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Jim Farley, VW CEO Compliment Each Other Following EV Announcement


Earlier today, Ford announced that it will convert its entire European passenger vehicle lineup to electric power by 2030 following a $1 billion dollar investment that will transform the Ford Cologne Assembly Plant in Cologne, Germany into the Ford Cologne Electrification Center for the manufacture of electric vehicles. The move was also publicly praised by Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess as both automakers inch closer to reaping the fruits of their newly-formed partnership.

We are committed to supplying the best EV technology at a competitive cost to contribute to make Ford Cologne a successful and sustainable Automotive Operation again,” Diess wrote via Twitter. “We are very happy to contribute, Jim Farley. Thank you also for your excellent LCV platforms we will use.” “Thanks to Herbert Diess and your VW team!” Farley replied.

Ford and Volkswagen’s partnership, which was just finalized last summer following years of negotiations, will directly lead to the creation of a variety of electric vehicles for both automakers. For Ford, that means a new European EV built on VW’s MEB platform. Ford expects to deliver 600,000 units of electric vehicles built on the MEB architecture, the first of which will be designed and engineered by Ford in Cologne-Merkenich.

Additionally, Ford will produce a new mid-size Amarok pickup for Volkswagen beginning in 2022, while both automakers will receive a city delivery van based on the latest VW Caddy model, developed and built by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, and later a 1-ton cargo van created by Ford. Volkswagen and Ford expect to produce up to a combined 8 million units of the mid-size pickup truck and both commercial vans.

Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess and former Ford President and CEO Jim Hackett.

In addition to the creation of these new models, Volkswagen also invested $2.6 billion in Ford-backed self-driving software company Argo AI to form distinct, highly capable autonomous-vehicle businesses based on Argo AI’s self-driving technology.

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  1. fpvfan

    Beyond the fact that VW’s top tier car line, Audi, is another company besides GMC, & Porsche to do a proper entry into the electric car world, There is a lot that I would love to see out of the Ford/VW merger and mostly on Ford’s end. Ford has so many things that need to be changed and the answer to all of it isn’t electrification. While I do agree that electrification will help, a fully electric lineup is completely unnecessary and absolutely a bad idea. VW is the parent company of both Audi and Porsche, two company synonymous with high performance. Porsche, Audi and Ford are very well versed in making huge power out of small displacement engines, mostly under the 4-liter mark, not to mention they both do well with AWD powertrains. Ford is so big into hybrids with their hybrid 10-speed, why not take the Ecoboost 2.7L, 3.0L & 3.5L HO, and a revised version of the 4.0L Barra 325T I-6 turbo, borrow some of the Audi Tech such as the Hot-V turbo setup on the V6 engines with a Ford version of the Audi EPC (electric powered compressor). Throw those engines in the mix with an AWD system co-engineered with Audi/VW/Ford with the hybrid 10-speed or Ford DCT. throw that setup on the CD6 platform. redo the front suspension to a double wishbone setup, revise the magnetic ride with a some Audi/VW tech and have the Mustang family with this kind of equipment along with the Mach E all electric. Have your coupe/vert, an RS-Q8 sized crossover coupe, an Audi S7 sized four-door fastback coupe with more modern styling like a modernized SN95 with upgraded Mach E style lights and grille and a nice interior unlike the Mach E and more modern than the current mustangs (again modernize the SN95 interior). Ford already makes a near-700hp 3.5L twin turbo V6 anyway. Take a more compact designed hot-V twin turbo V6 setup and an inline-6 twin turbo setup. Do the same thing with the Explorer RS since it’s already on this CD6 platform. Obviously there will be alot of Ford Tech with the new VW pickup truck but I’m sure VW will throw it’s own stuff in their as well. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with a variant of the Ranger with a 2.7L Twin turbo that’s been reworked with the hot-V turbo setup and a few performance variants for the street in the same vein that the old Dodge Dakota R/T 5.9L was back in the day. Sporty lowered exterior with a well appointed interior and a Ford/VW/Audi AWD system and a few other things. Now I do agree that electric should play a part in the new lineup and if Ford’s going to play the Mustang electric game then it needs to be alot more the the Taycan and the E-Tron GT. Even if Ford wants to continue the crossover thing it needs to add models like the Taycan and E-Tron GT. J.Farley is talking about bringing over the Puma, that’s great. Give it an RS package like the Focus RS has, would be nice to see an Ecoboost 2.5L I-5 turbo to get rid of the 4-cylinder engines along with 5-cylinder hybrids but that’s my thoughts. Change all super-duty trucks to electric, Drop the Ecosport, Escape and Edge. Keep the Bronco and Bronco Sport. Change the Transit to electric, and work the Ford line this way. Bring over the Vignale packages and give the Vignale cars an Audi-Level interior. If you’re going to jump in bed with VW, this is the stuff that needs to come out of it.


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