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Ford Mustang Mach-E Commercial ‘Herd’ Dares Us To Be Different: Video


We’ve seen more than one Ford Mustang Mach-E commercial in recent weeks, including a whole host of them from a new campaign dubbed “Mustang Mach-E v Everything.” Now, a new Ford Mustang Mach-E commercial titled “Herd” has debuted, and this time, Ford is touting the fact that it doesn’t follow the herd and also urges us to create a path of our own.

“We don’t follow the herd,” the narrator says. “Never have. Never will. Because those who build the future aren’t found in a pack. They forge the way forward on a path of their own. And just when you think the dust has settled, we’re here to kick it right back up again. The all-new, all-electric 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is here.”

The footage shows a giant dust cloud punctuated by glimpses of the Mach-E before it busts through and becomes visible. Then it takes off, leaving yet another cloud of dust before driving a bit more sensibly down a dirt road. The clip ends with Ford touting the Mach-E’s 300-mile range, personalized technology, and zero vehicle emissions.

By all accounts, quite a few people are showing interesting in the new Mach-E following a stop-ship to address a quality issue shortly after production began at the Ford Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico. A quick ramp-up in production and sales figures following the stop-ship bodes well for sales this month.

The Mach-E was recently named the 2021 North American Utility of the Year, the Edmunds Top Rated Luxury EV, Green Car Journal’s 2021 Green Car of the Year and Green Truck of the Year, the Best Car to Buy in 2021 by The Car Connection and Green Car Reports, as well as the Best Electric Car to Buy in 2021 and the Best Crossover to Buy in 2021.

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  1. fpvfan

    GMC did a great job with the new Hummer EV, the same can not be said about this Mach E thing that Ford is touting around as a Mustang. My gripes aren’t about the fact that it’s a four-door crossover or even that it’s electric. The problem is, it’s boring and that interior is terrible. Plus the fact that mustangs are performance vehicles and they’re customizable, the Mach E is neither. Besides the taillights and emblems, nothing about this vehicle says Mustang.

    1. 2.7EcoBoost

      I can agree with one thing you stated. That this should not be called “Mustang”, because it’s not. It is actually very good looking, especially in person. It goes 0-6 in 5.1 seconds in base form, the GT should hit the 3.5 second mark, neither is slow and 0-60 is irrelevant for 99% of daily driving anyhow. The interior is an EV interior. Simple and futuristic. The Hummer is a great job? starting at $80k and hitting $100k rather quickly is a great job? For the 1% who can afford one, they might be alright. I wouldn’t count those chickens until they’re hatched tho.

  2. Ford Owner

    Why all the fuss about the Hummer EV if not even one has been sold yet? But there are thousands of very happy Mustang Mach-E owners, and it is such a wanted vehicle that no dealer can keep them on the lot over a week.

    The future of electrics isn’t a luxurious interior. Tesla and Ford have proven that! Those that want such interiors will have Cadillac and Jaguar to fill their needs, but be sure you can pay for them. And if you complain about prices, then you cannot afford them and never deserved them either.

  3. Redfox

    As usual, Ford is blowing smoke again. Rushed this thing with off the shelf components to try to create a cheap copy on the Model Y right down to the supercharger. A stop-ship to try to repair the quality issues from a plant which has never produced a quality vehicle. All Ford introductions in the last 2 years have been botched with a mountain of issues.

  4. fpvfan

    I finally got a first hand look up close and personal with the Mach E from the outside. My following statements are just about it being a Mach E and not a Mustang. First and foremost the outside of the car is beautiful and vey sporty. I saw it in a dark gray and although I don’t want to say it, I felt in love with the look of the car from the moment I actually saw it in person. It’s lines are nearly perfect and it’s shorter than I thought it would be. I’m only 5’06 and it’s shorter than me and much sportier than my current daily driver, a ’17 Santa Fe Sport (don’t judge I’ve owned more Fords, including mustangs, than any other brand I’ve owned and this is the first and only import I’ve ever owned). The Interior looks nicer in person than it does in pictures but I still wouldn’t say that I like it. that Dash is highly offensive. It’s a very tacky afterthought and I absolute despise it. Honestly if that dash could get a major upgraded and flow more like the Audi E-Tron GT or the Porsche Taycan, as far as looks go, the Mach E would be great.
    I am looking forward to seeing the GT variant of this but there are other areas things I would want to see offered with this vehicle. My main issue is the sound. I know Audi has gone through great lengths to find a perfect sound for the E-Tron GT and Ford needs to do the same for the Mach E GT, Obviously it’s not going to have a V8 sound but something deep and performance oriented that can be adjusted by the driver just like the active exhaust on the current mustang and it should be heard inside and outside with an exterior max volume level of 92-Decibles. a 7-speed Dual-Clutch transmission should be added along with torque vectoring differentials for more natural and organic feeling to the vehicle. Cosmetically, Ford/Ford Performance need to offer an aggressive Performance Pack aero package with a pedestal rear wing, side splitters, rear diffuser, a MAch-1 inspired front fascia with a more aggressive GT grille with an illuminated horse, and a staggered wheel package 285/35R20 front and 305/30R20 rear. The car should be seriously lowered with a GT500 inspired magnaride suspension and big Brembo brakes. That roof wing should be more aggressive and batwing like with a small gurney flap. A more aggressive hood design is in order as well. The headlamps should be different as well and be more like what the current mustang has with the LED gills. Inside, the Mach E should have a flat bottom alcantara steering wheel, Recaro heated and cooled seating and a better dash layout with leather.


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