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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Range Holds Up Well In Unideal Conditions: Video

Like all EVs, detractors have a lot to say about the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, its range, and how it’s affected by things like cold weather and high speeds. It is certainly true that EVs are less efficient as speeds increase and temperatures plummet, much the same way that a heavy right foot and many other factors affect fuel economy in ICE-powered vehicles. But if this Mustang Mach-E range test from Germany is any indication, owners can still take longer trips without worry.

This particular Mustang Mach-E range test doesn’t take place in ideal conditions, which is often the case. In fact, it happens on the German Autobahn, at speeds of up to 93 miles-per-hour, in the cold and dreary winter. These factors are obviously range killers for EVs, but the driver of this Ford Mustang Mach-E manages to achieve some impressive results, regardless.

In fact, he drives a total of 920 kilometers (573 miles) in 10.5 hours. He stopped four times to charge along the way, for a total of two additional hours. It’s worth noting that Germany’s EV charging infrastructure is excellent as well, which makes road trips like this far easier, as there are a large number of chargers along this route, so owners can stop and charge pretty much whenever they wish.

Of course, it’s possible that an efficient ICE-powered vehicle, or one with a large tank, could have made this trip without stopping to refuel. But in reality, most road trippers stop every couple of hours to take food or bathroom breaks anyway, so charging while we do those things so isn’t the biggest inconvenience. Plus, the cost of electricity is cheaper than the gas equivalent, so they’ll save a few bucks in the process as well.

That won’t be enough to satisfy the many EV detractors out there, but for anyone considering buying an electric vehicle, this video is proof that they won’t be giving up too much, other than a little time, on long trips.

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  1. Timothy Wayne Ercanbrack

    Germany- USA. Not the same country, write an article about the USA infrastructure and then Americans can make a determination, according to your propaganda article anyways.

    1. Brett Foote

      Yes, Germany is a country, just like the U.S. As noted in the article, their charging infrastructure is better than ours. And for something to be classified as propaganda, it would have to be biased or misleading. It is of no consequence to me if you or anyone else likes or hates EVs, nor if you ever plan on buying one – that’s a concern for automakers.

  2. jose Velez

    I drove in a Ford Diesel station wagon from Vienna to Milan without refueling 874 miles. I am buying the Mach E but I will not be driving long distances (40 to 50 miles a day). The car will be charged in our home with the solar panels since now we have between 200KWH to 300KWH a month excess since less people are now living in the house.

  3. Gary.

    We will need to do the infrastructure for sure but I got faith in this country to get this done.However, the wheels of government does turn slow.😕

  4. Justin L.

    I’ve driven to see family multiple times 450mi away in about 6.25hrs…so for another 100mi it took them 10.5hrs… thanks not yet.

  5. Ld

    Nice in theory but doesn’t scale. How long does it take to charge vs refill your gas tank. How many charging stations will it take to accommodate EVs at the scale of gas vehicles. Charging times have to be much faster before I’ll take the plunge.

  6. Matt R.

    Wow! So much negative responses. Look, EVs are not yet for everyone. That’s fine. But year by year, they serve more and more drivers needs.

    Yet the “here’s a use case they don’t serve yet so the whole idea is stupid” posts show a shocking lack of vision and understanding.

    Right tool for the job. We’re a mixed drivetrain household. I work on cars for fun. The “car garden” starts with a 65 Mustang ragtop, then a 72 CJ-5 V8, a 74 FIAT 124 Spider, a couple MINIs, two plug-in hybrids and we’re about to add a Mustang Mach-E. (Some of the other cars will leave the garden soon! I promise… At least that’s what I tell my wife!)

    Drives to Tahoe will now be in electric car range, though drives to Seattle will still be in hybrids.

    And when we drive electric, the cost per mile to drive will much less than the gas equivalent trip.

    The future is coming. It’s electric.

  7. 2.7EcoBoost

    I can see “charge” rage crimes happening daily in America at these charging stations. These things need a minimum 500 mile single charge for vacationers and summer travel. I am not against the concept. I’d buy one. There’s just a lot of things that need done before every car sold is an EV. Just ask Texas.

  8. J lefcowitz

    If there was an ice vehicle that had to stop 4 times for gas for every 573 miles no one would buy it! Less than 150 miles range? Why are we going backwards? I’ll tell you to satisfy ignorant racist climate liberals. Get a life and stop worrying about what other people think and do!

  9. Mick1

    Gives new meaning to Rest Stop, now for your EV, not for human needs.

  10. Matt R

    Hmmm. I didn’t mention politics or climate. I pay between 4 cents and 7 cents a mile to drive electric. I have no oil changes. I have no real service to speak of, other than tires. Brake pads last forever due to regenerative braking.

    I’m only appealing to bottom line cost of ownership. That’s party or ideology independent.

  11. Matt R.

    Ask the Texans with the hybrid F-150 with 7.5kW of generating capacity. They ran their houses while others froze.

    A Nio sedan has over 500 miles of range.

    Look, no one vehicle meets the needs of everyone. The number of people electrics or hybrids serve is ever increasing. ICE efficiency is improving, just not as fast as BEVs, HEVs and PHEVs. Crossover to being a viable solution will happen at different times.

    I’m a gear head through and through. I track some of my cars, work on pretty much all of them.

    My wife’s a nurse with a short commute. After her experience with a Fiat 500e she’ll never get a pure ICE vehicle again. With her Crosstrek hybrid she fills it’s gas tank about once a month, if that. She averages about 80+mpge. And she’s not range limited.

    The Mach-E I’m getting is rated at 270 miles of range. People have reported more than 300. It’s “usable rage” is much more that the 100 miles of the 500e. And it’s got a 9-60 of under five seconds!

    That’s what the first Audi R8 I drove did, as well as the Bentley Continental GT speed I drove as well.

    Electric has full torque at 0 RPM. Drag racers dream.

  12. Stanley P Talbert

    Wouldn’t it be nice to stop more often meet people, relax some, and enjoy an adventure out? Of course if you’re making a living on the road being in a hurry might make sense. It was less than 100 years ago when a highway across America was only a dream. And now we can’t “waste” 30 minutes to recharge.


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