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Joe Biden To Sign Executive Order Addressing Global Chip Shortage

As we’ve reported on extensively in recent weeks, a global chip shortage has seriously hampered Ford’s production efforts, as well as other automakers, disrupting operations at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant, Ford Louisville Assembly Plant, Ford Oakville Assembly Plant, Ford Chicago Assembly PlantFord Dearborn Assembly Plant, Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant,  Ford Saarlouis Assembly Plant, and Ford Chennai Assembly Plant.

Earlier this month, a group of 15 U.S. senators wrote a letter to the White House urging it to take action on the global chip shortage, and now, it appears that President Joe Biden will do just that today, signing an executive order that will launch an immediate 100-day review of supply chains for semiconductor chips, as well as pharmaceuticals, rare earth materials, and large-capacity batteries used in electric vehicles.

Additionally, the executive order will direct six sector reviews, covering transportation, defense, public health, energy, food production, and communications technology. All of this is being done with the intention of addressing supply shortages that have plagued the U.S. since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last spring.

Currently, 47 percent of global chip sales stem from U.S.-based semiconductor firms, but only 12 percent of production. Most of that has been outsourced overseas, though 37 percent of global semiconductor production does occur in the U.S. Lawmakers have been pressuring President Biden to invest in the domestic manufacturing of semiconductor chips to reduce the country’s dependency on imported chips.

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The executive order aims to do just that by diversifying the supply chain and producing more of the aforementioned products in the U.S. It also looks to partner with other countries, besides China, in Asia and Latin America when it is not possible to produce those products in the states. Additionally, the order will look at limiting imports of certain materials.

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  1. Stephen Ketterer

    Why would this communist creep do anything to solve a problem for business and industry?? He must be helping out one of his own.

    D is for disaster.

    1. F

      Because – contrary to whatever shenanigans news source you use – he’s not a communist. Maybe step back and appreciate the fact that he’s doing something good

      1. Joe

        Nothing Xiden does is anything good for the United States. Maybe you should take a step back and realize he’s an illegitimate president who is being controlled by the deep state.

    2. Roy Chile’s

      Funny the Cockroach that just left the WH helped family, friends and felons, some who ended up in prison. File bankruptcy 5X, making fraudulent deals cheating, not paying taxes, 2 Rape charges, locking kids, burning down the U.S Capital by starting a riot on his way out. I guess that’s consider doing a good job???

      1. Me

        Let’s see…Record low unemployment, record middle class income, 450k mfg jobs, 30K Dow (twice), ISIS stomped, Syrian War ended, no new wars, historic Middle East Peace Deals, energy independence, no evidence of the riot being led by him. Paid $10 million in taxes plus $750 if you read the article bud, Every outlet reported it was planned weeks in advance, and several officers are being investigated for letting people in. Rape charges are fake to get money, other than that you are 100% correct. Take a hike.

        1. Mick1


  2. Njia

    FFS, can we not have a single site that doesn’t bring politics into everything??? Every automaker is going to have revenue and earnings challenges because of supply chain issues related to the chip shortage, among others. This sounds like a first step in figuring out how to ensure that we have resiliency in critical materials, which is a national security requirement.

  3. Lee Glidewell

    National security went right out the broken White House window the minute CCCP’s Sleepy Joe puppet stepped in. I just wonder if one of the Executive Orders the puppet signed is the deed to the USA.

  4. Mick1

    Bejing Joe Biden is “studying”. Hunter still on CCP payroll. Now, back to cars.


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