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Ford Fiesta Vignale Is The Ultimate In Budget Car Luxury

Earlier this month, we dove into the world of Ford Vignale models and what makes them so special. Currently sold in Europe, Ford offers Vignale versions of the Ford EdgeFord Fiesta, Mondeo, Kuga, S-Max, and Focus, all of which slot above almost every other trim level available for those vehicles, including ST, Platinum, and other higher-end trims. That makes the Ford Fiesta Vignale a rather enticing budget luxury vehicle.

The almost-range-topping model sits above both the ST-Line and Active models, but below the full ST model in the Fiesta lineup. On the outside, it features unique body styling, 17-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels, a unique Vignale front-end with fog lamps and cornering lights, an exclusive Vignale front grille, satin aluminum accents, and Vignale badges.

Since it’s still a budget car at heart, the Fiesta Vignale’s interior is not quite as lavish as Ford’s more expensive models, but still features quilted leather seats with hexagonal trim and contrast stitching, heated front seats, a leather-trimmed heated steering wheel, metal accents, Vignale sill plates, and Vignale floor mats.

The Ford Fiesta Vignale comes equipped with a full suite of advanced safety features including Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Active Park Assist, and Blind Spot Monitoring System (BLIS). The Vignale trim also includes the Comfort Options Pack as standard equipment.

The standard Fiesta starts at £16,640 ($22,850 USD), while the Vignale costs a bit more – starting out at around £24,000 ($32,957) – depending on the powertrain selected.

The Vignale adorns the Fiesta with a host of unique features that make it an attractive, well-equipped, and comfortable version of Ford’s long-running compact vehicle that provides European buyers with a higher-end, yet small and efficient option for navigating congested city streets.

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  1. Chuck

    I see Ford engineers and/or execs driving around new Focus and Fiesta ST’s around M14 and I96 and in Livonia and it cheeses me off.

  2. MarylandUSA

    “The standard Fiesta starts at £16,640 ($22,850 USD), while the Vignale costs a bit more – starting out at around £24,000 ($32,957).”
    Since when is a 44 percent premium “a bit more”?

  3. Mark L Bedel

    Nice! When can I have one?

  4. Dave

    Just received my company car jugs vignale and some of the items on the brochure are now missing from the model – no hud system no park assist ? I would not purchase as not worth the extra

  5. fpvfan

    Ford is pro at taking the simple and complicating it. Ford wants to get cull it’s vehicle lineup down to a few simple things, here’s the best way to do it. Have the Mustang family, Bronco family, Maverick, and F-series. Mustang Family should have a convertible, 2-door coupe, 4-door coupe, crossover coupe, electric crossover and electric coupe. Bronco family should have the Bronco Sport, Bronco, Bronco pickup and Bronco XL (to take the place of the Expedition). F-Series pickup should include the F100 Ranger, F150 variants and F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks. Drop Lincoln and bring the Vingale lineup global. If GMC can have a Denali, then the Bronco and the F-Series can have a Vignale and a Mustang 4-door coupe or Crossover coupe with a Vignale package that would have all the equipment of a Lincoln Black Label would certainly be an awesome car to roll around in and it would compete better with the likes of Cadillac’s V-Series Black Wing, BMW M, Mercedes AMG and Audi S.
    Another thing Ford needs to do is get rid of all of the different engines it has. Most of them are unnecessary. Ford needs one four cylinder engine, the 2.3L Ecoboost and have that and the 2.3L Hybrid. That engine fits in FWD cars and RWD cars so it will fit under the hood of the Bronco Sport with no problem and with 310-350hp and 350lb-ft of torque, it would move the Bronco along alot better than the tiny engines that are powering it now. Same thing with the Maverick. Make the Regular Maverick the 310hp variant and have a Maverick Grabber sport truck with the 350hp/350tq variant w/ AWD and some upgrades from the Focus RS. Other than that, Ford only really needs the 3.0L Ecoboost/ Ecoboost Hybrid and the 3.5L Ecoboost/Powerboost family and that’s really it for gas engines. The 400hp/415tq 3.0L Ecoboost is a great entry level powertrain for the next Mustang because it’s time to drop the 2.3L out of that car for good. Based on another article about the specs of the 2021 raptor, a 480hp/542tq 3.5L Ecoboost would stomp all over the current GT/Mach. The 3.5L Powerboost Hybrid puts out a healthy 430hp and 570tq and the 3.0L Hybrid ecoboost puts out 494hp/630tq which makes it a great performance powertrain as well. At the top is the 3.5L Supercar engine which puts out 660hp/550tq in the Ford GT but can be pumped up to 700hp and that’s without a hybrid setup which would yield alot more power and still be docile enough for street driving. With those combinations of only two engine sizes there is no need for anything else other than electric vehicles and if Ford can do anything close to what GM did with the Hummer’s 1,000hp, 11,500lb-ft of torque, that puts diesel engines completely out of commission. The also means less transmission options. Have two FWD units (auto and DCT) and then the RWD units (10R80 2 & 4 wheel variants, 10R80-hybrid 2 & 4 wheel variants, Tremec DCT 2 & 4 wheel variants, electric DCT, electric HD Eaton 6-speed automatic). Have this as the global lineup and Ford would be good to go!


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