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2023 Ford Focus Refresh Spied For The First Time In Europe


Though the Ford Focus is a thing of the past in North America, it’s alive and doing quite well on the other side of the world. However, the fourth-generation Focus has been around since 2018, which means that it’s time for a refresh. And now, we’ve spotted a 2023 Ford Focus prototype testing near Ford’s technical center in Europe showing off its forthcoming updates.

This particular 2023 Ford Focus is a five-door hatchback model, and clearly sports a new front and rear design. The headlights on the prototype are much flatter than those on the current model, and they also reveal a new daylight graphic.

Overall, the front end of the Focus prototype seems to have received more updates than the rear, as it also sports a new hood, front bumper, and grille design, which we can clearly see despite Ford’s attempts to camouflage it all. Out back, the only real change that’s obvious is a new light graphic.

None of these changes represent anything dramatic, but they do give the 2023 Ford Focus a sleeker, more modern appearance. Given how well the Focus sells in Europe today, that’s likely all it needs to stay competitive for now.

The Focus is a fixture atop the UK’s sales charts, as is the case across much of the rest of Europe as well. Unfortunately, stiffening emissions standards forced Ford to discontinue the seriously-fast Focus RS some time ago, though the Focus ST hot hatch is still alive and well.

However, it’s currently unclear how long the ST might last as well. Last spring, the manager of Ford Performance Europe, Stefan Muenzinger, indicated that ever-increasing European emissions regulations might force automakers to kill off gas-powered hot hatches for good.

Regardless, the Focus itself isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as these photos prove. And with any luck, the ST will be back for another go when the refreshed 2023 Ford Focus arrives as well.

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  1. Paul

    Looks like a Mazda now.

  2. Mark L Bedel

    Love my 2016 ST and plan to hang onto it as long as I can. Love the rear end treatment. Still think the last iteration of the ST wears its front styling better.

    Hopefully, the SUV craze will die away sooner than later, or that Ford will see that even though the margins are smaller, and sales numbers aren’t as high, there are those of us who do value and appreciate economy, utility, handling, braking, and efficiency over the elephantine qualities of what’s currently the rage.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      That’s a pretty interesting take on the market. Where in the US do you live?
      In some circumstances, I’d rather take out my first gen Escape than my 06 Crown Vic or my 15 Fusion. But in my state, we regularly get snow dumped on us during the winter months, there are pretty regular opportunities for me to go off-road, we have lots of gravel roads, gas is pretty cheap, and most SUV’s I drive tend to drive the same as cars, albeit with better ground clearance.
      I feel like you’ve never needed an SUV and therefore see them as inferior due to your own biases. Hell, your perspective here seems to indicate an irrational dislike of SUV’s rather poorly disguised as an attempt at an objective perspective.
      Of course, this is the internet, so you might just as likely fudge the truth to conveniently displace a cordial suggestion, but it is what it is.

  3. fpvfan

    Mazda 3 with ford badges. My question is, what is the point of all of this if everything is going to electric in the next couple of years? If electric is what the Auto industry is so focused on, especially Ford, why go through great lengths to upgrade the Raptor or anything else at this point. If electrification is so important, Ford should be turning it’s focus to getting it’s name deep into the forefront of infrastructure change such as designing urban charging stations for supermarket/mall parking lots, focusing research on replacements for Lithium-Ion batteries so that we don’t have radioactive landfills when these current ones start to fail having Solid State batteries w/ Ultra capacitors replace Li-Ion batteries. How about seriously looking into fast charging stations so people can pull up to a station like a gas pump and “fill up.” Ford should be devoting a department for electric Dual-Clutch and multi-speed transmissions for electric vehicles. Ford should also be developing an in-house system for EV sound.
    Ford also needs to be revamping the Ford Performance catalog for upcoming Electric Performance vehicles. lightweight 3D printed high performance parts, exhaust sound systems, carbon-composite wheels, etc. If we’re supposed to be fast-tracking to electric this is what Ford needs to be focused on.

    1. Alex Luft

      Looks like a Focus to me. If you see Mazda, you might want to get an eye exam 😉

      About EVs: they are the future… but they’re not here yet, and Ford is behind the curve when it comes to their planning and development. Make no mistake about it: ICE vehicles will pay for the migration to EV, until the balance flips and EVs pay for themselves.

      All the other EV-related items you mention (sound, charing, etc.) will all be resolved over the next decade or so.

      1. Stalkbroker94

        I agree. We tend to get pretty obsessed with what we are used to. Even modern inventions such as the ICE were once scoffed at as being inferior before they were adopted and now seen as ubiquitous.


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