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2021 Ford F-150 Raptor SUV Is The Off-Road Family Hauler We Want

Though the 2021 Ford Bronco will fulfill most Blue Oval fan’s desires for a rough-and-tumble off-road capable SUV, some folks would love to have a larger version with more people and cargo-carrying capacity. The full-size Ford Bronco once existed to fill this void, but now, we’re basically stuck with the Ford Expedition FX4 as the next-best thing. But what if FoMoCo made a 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor SUV to complement the brand new pickup that just debuted last week?

Well, it might just look something like these renderings from artist Oscar Vargas. The 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor SUV is a pretty simple and straightforward idea that seems like an obvious move. And yet, such a thing does not exist. Given the incredible popularity surrounding SUVs and off-road vehicles these days, we’re not really sure why.

A Ford F-150 Raptor SUV would certainly look awesome, as we can see here. Ford already makes what is essentially an F-150 based SUV in the Expedition, which it shares the Ford T3 platform with. Most all of the pickup’s unique body parts could swap right over to an SUV variant, as well as the mechanicals, making this a pretty easy thing to do, we’d imagine.

Then, those with large families would also be able to get in on the fun and take some high-speed desert runs and jump some huge hills, too. These sorts of activities shouldn’t be relegated only to those that can get by with a pickup, in our opinion. What we need is a truly capable off-road, full-size, body-on-frame SUV – something that would exceed the capabilities of the Expedition FX4 and future Timberline variant – and this Raptorfied version looks like just the ticket.

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  1. John

    I have said from the start, an F-150 based Bronco XL, two door with drivetrain based on the Raptor would reopen a niche left vacant since the 1990s. It would be a great addition to the Bronco “family” and would not directly compete in-house with Expedition, as it’s as completely different as one vehicle can be compared to another (2 door vs. 4 door, no third row, solid rear axle vs. IRS, etc).


    They used to built one like that, it was called the Excursion, also some media outlets called the Excursion the Ford Valdez.

  3. NCEcoBoost

    No, we don’t want it. Nor did we the Excursion.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      You’re on your own there. The Excusion is an incredibly sought after vehicle. Even models with the 5.4 Triton V8, as engine swaps can be pretty easily performed. Their only downside was the high cost of maintenance. My friend managed to procure one with a 6.0L Powerstroke for around $5,000 and to his dismay, the suspension was shot. Still, he fixed it, and we look forward to an annual trip to a Vikings game in Minnesota on the “SKOL Bus”.

  4. Casey

    Waited 2 yrs. For the bronco and they came out with a small sissy, tree hugging looking thing…this Ford Raptor SUV concept is my dream truck…heck I even like the looks of that dodge. The looks and size of the new bronco is a joke…

    1. Stalkbroker94

      You sound like one of those people who think the Bronco Sport is the one and only Bronco. That’s based on the 2020 Escape chassis. The larger one is comparable to the Jeep Wrangler in size and it’s based on the 2019 ranger chassis.

  5. Casey

    Personally, I like a kick ass Excursion!!

  6. The Mighty Geeno

    Nicely Rendered
    (and Pretendered)

  7. Jeff Ireland

    A truly capable off roader, should allow for torsional flex.

  8. Lee Glidewell

    Just what we need. Another useless rendering. If y’all can’t build it, don’t bother ‘rendering’ it.

  9. john m

    So a raptor excursion…
    Don’t mess with the names, an f150 is a pickup truck. This is why a lot of people don’t like the crossover mustang, a mustang is a v8 sports car not a quick van.
    The SUVs are still there and after making a mini bronco and a joke bronco, a serious offroad excursion or expedition makes everything else look weak.
    I have a 02 explorer sport 4×4 (the 2 door not the pickup) and that is on par with the new bronco in a LOT of ways while keeping more of the older broncos layout.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      A joke Bronco?
      A new Bronco WILL run circles around your Explorer Sport. Both literally and metaphorically speaking. Let’s not forget your 2002 Explorer Sport is running on the same size tires as my 2006 Escape and is sporting, get this, a 210hp V6.
      The Bronco is offered in both 2 and 4 door configurations and even the inline four in the Bronco has yours beaten to a pulp in power.
      But hey, you’re some stuck-in-his-ways guy on the internet with an opinion and an ego. Don’t let those facts get in your way.

  10. Andrew

    Seriously, family off-roading, high-speed dessert runs? Is anyone actually listening to this? What family actually wants to do this? Get junior’s tball team on a road trip and decide to take an off-road short cut? Leave the raptor be a truck. Find something else to play with.


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