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Ford Mondeo Vignale Is The Luxurious Fusion North America Covets

Last month, we dove into the world of Ford Vignale models and what makes them so special. Currently sold in Europe, Ford offers Vignale versions of the Ford EdgeFord Fiesta, Mondeo, Kuga, S-Max, and Focus, all of which slot above almost every other trim level available for those vehicles, including ST, Platinum, and other higher-end trims. Last week, we took a closer look at the Fiesta Vignale, and now we’re highlighting the luxurious Fusion North America wishes it had – the Ford Mondeo Vignale.

The Ford Mondeo is, of course, the European version of the now-discontinued Fusion that was previously on sale in North America. The Ford Mondeo Vignale adds a host of exterior and interior upgrades and other features to the standard Mondeo and is available in either sedan or estate (wagon) configuration.

On the outside, those upgrades including Dark Tarnish 19-inch alloy wheels, Dark Tarnish exterior trim, LED adaptive headlights, unique Vignale upper and lower front grilles, rear privacy glass, and a power liftgate.

Inside, the Ford Fusion Vignale features 10-way multi-contour front seats with Ebony perforated leather, variable heating and cooling, a massage function, and a memory function for the driver’s seat. The cabin also contains a heated steering wheel, Sony DAB audio system, front door scuff plates with Vignale script, luxury velour carpeted floor mats, active noise control, and Vignale-specific trim.

In terms of drivetrains, the Fusion Vignale is available with either Ford’s 2.0L hybrid powertrain or 2.0L EcoBlue diesel. While the standard Zetec Edition Mondeo starts at £25,565 ($35,306 USD), Vignale models start out at £33,395 ($46,120 USD).

The Mondeo Vignale is a rather luxurious version of Ford’s European sedan and one that most Americans would love to have the option to purchase, even with its relatively high price tag. After all, not everyone wants to drive a crossover, SUV, or truck, nor do they want or need the distinction the Lincoln nameplate provides.

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  1. Chris

    FORD MOTOR COMPANY. Sedans BAD. SUV’S GOOD. PLUS: Let’s waste time and money on building vehicles based on electric golf cart technology. That’s what an electric car is, a glorified golf cart. Sad!

    1. A

      Don’t they have gas-powered golf carts?

  2. Njia

    Tarted up or not, that car and its interior are getting pretty dated. Not a single refresh in at least 5 years.

  3. Chris

    That’s a good point. You spend 40 grand for a Titanium Fusion. Then parked across the street is a 22K Fusion and people thinki Its the same vehicle. Not even close. It kinda cheapens the Titanium. Badge or no badge.

    1. Derrick J

      So true. I have a Platinum and I am not a showy person, however I take pride in my vehicle and would like it to stand out from the basic models. I love my Platinum and people that see it and ride in it have no idea what it is at first. Going to drive it until the wheels fall off and then I am getting an EV.

  4. Motorpsychology

    We spell “V-I-G-N-A-L-E,” “L-I-N-C-O-L-N” over on the left side of the Atlantic. Hard for me to wrap my head around a Vignale Fiesta.
    P.T. Barnum lives.

  5. Chris

    Yup. I pay more for the bells and whistles because I like them. I saw a base Fusion with wheel covers
    Yuk! I think I saw a base Explorer with wheel covers! My God! What pisses me off is, you use to be able to get ambient lighting on an SEL. You have to go Titanium now.

  6. Mike

    What’s in a name?… not much it seems. Ford product pricing is always very ambitious without the chops to support the $ ask. Visually complicated by the fact you can’t tell the difference (meaningfully) between a base model and a Platinum across the parking lot. I am preaching to the choir but too much parts bin sharing does not make a saleable product lineup. Lincoln is the best label Ford has for growth going forward…. wish Lucid was actually a ‘Lucid by Lincoln’ instead of just sharing platforms with Escape, Explorer or ?? Exclusivity starts at the top and migrates down, not the other way around to use BMW to Mini and Mercedes to FCA (Stelantis) as an example.


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