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2021 Ford Bronco Sport Recalled Over Rear Suspension Module Issues

Ford Motor Company is recalling select 2021 Ford Bronco Sport vehicles over an issue with rear suspension modules that may not be fully secured to the subframe, which may increase the risk of an accident.

The defect: rear suspension modules with loose or missing bolts.

The hazards: if the rear suspension modules are not fully secured to the subframe because of loose or missing bolts, the vehicle’s stability may be affected, which increases the risk of an accident and may result in reduced rear-impact crash performance, increasing the risk of injury.

Ford Motor Company is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this condition.

Components: rear suspension bolts.

Affected vehicles: 2021 Ford Bronco Sport models produced at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant from July 22nd to Nov. 24th, 2020.

Number of vehicles affected: 1,666 vehicles with:

  • 1,640 vehicles in the U.S. and federal territories
  • 24 in Canada
  • 2 in Mexico

The fix: Dealers will confirm that the rear suspension bolts are secured properly and replace them, if necessary.

Owners should: wait for recall notice to arrive by mail, and contact their local Ford dealer with any questions.


  • Ford Customer Service: 1-866-436-7332
  • FoMoCo Recall Number: 20S73
  • NHTSA Toll Free: 1-888-327-4236
  • NHTSA (TTY): 1-800-424-9153
  • NHTSA Website:

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  1. Alexander

    Here we go, the vehicle is already getting its first recall. Ford is slowly losing me, they invented the assembly line and can’t even figure out how to build a car. I get that recalls aren’t uncommon regardless of the manufacturer, but the vehicle has only been out for a couple months.

    1. Chris

      It doesn’t end does it. The managers and executives should hold their heads in shame with all of these recalls. My 18 Escape lease is up in May. I have to think seriously about leaving Ford after 3 cars since 2012.

      1. Alexander

        Yeah I hear you, I think it’s unfortunate because Ford is inflicting it’s own wounds. When people have a bad experience like this, it just pushes them away from the brand. I know people who have had problems with their trucks and will no longer purchase a Ford. Especially now, the competition has really caught up and there are plenty of other good options.

        1. Thurston Munn

          Dodge especially has made big gains plus they have a great price point as does GM. Seen the interiors on a Dodge ?? Makes Ford’s plastic interiors look like junk.

      2. Roy Chile’s

        FORD needs to get a handle and new direction for the company, let’s start with Terminating Jim Farley. Get some real automotive minded people in place and get Job #1 back on track

  2. Thurston Munn

    What ever happened to Quality being Job 1 ?? There is no excuse for something like this especially for a new Model.

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      It always has been quality his job one. They just don’t tell you what level of quality

  3. Chris

    I agree Alexander. It’s sad. The new Buick Envision Essence ST looks sharp. The thing is GM makes them in China.

    1. J.R.E.

      Even though the Buick envision looks nice, I wouldn’t buy it just because it is made in China. Nothing against the Chinese, but yes made in China the quality can’t be as good as the Europeans, Japanese, or American-made Buicks. Buick has become in the last few years an SUV-only division of GM. I do miss the old Made in the U.S.A. Buick Wildcats V8’s of the sixties, and the Rivieras, Grand National Regals with their turbo V6’s of the nineties. Buick has fully abandoned the enthusiast market. They don’t even build a high-performance SUV, only Ford, Dodge and Jeep build performance SUVs. No, I wouldn’t buy a Buick just because Buick is an American Sell Out, building cars in China instead of here in the U.S.A. by Union Workers, UAW. I recommend staying with Ford, at least they did not sell out as Government Motors did.

      1. Sully

        Yes, by all means, buy the Mexican built non-Union Ford Bronco Sport instead, how is that supporting the USA exactly? Jeez. Your cellphone is likely made in China as is your computer and likely work quite well. I’m no China apologist and there are plenty of political reasons to perhaps avoid Chinese-built products but quality doesn’t have to be one of them. This story specifically calls out the quality problems of a product NOT built in China.

  4. Gary.

    I don’t mind recalls as long as it repairs the problems and they go away. My 2004 f150 had a couple recalls now 17 years later still going strong. But, as long as it took ford to finally come out with Bronco u would think these thing wouldn’t happen. ..

  5. John

    I agree that some Fords have bombed. But The Bronco Sport is made in Mexico. We’re in a pandemic. Plants were shuttered for awhile. Ill give Ford a pass. Its not like the engine failed, or the transmission. My 2016 F150 with the 2.7 has been flawless in 4.5 years.

  6. Michael Fornetti

    Now, this is basic bolting stuff together.
    How can somebody on the line miss something like this?????

  7. Bruce Holberg

    While it only concerns 1600 out of how many thousands produced, this is the kind of thing that ruins reputations really fast. Let’s just hope it doesn’t result in an accident or worse.

  8. Mike

    Having owned Honda, Accura, GM, Ford and most recently 2 Lincoln MKZ….. both required a front hood repaint for bubbling along the edge. I suspect there are major quality control issues coming out of Mexico that seem to be ongoing. The Powershift auto transmissions fiasco still has me questioning if I will ever buy Ford/Lincoln again, especially with no cars on offer. It mystifies me how Ford/Lincoln get so much right and good only to screw up spectacularly with FOCUS transmissions by letting the problem linger for years. I still admire this company for not scrapping the taxpayer like GM did in 08/09… but they are squandering my trust!

  9. Rich

    Really? Have you ever built a vehicle? A single vehicle over years, much less at today’s line speeds? With parts coming in from hundreds of suppliers all over the globe? Assembled by our fellow humans? And the standard you expect is nothing ever goes wrong? Seems unrealistic.

    1. Mike

      Respectfully fellow human…..I think you missed my point…..Just think of recent recalls…. which ones were handled straight up and efficiently…. and which ones go on and on. To Ford/Lincoln credit, they do most things very well most of the time. Can’t say that for all manufactures.

    2. Michael Fornetti

      Common now, bolts loose or missing?
      This is not a hard to find IT issue nothing but simple stuff
      Stop the line if you need to or go out of business
      Jim Farley says warranty costs are too high, wonder why

  10. Mike

    It seems the thought control police will not allow public domain articles from a respected national news service to be discussed. Is this in rules moderator? What is your issue? Would appreciate some feedback and guidance…. otherwise what is the point of this blog?

  11. Materialman

    A recall…..already?

  12. Chris

    Rich are you making excuses for shoddy workmanship? Line speeds? Please! Slow the lines down then! Ford should be going for quality over quantity. I would cut them a break because of COVID but these problems were rearing their ugly heads before the Pandemic. The suits at Ford are failing.


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