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Ford EcoSport Among Least Liked Vehicles In Consumer Reports Survey

Ford Motor Company has introduced a number of desirable vehicles recently, such as the 2021 Ford F-150, 2021 Mustang Mach-E, and 2021 Ford Bronco Sport. These all-new models have earned tons of positive buzz and are already winning over car buyers. Unfortunately, not all the vehicles in the Ford lineup have been similarly received, as some owners of the Ford EcoSport are reportedly a bit unhappy with the subcompact crossover. That much is according to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, which states that most EcoSport owners would not purchase the vehicle again.

Ford Ecosport.

These latest findings are a part of the latest Annual Auto Survey that Consumer Reports sends out to its members. The publication asks owners if they would purchase the same vehicle again if given the chance, and separately questions them about specific things they like about their car. The publication specifically asks owners of one to three year old vehicles about comfort, driving dynamics, and how easy it is to use a vehicle’s in-car electronics.

Ford Ecosport.

The Ford EcoSport fared poorly in each of those categories. CR members expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the vehicle’s comfort levels, both in terms of on-road behavior and interior accommodations, as well as the way in which the crossover drives. Owners also soured on the EcoSport’s styling, giving it low marks for its interior aesthetic and exterior appearance.

Out of all the vehicles included in the survey, the Ford EcoSport ranked second-to-last overall. The Toyota C-HR, a competitor to the EcoSport, was the only vehicle to perform worse than the Ford. Meanwhile, two other FoMoCo products – the Lincoln Corsair and Aviator – performed really well in the same survey.

The Ford EcoSport was introduced in America in 2018 as a refreshed version of a model that originally debuted in 2012 for various global markets. It is built on the Ford B3 platform and imported from India, where it’s built at the Ford Chennai Assembly plant. While some owners may regret purchasing their EcoSport, shoppers can most likely score a pretty good deal on the crossover, as Ford routinely offers them with over $5,000 in incentives on the vehicle.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Walt Kelley

    I want a transit courier, where can I buy one

  2. 2.7EcoBoost

    Wife test drove one about 2 years ago. It was well equipped everywhere except the engine. The thing was painfully slow. It felt like it had a 21hp Briggs & Stratton. Ford should have been embarrassed to put something so sluggish in the portfolio. Not as tho Ford doesn’t have better engines to use. It’s almost like somebody said “everything in the segment is under powered, so lets join them”.


    FORD, Here’s the trick—– Buy a KIA, make it a little better, just follow the leader !!! My family had a AMC/Jeep dealership I refused to sell the ALLIANCE, and the PACER ! The company understood—

  4. David Sullivan

    I boi my 202/ ford ecosport in September and couldn’t be more happier with it I had a 2017 chevy cruze rs. Which I hated driving in winter in upstate NY . I put a set of snow tires on it and it’s like a tank. Also fun to drive in good weather. Love the Ford app for starting the car as well. You will always have bad reviews on any vehicle but for a person who is 58 and owed a lot of cars and trucks this SUV works great for me đź‘Ť

  5. Keith

    Another overpriced Ford piece of junk engineered to the lowest common denominator.
    I’m amazed anyone has bought them

    1. Nate

      How are they overpriced? We bought a brand new 20 SE AWD with butt warmers sunroof and AWD for $18,000. That’s cheap dude.

  6. Mark L Bedel

    My local Ford Dealer periodically attempts to convince me that I should trade my 2016 Focus ST 2 on one of these. My first reaction was to wonder if he had been out drinking too much the night before, or doesn’t have anything in his current model lineup to match what I currently drive other than by trying to match a replacement by size, or he’s desperate for a nice, fun used vehicle that he can sell quickly and make a nice margin on.

    I know I’m in the minority in this now Jurassic vehicle sized moment, but hopefully the extinction happens sooner than later. The Toyota Corolla GR is looking very attractive once it comes to dealerships next year…mmmm. Oh, and I’m 63 years old…doesn’t mean I’m almost dead yet…at least I don’t think so.

    1. Keith

      After 35 years of Ford’s, I bought a new Corolla.
      ZERO quality issues after 4 years.
      Trust me, you’ll love it. And never go back

      1. Peggy Hightower

        I just bought the 2020 Ecosport SE AWD 2.0. True its not the fastest. But where can you get sunroof, awd, heated seats, fog lights which I love, the Ford Pass app to crank the car, so I don’t have to go out in the cold. I can even tell where my car is if I let someone drive it. For $19,000 I’m happy.

        1. CHRIS GATTI

          that makes two of us..wife and i enjoy our 2020 echo-sport too.let the haters hate i got no complaints…happy happy happy.

    2. Joe W Jackson

      The Carolla is a great car. I can’t knock it. But the Ecosport sits higher, is easier to put stuff in, and drives nice. The high seating position is awesome. And as long as you get the 2.0 awd, reliability won’t be an issue. Test drive a 2.0 awd before you commit. I recommend the SE or Titanium. The SES has stiffer suspension.

      1. FRED MOLLER

        I agree, not only the ground clearance which is a plus for me as my current ’17 Hyundai Tucson AWD gets hung-up in 6″of snow, and though the gas mileage isn’t the best, it still beats my Tucson according to the Canada fuel consumption rating tool. Other than the lack of a spare tire, the Eco Sport Titanium AWD is still in the running for my next car.

  7. Linda Morton Robinson

    Have a 2018 and I love it. It is a small car, no doubt, but I am 74 and find it quite comfortable. Recently drove to VA Easy to handle and park. Love the technology which I never thought I would need.

  8. Joe W Jackson

    I love my Ecosport. I have the 2.0 awd SE. It drives nice, it’s really easy to get in and out of. 0 to 60 in 9.5 seconds may be slow by today’s standards, but it’s not bad. The reliability rating is extremely high. If you get the 2.0 awd, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. Nate

    The author’s not taking into consideration of owners thoughts verses test drivers thoughts. If I needed a hammer, I wouldn’t buy a drill. If I needed a sports car, heavy duty hauler, pick-up truck, family truckster, we wouldn’t have an ecosport. However, it has a great seating position, so someone with severe back issues can be comfortable entering and exiting the car. In town, it’s a great runaround. The dog fits in the back seat, two adults fit in front no problem. Four adults fit for short trips. It uses a bullet proof conventional transmission. The 2.0 na engine is very simple and reliable…… And our 2020 SE AWD was $18,000 brand new.. That’s extremely cheap. It can tow up to 3500lbs, it’s AWD system gets it through anything, and the anemic 2.0 with the wrong gearing can still get around in traffic, you just gotta give it a kick in the butt and floor it. The fuel mileage of the AWD ones sucks anyways, but the cheap price of entry buys a lot of fuel. You’re working with 120hp, figure it out lol. Feel free to email me Edward Snitkoff, I’d love to chat.

  10. Joe W Jackson

    The Carolla is a great car. I can’t knock it. But the Ecosport sits higher, is easier to put stuff in, and drives nice. The high seating position is awesome. And as long as you get the 2.0 awd, reliability won’t be an issue. Test drive a 2.0 awd before you commit. I recommend the SE or Titanium. The SES has stiffer suspension.

  11. Janice Collinwood

    I also have a 2018 Ecosport and I am also 74 yrs old. I love my little car. The gas economy is great. I haven’t had any issues with acceleration. It has a lot of great safety features that are good for senior citizens to be safer drivers.

  12. Tadeusz Langner

    I have a 2018 Titanium model. It has alot of great upgrades. I wish the fuel economy was better. A 1.5 motor would do the trick.

  13. David Dixon

    Well, I had an Ecosport as a loaner when my F150 was at dealer for some repairs.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how nice I thought it was! I thought it comfortable and well made with fit and finish etc. The 3 cyl turbo had plenty of zip and it works in a market place for which its aimed. It’s not that expensive, it had plenty of amenities and I enjoyed it for a few days completing over 300 miles. If I was in that type of vehicle bracket I would definitely consider buying one….but I’m a Ford diehard.
    As a reference I drive a 2018 F150 Platinum so the Ecosport is at the opposite end of the market. It’s gets a solid thumbs up from me.

  14. Matthew castillo

    What a bulkshit article!
    Bought a 2019 ecosport titanium with 11k miles. It’s been perfect. Handles great in all weather (I live in NE Ohio). It’s a small SUV, which for me (5’10”) makes everything in a comfortable reach. I drove the Escape and edge, steering was too tight and jerky, stopping was way to touchie. And why do I need a turbo? There’s just not enough parts for the ecosport.

  15. Ann Forbes-Watkins

    I recently bought a Ford Eco Sport it is my first SUV or Cross over vehicle. I went from driving a hyndai accent. I Personal like it I will agree that there is lack of leg room in the back seat area but overall I very satisfied with the Ford ECo Sport

    1. Nate

      Is there any vehicle of this size with rear seat room? I feel that’s something to decide about pre purchase. There’s more room in the ecosport back seat then the trax.

  16. Ann Forbes-Watkins

    I recently bought a Ford Eco Sport it was the first time I bought a SUV or Crossover I happen to love it. I have driven small cars since I could drive so this was a change for me I love it. I do agree that there is a lack of space in the back seat area. But other than that I really love the Ford Eco Sport

  17. Ambiance

    I own 2019 Ecosport 3 cyl 1 L FWD base model. I was skeptical at the time of buying due to all the negative reviews floating around the net. Bought it anyway as it was the only one that fit the budget, ground clearance and mpg I was looking for.
    Today, I am thankful for that decision. Today 15K miles driven, zero maintenance, 32 mpg minimum everywhere and 51 mpg Hwy, comfortably driving thru hills and deep snow even on sheets of ice without problem.
    Agreed that it is not for someone used to a muscle car or wanting fast pickups and passing everyone.It drives between 50-70 miles like a charm and is now my fav car from all that I bought ever.

  18. Laurel Gleim Schuett

    Love my 2018 Ecosport, it drives well and very comfortable to ride. It’s not a family car but great for a single person.

  19. Abraham Rosado

    2020 ford ecosport s 4wd 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder
    Little kick to it, but not made for back seat passengers…lol
    Barn door is a hassle.

    Next vehicle will go to Hyundai

  20. Matheus

    Ecosport is an outdated product. When it was launched in the early 2003 in Brazil it was a success. The 2nd generation of 2012, had good acceptance, but was lost along the way. Competitors studied it and created better alternatives … That is why the brand is deteriorating in Brazil.

  21. Mark Rutter

    I bought a 2019 Eccosport 4wd se like everthing about . It goes great in the snow but the gas mileage sucks and no spare tire wtf

    1. cynthia l niles

      We have road side assistant on our 2020 Ecosport .

  22. Cat

    I love my ford ecosport…I have severe back problems and it affects my legs and the ford ecosport has enough room where I can drive comfortably….I’m very happy with my 2020 ecosport

  23. Marcello

    One of Ford’s mistakes was to insist on making the model compete with younger, bigger, safe and technological competitors.
    In some markets, he left the leadership of the category to be one of the supporting players in the SUV segment, such as Brazil and India, which were the main markets for which the model was originally developed in this 2nd generation.

  24. cynthia l niles Pelcher

    My husband and I bought a brand new 2020 ecosport and we love it yes you have to break them in they will be sluggish but after 5,000 miles it should run great we love it we got a 2020 ecosport titanium we love it

  25. Ms Toni

    I’m female, aged in my late 50’s, live in the UK and totally love my EcoSport! It has a 1 litre engine that runs on 3 cylinders and has a gorgeous throaty growl to it. Its comfortable, gives a clear view of the road, feels very safe and sturdy and is hugely economical. I do a lot of mixed urban/rural driving in the area I live in.
    I loved the way the boot opens, which reminds me of the old LandRover Discovery
    I used to drive a Juke and nobody like that when it first came out.
    I love a quirky looking car and the EcoSport more than suits my needs.
    I’ve previously driven the Focus when it was first launched but the newer model is too big, too boy racer-ish , too masculine looking and too low down for my liking. I think the EcoSport has an earthy feel to it. Its like a little sibling of the Kuga and it was love at first sight for me. Its neither too masculine, nor too feminine looking, but gives off a “not to be messed with” kind of vibe.
    It comes in at a really reasonable price and has lots of little luxurious extras that you don’t expect, such as heated leather seats, heated front windscreen etc
    All I can say is Bravo Ford, another winner in my humble opinion.

    1. Kevin

      Don’t buy ecosport. Regret buying it. Fuel economy is not good 2.0 and get less than v6 in city. No replacement parts available. Car in dealer for 2months has 6k miles.


    i agree 100% i got an ses and iam happy with it didnt buy it to do the quarter mile in 8 seconds ..lots of features for the price were else you gonna get a loaded up 4wd for under 25g?Oh by the way to the toyota lover your company is about to recall 1.9 million for fire hazards so so much for your no recall crap…i luv my 2020 echosport ses its a good buy for the value.

  27. JohnIL

    I actually like mine but I purchased the 2.0 Duratec engine model over the little turbo engine. I can imagine many disappointed have the tiny turbo engine. The short wheelbase is going to struggle with bad roads. I found it to be acceptable for what it is but no doubt ride does suffer a bit. I don’t mind the swing out tail gate. We used to have a older RAV 4 that had a similar swing out gate. My only slight disappointment is in the mpg’s but we still average 29 on regular 87 octane. We have a fairly new RAV4 that gets 31mpg with it’s 2.5 liter and is also AWD. But it does have a 8 speed trans vs the EcoSport’s 6 speed. I’m thinking many set the bar too high for such a compact SUV. I am sure they liked the price and now wished they had spent more? I am fine with what it offers at this price point and I managed to get a sizable end of year discount as well. Time will tell how it sizes up in the years to come.

  28. Randall tefft Sundeen

    I work for a major car rental firm and I show this vehicle to customers daily! They get a real kick out of the UNIQUE rear hatch , it’s hidden button and side opening feature just like the old country squire. Other than that it looks like a BUMPER CAR!

  29. Michael

    Here is the issue with everyone commenting. They owed their EcoSport for only a year at best and Maybe put 20,000 miles on it at most. Our 2018 seemed like a ok vehicle for a back and forth to work vehicle. I was so wrong. Lets get started. Misses and sputters in cold weather. Radio reset to am almost every time you shut it off. No way it makes 166hp, more like 66hp. Poor gas milage. Poor handling. Says you can tow 2000 pounds, that must be when the EcoSport is being towed by another vehicle. At 32,000 miles intermediate transmission axle bearing burnt up and passenger side hub assembly did to. 55,000 miles exhaust failed, rotted hole. Ford did screwed you even more, the flex pipe that rotted out” yes i said flex pipe Ford installs on new vehicle,” is part of the converter assembly. You can not just replace$25.00 piece of flex pipe because its hard fixed to the assembly. Cost to fix was $571.00. Need to buy converters and everything because its one unit. At 68,000 miles the intermediate transmission shaft bearing failed again along with right and left side hub assemblies. Tires and brakes both needed replaced at 55,000 miles but our EcoSport is express way driven 90% of the time. Im 47 and only owned fords since i learned to drive. Ill never buy another after a string of junk they have produced. 2012 Focus, transmission, 2014 escape, transmission, 2018 EcoSport, entire thing junk. Next car is going to be a Honda.

  30. EcoSport owner

    So many lower end models are underpowered. They simply have terrible power trains for what they are powering in curb weight. It’s all about meeting EPA and corporate fuel averages. Ford sells way more trucks so it needs to make up that corporate fuel economy somewhere. EcoSport is a old model, been around for years and just came to US last few years. Nothing about the model is top end technology. It’s why Ford is finally killing it off. Look at used car market and you will see a lot of low mileage Ecosport’s owners get tired of them quickly. Can’t help resale value, that’s for sure.


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