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Cop Rips Snow Donuts In Ford Police Interceptor Utility: Video

While much of the world takes extra precautions, installing snow tires and driving carefully when snow begins to fall each year, some of us just can’t resist the urge to take advantage of the newly slippery road conditions. But it isn’t just us hooligans that like to partake in a little winter fun, apparently, as this video of a cop ripping off snow donuts in a Ford Police Interceptor Utility proves.

We certainly can’t blame this officer for wanting to have a little fun in the snow, because we’d be doing exactly the same thing. Plus, the Ford Police Interceptor Utility makes for a pretty solid drift machine thanks to the prodigious amounts of power its engine lineup produces, particularly when equipped with Ford’s 3.0L EcoBoost V6.

What’s especially funny about this little donut session is the fact that the officer’s cohort is standing nearby at his own vehicle and watching the action as it unfolds. The driver even has his lights on, because that only adds to the show, giving it a little more pizazz for both his fellow officer and the people watching and filming from their apartment window.

Those folks certainly get a good chuckle from these shenanigans, and so did we. After all, the job of a police officer isn’t exactly glamorous or, most of the time, very much fun. So every now and then, we say, why not cut loose and enjoy yourself? So long as no one gets hurt and the driver doesn’t damage his vehicle, it’s all just good clean fun, after all. And let’s just admit it – we’ve all done this at least once in our lives, and likely more than a few times.

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  1. The Gentle Grizzly

    That same cop would bust a mere “civilian” for doing the same thing.

  2. John

    Very true only difference no’s he getting payed by us abusing state equipment nothing will come of it do as I say not as I do .also if you did it you would be ticketed and sircharged on insurance for 4years Reckless driving

  3. White

    Except if we got caught we would get a reckless driving charge…

  4. cory taylor

    Great,We pay for those tires and brakes.If I did that I would have a mountain of tickets from a police officer. Would this police officer do this with their own car please.Not cool,not funny,act accordingly.

  5. Erock

    Nothing wrong with it. Doing donuts in the snow tests your driving skills. And provides practice for in Icey conditions.

    1. Jeremy Moore

      They have places to do this, on closed courses. This is simply a case of a child that needs a different job

  6. The Stig

    Excuse the snide comments from the butt-hurt girly men above. They hate being held accountable for their actions so they project unto others. :0/

  7. Dave B

    Nothing wrong with it as long as he does not get in trouble with his superiors and does not ticket civilians for doing the same thing. Besides as someone else said it helps hone your driving skills. As a matter of fact all professional drivers should be required to go out ( on a course or track ) and do this for training. Bet you would see a lot less Commercial and government vehicle accidents in bad weather.

  8. Jeremy Moore

    Obviously they don’t care about being professional. They’re cops, the bottom of the barrel.

    1. Patrick

      Grow up people. Put your big boy undies on. We’ve all done it. And I know plenty of cops that will let this unfold. Just because there are a few cops out there that are arrogant, doesn’t mean they all are. I’ve met some members of the police that are some of the nicest people I’ve met.

      1. Jeremy Moore

        I’ve never done it with a vehicle paid for by taxpayers, while being paid by taxpayers.
        As for cops being largely good, mostly all of them will deflect and perpetually make excuses for all the terrible things cops do.

  9. Mike Hunt

    For the record, those “donuts” were dogshite. My nannas outback hoons harder in the snow with bald all season tires than that pigwagon suv.
    ACAB!!! EFF 12!!!
    Try this stunt in a company fleet vehicle and get a video posted online. Your everyday working stiff would get shitcanned faster than you can say “worldstar”


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