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Here’s How Ford Telematics And The Ford Telematics Drive App Work: Video

In recent years, Ford has been rolling out a host of features and new technologies designed to help make the jobs of both fleet managers and drivers easier. The latest is Ford Telematics, which allows fleet personnel to review the health status of their entire fleet at a glance and schedule essential maintenance to reduce unplanned vehicle downtime.

From the Ford Telematics home screen, fleet managers can access useful insights, including engine status, odometer reading, oil life remaining, service interval information, and vehicle issues. Fleet managers can observe, in real-time, the locations of their vehicles, helping them coordinate fleet movements to improve business productivity.

From the Ford Telematics home screen, the live map page shows the precise GPS location of the vehicles and location history and allows managers to create virtual geofences, as well as evaluate driver behavior and act to improve driver safety.

From the home screen, selecting the driver behavior page allows managers to find information on behaviors such as speeding, seatbelt use, harsh driving, and excessive idling. Ford Telematics lets managers easily monitor the fuel efficiency of each vehicle in the connected fleet, allowing them to act to identify and implement cost-saving measures. The fuel page lays out estimates on fuel expenses, waste, efficiency, fuel consumed, and distance driven.

With the Ford Telematics companion Driver App, drivers can quickly associate themselves with any vehicle in the fleet, and they can carry out daily driver checks to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy. If they identify an issue, they can take a picture, assign a severity level, and directly inform the fleet manager via the Ford Telematics Dashboard.

Data is sent to the dashboard every 30 seconds for continuous updates but requires the use of a FordPass Connect modem or a compatible plug-in modem.

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