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2021 Ford Bronco Cactus Gray Color Officially Changed In Configurator

Of the many different colors available on the 2021 Ford Bronco, Cactus Gray has been an early favorite among reservation holders. We’ve seen some real-life photos of a Cactus Gray Ford Bronco in recent months, which revealed something interesting about the color – it looks quite different in real life than it does on Ford’s Bronco build and price configurator. However, now the automaker has changed that.

The update to the Bronco configurator was just confirmed by Ford North America Product Communications Manager Mike Levine on Twitter, who also posted a before and after shot, as well as some real-life photos of a Cactus Gray Ford Bronco Sport for comparison’s sake. “Cactus Gray color in Bronco configurator has been updated. Less blue. More accurate. New shade on left. Previous on right,” Levine wrote.

Comparing the two colors side-by-side, they certainly look completely different. The new shade is much more gray than the previous one, which looked more like a shade of blue than anything else. But in the real-life photos Levine provides, it’s clear that the predominant color changes dramatically based on lightning.

This is sure to confuse some consumers, but it’s also difficult to accurately project a complex color like this in a rendering. At the same time, it’ll also be nice to see this color in the flesh once Broncos start hitting the roads this coming summer. For some, that might be a requirement before finalizing an order, because this change is definitely going to stir up some interesting reactions from potential buyers and reservation/order holders alike.

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  1. Christopher

    The original one on the right is way closer to the actual colour I’ve seen in person I’ve taken pictures of it. I’ve driven the sport with the color. What color is a cactus? Green right. So the color is a greenish gray. Period.
    I mean the picture in the article that shows a true picture of a bronco sport in cactus grey is way closer to the picture on the right than the one on the left that you say or Ford says is closer to the color. If you haven’t seen it in person yourself there is no blue tone to it whatsoever there is a green tone to it but no blue tone

  2. James mitchell

    It’s a ugly color anyway. I wouldn’t want it.

    1. Max

      I have a bronco sport in cactus gray . Looks pretty sharp in person ( I didn’t choose the color I took what the dealer had in stock) I think it looks nice. I have gotten complements on it ,

    2. johnnymac

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,we all see things differently .what is UGLY to you ,may be BEAUTIFUL to others. Ford or Jeep,GM/CHEVROLET VS TOYOTA /LEXUS,and FCA VS LANDROVER/RANGE ROVER .
      Competition only makes all involved better! Uniqueness is awesome and that is why I originally chose Cactus Gray in the first place as I did like the color, I do believe I will most likely stick with Cactus Grey but I would like to see it in the “FLESH “now that
      the hue/color has changed .good luck to all of my BRONCO brothers & sisters who are Eagerly awaiting to spec /build,ordering or delivery of your new BRONCO. I wish all of you good luck and hope all goes well for the deliveries of your new BRONCO,

  3. Doug Canale

    Not a color I would get on this truck, a color that will be around for two years and then discontinued. Stop introducing such ugly colors and just go back to the boring colors of white, black and silver. These are the colors that the public is forced to take.

  4. Alfred G Beamer

    If you don’t like the color don’t buy it always negative comments from so called experts i just bought one(cactus gray)my wife and I really liked that color and its not boring!


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