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2022 Ford Maverick Prototype Spotted With All-Wheel-Drive, Independent Rear Suspension

We’ve seen a number of 2022 Ford Maverick prototypes in recent months, each one giving us another clue as to what we can expect from The Blue Oval’s forthcoming compact pickup. One thing we have seen a lot of in regards to the Maverick is its suspension setup, which, as we reported last year, confirmed that the pickup will utilize a base front-wheel-drive configuration with all-wheel-drive available as an option. But now, we have photos to share of an all-wheel-drive 2022 Ford Maverick prototype with an independent rear suspension.

The previous Maverick prototype utilized a simple coil-sprung twist-beam rear suspension configuration that’s commonly seen in low-cost, front-wheel-drive vehicles. However, this setup would not be compatible with powered rear axles because of the location of the rear spring. Thus, an all-wheel-drive Maverick would have to use an entirely different rear subframe.

That’s precisely what we’re seeing with this new 2022 Ford Maverick prototype, which is equipped with a different rear subframe made up of a more complex, independent rear suspension design, giving us our first look at the all-wheel-drive variant of Ford’s future entry-level pickup.

This new suspension design appears to be an adaptation of the rear multi-link setup present on the Ford Bronco Sport and is a major departure from every Maverick prototype we’ve seen thus far. Additionally, the IRS’s control arms are covered by skid plates, which give them an added layer of protection from obstacles.

This prototype seems to provide proof of what we’ve already known all along – that the 2022 Ford Maverick will be a front-wheel-drive vehicle at its core, yet one also available with an all-wheel-drive system that provides not only improved traction but also better ride quality and handling, thanks to its independent rear.

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    That prototype reminds me of the Ford Flex. Wonder how big this thing will be.

    1. John

      No need to wonder, this has been established. Its smaller than the Ranger midsize truck. Its just a bit longer than a compact crossover (Escape) to accommodate the bed space, but otherwise similar in width and height.

      The canopy on this prototype has been outed as a valiant attempt at distraction. The vehicle will be upright and boxy, much like the Flex was, but the similarity ends there.
      This is much smaller, whereas the Flex was a decent replacement for a full size station wagon of old. There is no way this is large enough to offer a third row, and if it did, it would be more for places like China and Taiwan than for the US. Tiny 3 row vehicles are popular there. Here, not so much, and I seriously doubt we’d see so many mules for what essentially would be a slightly stretched Escape.

    2. Lee Anderson

      IIRC somebody did a side-by-side measurement compared to the Bronco Sport, whose dimensions are already known, and figured out it was no more than 200″ long with a wheelbase around 120″. For comparison, the old Ranger was 203″ long with a 126″ WB.

  2. Mark L Bedel

    Maybe if the naming was changed to “Shooting Brake” instead of “Station Wagon”, they’d be considered a bit more cooler? Ahh, maybe not…

  3. Marcello

    It is very interesting that Ford opts for 2 different types of suspension, with other competitors, such as Fiat Toro, Renault Duster Oroch and possibly Hyundai Santa Cruz, opting only for independent suspension in all versions, regardless of the type of engine or traction.


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