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2020 Ford Super Duty Diesel Recalled Over Incorrect Payload Information

Ford Motor Company is recalling select 2020 Ford Super Duty vehicles equipped with Ford’s 6.7L Power Stroke diesel due to overstated payload capacity values on the tire and loading information label, overstated accessory reserve capacity values on the safety certification label, and overstated weight values on the truck camper loading documentation.

The defect: affected vehicles display overstated payload capacity values, accessory reserve capacity values, and overstated weight values.

The hazards: If the vehicles are loaded to the payload stated on the tire and loading information label, they may exceed the gross vehicle weight rating or gross axle weight rating. This may result in tire loading beyond rated capacity, suspension overload, and increased stopping distance, which could increase the risk of a crash.

Ford Motor Company is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this condition.

Components: tire and loading information label, safety certification label, and truck camper loading documentation.

Affected vehicles: 2020 Ford Super Duty vehicles equipped with Ford’s 6.7L Power Stroke diesel produced at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant from May 13th, 2019 to, Sept. 19th, 2020.

Number of vehicles affected: 11,729 vehicles with:

  • 9,979 vehicles in the U.S. and federal territories
  • 1,750 in Canada

The fix: Dealers will replace the tire and loading information label, safety certification label and if needed, the truck camper loading document.

Owners should: wait for communications from Ford, which will begin the week of March 22nd.


  • Ford Customer Service: 1-866-436-7332
  • FoMoCo Recall Number: 20S73
  • NHTSA Toll Free: 1-888-327-4236
  • NHTSA (TTY): 1-800-424-9153
  • NHTSA Website:

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  1. Jukka Häyrinen

    Just send new labels.. heh

  2. GeorgeS

    The lawyers are lining up, Ford sold product that had misinformation and will claim they knew about it.

  3. Charles B Hartman

    What about those of us that purchased the truck based on payload capacity? What will Ford do to fix that? A label won’t do it. Time to get a lawyer?

    1. Ryan

      Depends if they advertised that incorrect payload, or if they advertised the correct capacity and installed the wrong stickers.

      But even if you won a lawsuit, all you end up with is $7.38 from a class action lawsuit

      1. Robert

        That’s why you don’t join a class action lawsuit and you file your own lawsuit with your own lawyer an opt out of any class action lawsuit

  4. Beverly L

    Just bought 2020 350 Super Duty to pull large horse trailer with living quarters. Replaced Ram 2500 that did not have the payload capacity. Hope to use trailer in early March. Will be going to weigh truck and trailer this weekend. Left KY in Oct, so hoping it is not affected. Will be following this closely.

  5. Andrew

    It was just the wrong sticker. Relax people. There is no false advertisement here

    1. Eric

      Just got my new rating label; 422 pounds under original. Hauling a truck bed camper, which was the purpose I picked this truck, is huge. If it were 30 or 50 pounds, I could probably mitigate that change, but over 400, shocked.

      I called Ford customer relations on a Thursday, opened a case number to see what the company can do to help me. Was supposed to get a 24 hour response which never came. Today is Monday, we will see what the new week brings.

      Mistake or not, when you manufacture purpose built trucks, this type of thing should not happen. I’m giving the company one chance to help bring back trust. Will update as it comes. I do love my F350 but am really disillusioned at current.

  6. Kevin

    LoL Everyone is so quick to yap about lawyering up these days. Too many “sue” happy people. They are simply saying that the sticker has the wrong info on it. Im sure when you bought your trucks….the salesman told you the correct payload and hauling weight. They are usually very careful about that because they would be happy to tell you that you have to step up in a package or up to the next level to haul more…so you spend more money. I’d just relax and let them do their jobs. Also…your individual dealers may send you the sticker if you ask….but they may be required to put the correct sticker on themselves for liability purposes 🙂

    1. Robert D.

      Most salesmen have no clue what the truck’s capacities are. I bought two new 2016 F450s and a 2019 F250 and not one single sales person I spoke with new the correct numbers. Even the so-called commercial sales people have no clue. Every truck is different depending on cab size bed size accessories etc. So no you you cannot trust what a salesperson tell’s you.

      1. Miles

        @ Robert D. — Exactly right!

      2. Andrew

        Every truck is certainly different, but easy to figure out. gvwr – weight (available on the invoice) = available payload. Because options weight that is why payload is always stated as “up to XX lbs”

  7. Miles

    Kevin said “Everyone is so quick to yap about lawyering up these days. Too many “sue” happy people. They are simply saying that the sticker has the wrong info on it. I’m sure when you bought your trucks, the salesman told you the correct payload and hauling weight.”

    You seem to have a lot of faith in car salesmen! Especially when even the manufacturer doesn’t seem to know what its products’ payload capacity is!

    If the sticker on the vehicle — which should be the definiive source of payload information — has the wrong info, then nothing from the manufacturer or dealer can be trusted. At the very least, there is a serious false advertising / breach of contract issue here. People buy these high performance “Super Duty” trucks (and pay top dollar for the privilege) to haul heavy loads. If the trucks can’t haul as advertised, there’s a serious problem there. Legal action may well be appropriate.

  8. Charles B Hartman

    I was dealing with 3 different dealerships when I bought my 2020 F250. Not one of them knew why it was payload seemed so important. They all wanted to focus on towing capacity.
    There is more to this than “just a sticker” insurance companies have denied claims based on overloaded vehicles. It was a big focus of mine since I bought this to be used as a tow vehicle and at 68 years old don’t want to keep trading in.

  9. orlin Volmer

    Kevin.. That sticker information being correct is pretty dang important. I spent five months understanding each manufacturers payloads with different packages and shopping around to find a SRW truck that met the requirements to safely tow the 5th wheel we’ve been saving for. And now if my truck is one of those affected, possibly to the effect that it will not be a safe option for hauling that 5th wheel. Ford is on the hook for more than just updating my sticker. They will have screwed up our entire spring, summer, and fall plans Waisted thousands of my hard earned dollars and left me sitting with an under performing truck I no longer have use for.

  10. Ruger

    Kevin- you literally have no idea what you are talking about…literally not a clue. I bought my new 2020 Super Duty specifically for what that sticker stated as the payload capacity of the truck to carry a very specific truck camper that I bought right after and if they simply add a new sticker that has a reduced payload now could mean I can’t carry that camper! Thousands of dollars down the drain just like that and a very tough problem to solve. And so goes the situation for 100’s if not thousands of people in the exact same position. “Simply saying the sticker has the wrong info on it”…

    1. William T Lewis

      Bought my F350 specifically because of the payload listed. Bought the truck camper after. Now it won’t legally carry the truck camper. What next, hire a lawyer I guess…

  11. Gerry

    My wife and I bought the 2020 F350, 6.7L Diesel 4×4 dually to be able to carry an Eagle Cap 1200 truck camper. This truck camper is very heavy, and we chose this Ford Truck because we felt safe in being able to carry this truck camper with no problem. Next week (3/13/21) we’re driving from San Diego to Mesa Arizona to pick up our truck camper, and now we have no clue if the truck can now handle that payload. This puts us in a tremendous bind; we cannot reschedule pick due to having to complete transaction no only in Mesa but also in Blyth, CA – everything is timed. So, what the hell do we do now? If this truck is underrated as this article claims it to be then this truck is definitely going back to Ford with a full refund. I already have an auto lawyer from the Honda lemon we bought a few years back, so he already knows about this crap.

    YES, lawyer up – Ford needs to be kicked in their ass for releasing these trucks with inaccurate payload information; talk about major accidents waiting to happen…

    1. orlin Volmer

      How would a person try to combat this? Just find a lawyer and put it in their hands? Normally I’m the type to not get to excited about these things but in this case the fix does not in anyway fix the problem. As expensive as these vehicles are, and the amount of research and planning put into marrying the proper tow vehicle with the 5th wheel we have planned to purchase. This just makes me sick. Guess the expectation from Ford is we just find a lesser 5th wheel.

  12. Robert

    That’s why you don’t join a class action lawsuit and you file your own lawsuit with your own lawyer an opt out of any class action lawsuit

  13. Ruger

    Gerry…Same exact scenario (new 2020 F350 and new 2021 truck camper matched on payload) and did the exact same thing you are about to do except I drove that new camper from Mesa to Blythe and all the way to Montana not knowing this was an issue and potentially jeopardized the safety of my entire family. The amount of liability here is immense not to mention the money lost.

  14. Larry G

    I also have great safety concerns with our truck camper. Can’t understand how Ford can publish this recall with a specific vin number and not publish the revised weight numbers. Has anyone actually received the new labels? If so please tell us who have not, what their changing.

    1. Eric

      422#s less than original. Huge!

      Opened a case with Ford Customer relations last week. This week they closed my case because there is nothing mechanically wrong with the vehicle. They told me to go talk to a dealer to see what they can do about trading up my 422 pound less rated vehicle than when I purchased it, for a higher rated payload truck. Astonished with that I went to a dealer tonight to see what they could do for a trade up. They offered me $12k less than what I purchased the truck for 8 months ago. Truck has 7500 miles on it. I put air bags on it. I put a hellwig big wig sway bar on it. Truck is beautiful and they offer how much? I actually put higher rated tires on it.
      Anyway Ordering a new Ford SD is now closed for 2021 models. There are a few in the pipeline to choose from but not what I want, not with the options I want. I’m very frustrated with Ford. They gladly took my cash at the time of purchase, they make the mistake with the rating, with something as important as this and I have to wait, pay more and still have a complete loss of trust in the company. Quite the experience.

      I went to a Ram dealership a couple days ago and was actually was offered more from them on a trade for a really nice 3500.
      What to do……

  15. Larry G.

    Thanks for the info. I have the same concerns relating to my truck camper. Ford must fix the issue and not by just putting a new weight label on it. I’m still waiting for my new labels.

  16. Mark

    I just got my stickers. It took about a month. Nobody could tell me the numbers at Ford or my dealership. I went from 4543 payload to 4052, a loss of 491 lbs or nearly 12%! I traded my old truck because it did not have sufficient payload. The first thing I looked at on this truck was the sticker. Not happy.

  17. Larry G.

    Thanks Mark for the update. Still waiting for my new stickers. For those of us that bought this truck for the payload capacity, this recall is devastating. It’s even more depressing that Ford thinks that a label replacement is a fix. Nothing less than replacing the suspension parts necessary to fix the truck so it meets the weight specifications as sold should be accepted.

  18. William Lewis

    Yesterday I got my new payload sticker for my 12400 GVWR Ford F350; the load rating went from 4500 lbs. to 3993 lbs. That’s a huge problem for us as we relied on that 4500 lb. payload to carry the new truck camper we purchased. We even traded our 2019 F350 Platinum to “upgrade the payload”. Now we have a 37k truck camper we cannot carry legally. Ford customer service just told me they have no resolution for the recall. Anyone else in the same predicament? Would love to hear how you’re responding.

  19. Larry G

    William, thanks for your update. We have the same concerns for our truck and camper but haven’t received our new stickers yet. Hopefully we will all demand a fix resolution to bring the truck to the specs it was sold as. Nothing else should be acceptable. A sticker fix is a joke that Ford would go that low. They really think their customers are stupid. Ford will receive their new label in a the form of a law suit. No doubt product misrepresentation is evident here. It may be advisable that Ford’s cover up stickers are not allowed to be put on the trucks until this gets resolved through the legal process.

  20. Gerry

    Unfortunately we had to have additional springs added because we couldn’t wait to actually find out if there was any validity to this recall. We bought a new Eagle Cap 1200 truck camper knowing the 2020 Ford F-350 would handle it. Upsetting to find out that Ford pulled this crap. If our truck is one of the ones where this recall applies they will pay for the springs we added or we will file a lawsuit against them.

    They’re pretty stupid if they think a simple new payload sticker will make things go away; good luck Ford!

    Ford better take trucks back or pay for new springs that support 5,490 lbs or higher.

    If not, sue them…

  21. John

    What or which sticker is being replaced, there are two. One has tire info and shows a weight capacity. The other an official axle and payload rated sticker just show a vehicle GVWR number.
    My GVWR is 12400. I like so many others brought the truck after much research because of this number. If that changes I have big problems.
    The tire sticker says circa 4500 but I ignored that after running the truck on the scales at 8400. I assume everyone is talking about the tire sticker?
    Surely Ford has not arbitrarily changed the GVWR.

  22. Jason H.

    I bought my F350 SRW based on the payload capacity listed in the door. I just had my sticker replaced last week. My Payload was 4167lbs and is now 3641lbs. That’s a difference of 526lbs. I bought this truck specifically to haul a larger 5th wheel. Now all the one’s we were looking at will put us over the payload capacity. I was shocked to read most of the comments say Ford isn’t willing to do anything about it. I tried contacting Ford late last week and couldn’t navigate through their phone tree to get a live person. I suppose that is by design! I will try a few more times. One things for sure at this point, I will not recommend a Ford to anyone I know! In my opinion, this is a major screw up on Ford’s part and for them not to do anything (other than providing me with a new sticker) is simply piss poor customer care.

  23. Miles

    If their phone system won’t allow you to contact a live human being (who almost certainly won’t have the authority to do anything meaningful for you anyway), then it’s time to call a lawyer. I would suggest a lemon law attorney — they have experience in suing vehicle manufacturers. (I’m a lawyer myself, but I don’t handle lemon law cases.) (The way things are going, though, that could change!)

    It should also be noted that a class action lawsuit has now been filed:

  24. Richard D Robinson

    I recently brought my 2020 Ford F250 to a Loganville Ford dealership and they advised me they had done some recalls updates to my vehicle. Since this has occurred my vehicle MPG has drop significationly. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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