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2022 Ford Maverick To Start At Under $20K: Exclusive

Just a few weeks ago, we reported that the upcoming 2022 Ford Maverick pickup will be offered a rugged trim level, likely called Timberline. Remember that you read that here first at Ford Authority. Now, we’re back to shed light on another important detail about the future unibody pickup: the Ford Maverick will start at just under $20,000 when it goes on sale later this year, Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with The Blue Oval’s product plans.

That price, which does not include the destination charge, would logically place the car-based pickup as the most affordable Ford pickup, slotting below the Ford Ranger.

2022 Ford Truck Starting Prices
Model: 2022 Ford Maverick 2021 Ford Ranger 2021 Ford F-150 2021 F-250
Base MSRP (USD)* Sub-20,000 $24,885 $24,820 $28,940 $34,230
  • Without destination

Although the exact starting price for the 2022 Ford Maverick is still in the air, sources tell us that it is likely to hew very closely to the $20,000 mark. That figure would make it roughly $4,000 cheaper than the least expensive 2021 Ford Ranger, which is about the same amount that separates the mid-size truck from its full-size counterpart, the 2021 Ford F-150.

That sub $20,000 figure is even more significant given the fact that the Maverick is slated to be offered only as a four-door model, without the Regular Cab or SuperCab configurations. An equivalent Ford Ranger costs $27,220 before destination, meaning any truck shopper in the market for a four-door pickup will have a substantially less expensive option to pick from.

Ford Maverick Pickup

The 2022 Ford Maverick will feature (front) two-wheel drive in its most basic configuration. As Ford Authority recently reported, those models will be equipped with a lower cost, twist-beam rear suspension.

Meanwhile, all-wheel drives models are expected to boast a more sophisticated independent setup that’s similar to the configuration uses that Ford uses on the 2020 and newer Ford Escape and 2021 Ford Bronco Sport, which are both close relatives to the Maverick.

Based on the Ford C2 platform, those models use the Ford 1.5L EcoBoost I-3 for their entry level models while offering the Ford 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 as an optional upgrade. Both of the gasoline engines are mated to Ford’s new eight-speed automatic transmission. To keep costs down, The Blue Oval might stuff a naturally aspirated four-cylinder under the hood of the base model Maverick.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Russ P

    Hopefully Ford will consider a standard or extended cab version with a longer bed than what comes on these four door models.

  2. Vernon Brigham

    I wish someone would remake an old Toyota. Body on frame, 4 cylinder, manual trans, solid axels, leaf springs and locking hubs. Roll your own windows and rubber mats. Toss in A/C and bluetooth so it’s not primitive. Something that can do light work and heavy off road with low gears and lockers. Not a newfangled, over complicated, electronic failure waiting to happen. Simple, strong, light and cheap.

    1. Lee Anderson

      Right, because that’s a sure seller in today’s market.

    2. bruce r boyd

      The truck you’re describing is the workhorse of the middle east. Still in production. Still incredibly popular.

      It would never meet our current safety or emissions standards.

      Mahindra had planned to import something similar a few years ago. For various reasons it fell apart.

      Closest you’ll find here is a Tacoma SR access cab.

    3. royl

      I believe they(the toyota described by brigham) would sell in a big way-if priced at the $20,000 mark, one could expect it to last for 20+ years. These ford “trucks”, are touted as “value leaders”, What???? These mexican made 3cylinder (snow mobile engines), or “up grade” to the 4 banger ecoboom, will not only NOT be a value, but rather another rolling class action lawsuit generating- piece of junk.

  3. Bobby

    The escape can tow 3,500lbs, the bronco sport 2,200lbs, the transit connect 2,000lbs. Where do you think the Maverick will fall?

  4. GeorgeS

    Once this hit the dealers, don’t believe they have base models. I’m sure once it is all deck out with options, dealer added fluff plus BS fees, it’ll hit over $35k. No money made at $22K.

  5. Tommy Frizzell

    Must have a two door regular cab! Been waiting on a small truck that can be driven and sported out if wanted. Can I order a two door from Australia?

  6. Tommy Frizzell

    Must have a two door regular cab! Been waiting on a small truck two door!

  7. David Oneill

    This must be a joke really ford guys you have a federal lawsuit going with your 10 speeds and this is so funny only posted on a ford website #TRX# #RAMTRUCKS#

  8. Mc Bill

    Regular cabs just don’t sell to the masses. Full size still have regular cabs for fleet sales.

    Can’t see the Maverick, with it’s limited towing/hauling numbers, will appeal to fleet buyers.

    Hopefully, the Maverick will be available with a simple 4 cylinder n/a engine.

    1. Pete

      This would do well for fleets that carry things like gas cans and small equipment (which you don’t want stored inside the vehicle) but don’t tow trailers. Pest control, yardcare etc. Not every fleet truck is hauling around a mini excavator.

  9. John H

    Farley recently said that he wants a very affordable vehicle in Fords portfolio, the Maverick should be the answer. I personally would like a two door variant of this to satisfy my needs, I think this has so much potential to be a hit for Ford, please make it in multiple body styles.

  10. Rick Drackert

    And what is with that rear suspension that they showed in those pictures I mean you have to have some crazy deal to lift that they always make it complicated I don’t see the rear end on the escape looking like thatthe front and the sides this thing does not look bad but one angle from the rear it it looks out of proportion I was kind of interested in that instead of a new ranger I still have my 2010 that it’s got 160,000 on it it runs fantastic it’s never been in the shop I use it for work and I kind of wanted another small truck for personal use but I don’t know it’s kind of a weird looking rear clip on that and that one the renderings are usually pretty close I’m from pictures that they’ve shown in the past like the one that was laying as scrap I guess

  11. Jack Schutte

    I think this will be the first new truck I have ever bought, when it comes out. I have always been a lux-sedan guy, I’m planning a move to an area where a small truck will be a lot more useful. If they keep the price low enough, four-doors will be fine. If it has some simple options without jacking price up over 25k, this truck will sell all day long. I’d love to have a brand new F-150, but they start at almost 29k and can easily go for double, once optioned up. Even the new Ranger starts at almost 25k. No thank you.

  12. John

    Exactly as people have stated above, no dealer will carry the stock version. Just like you can’t find a stick ranger, 150, 250, etc. It’s all the upgraded versions that cost $$$$.

    Dealers will carry their upgraded version, probably starting at $30k. You’ll never see a sub/near $20k price for any of these trucks.

  13. Betty E Stefani Jones

    Just about ready to start looking for something other than a Maverick. What is going on with production. We can’t even put an order in!!


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