicles like the Corvette & NSX) the Ford Sierra RS (a car that reborn would be one hell of a BMW 2-series fighter or even something to go up against the AMG CLA45S), the Ford Capri RS (a coupe that if fitted with a new version of the BArra 325T Ford I-6 Turbo would stomp all over the M4 and be better than the Mustang any day of the week (think Euro 1974 Capri RS not little ugly Mercury Capri XRTi thing), The Ford Mondeo (done right on the CD6 platform would be the car to go toe-to-toe with the M3) and the Ford Falcon (the Charger killer/M5 hunter that we SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN IN THE US!!!!!). Not to mention that great Focus replacement called the PUMA with an ST & RS package and maybe an Ecoboost 2.5L I-5 Turbo. The Ford Territory (a more Durango looking SUV than the Explorer) the Ford Everest and the Ford Ranger. Ford could easily replace it’s American lineup with these vehicles (ranger is already here), get rid of everything Lincoln, update the Expedition, give most of these vehicles Vignale & Vignale Black label packages, Including the trucks that are mentioned above and Ford would be cool. Bring on the MAverick truck, get rid of the Ecosport and Escape and Edge, Bring in the Puma, the Bronco Sport and the Mach E (drop the Mustang name) and every single vehicle in here could have base vehicles, Performance variants, Vignale and Vignale Black label variants. Turn the F150 into the electric Atlas pickup truck and make every super duty and fleet vehcle electric and Ford can tuck all it’s eggs in one basket, With this lineup, Ford could drop every single V8 engine and rely on Ecoboost and Ecoboost Hybrid powertrains and still make serious performance. I could only imagine what the supercar spec 3.5L V6 could do with a hybrid DCT behind it. Or even the Raptor 3.5L V6 with a hybrid DCT. Just make everything with a V6 sound like the GT supercar or better and also bring out the Barra 325T 4.0L I-6 Turbo and upgrade it and have that be the big-block performance engine and offer it with a hybrid DCT behind it and solve most of the problems. Roll out a 2.5L Ecoboost 5-cylinder turbo and a Flat plane crank version of the 2.3L Ecoboost and Ford has itself a lot of winners. Still keep some base model variants off all of these with small displacement hybrid tech or all-electric on a few select models and give every single vehicle a vingale & Vignale black label package and Ford is perfect.

    1. Chris

      fpvfan: What is it with you and these long-winded text-laden comments. No one wants to read all of that. Think: “Less is more” and folks will actually read your comments!

  5. fpvfan

    okay plain and simple Ford America Sucks! Ford needs to bring over what it has/had from Europe and Australia, tweak them a bit and go from there

  6. Motorpsychology

    I wonder if Mulally had advocated for terminating Lincoln when Mercury was axed. It would have made sense in ’08-09 then and do the Vignale theme on Ford-branded vehicles here, maybe with Lincoln accents. Maybe use the Platinum moniker here.

  7. Roy Chile’s

    Lincoln needs to stay open in the American market and start building Luxury Automobiles again. Vignale trim needs to stay in Europe period. The Puma model should have came to the American market as the 2021 Escape


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