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La-Z-Boy Appoints Former Ford CEO Jim Hackett To Its Board Of Directors

Former Ford CEO Jim Hackett decided to retire a year early and pass the reigns on to incumbent Jim Farley, a transition that took place last October. Hackett had led the automaker since 2017, but prior to that, he spent 30 years at Steelcase (20 as its CEO), a global leader in office furniture. So it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that La-Z-Boy, a global leader in residential furniture, has named Jim Hackett to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Hackett will serve on the Audit Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee, and his addition increases the size of the La-Z-Boy board to 10 members. He still serves as a Special Advisor to Ford Motor Company following his stint at the automaker, during which Ford moved aggressively into the era of smart vehicles while Hackett strengthened the company’s base business by restructuring operations and invigorating the product portfolio.

Before serving as CEO, Hackett was chairman of Ford Smart Mobility LLC, a subsidiary of Ford. He also served on Ford’s Board from 2013 through 2020, after he retired from Steelcase and served as its Vice-Chairman from 2014 to 2015.

Jim Hackett

“Jim is a welcome addition to our board,” said Kurt L. Darrow, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of La-Z-Boy Incorporated. “An astute thought leader, his keen understanding of the consumer is matched by his ability to quickly identify changes in the marketplace and marry the two together with innovative product offerings. With demonstrable career successes at both Steelcase and Ford, including three decades of office furniture experience, we are pleased to have the benefit of his insight, foresight, and wisdom as we move into our next phase of growth. Jim will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to our company.”

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  1. Chris

    This is the “genius” who got rid of sedans.

    1. Justin

      Sadly, they still seem to be content with that situation for now. I hope they rethink that decision soon, but it’ll take years to start building them again when they become more popular.

  2. Bill

    This is the same clown who wiped out all the US manufacturing jobs at Steelcase before he did his damage at Ford. Peter Principle at work. La-Z-Boy manufactures almost all their products domestically.

  3. Tom

    There goes another great American company down the tubes. Did the article say “invigorated the product line”? All I see now is an automobile company that gave up competing in the automobile business. But if you are in the market for a new Lincoln sedan, you have a choice of four SUV’s!
    I agree with the earlier comment about Farley not being the answer either.

  4. M S Watchdog

    He’s at the right Company Lazy Boy! They are going to name a line of furniture after him!

    1. Lurch

      They already did.

  5. John

    @Chris. Prohibition future Ford sedans is why the electric “sedan” is a Mustang, a model name exempt from the sedans axe.

    Clearly La-Z-Boy recliners in the driver’s seats of vehicles corresponds with how all the millennials tend to drive.

  6. nauticalone345

    I just knew I’d enjoy the humorous comments here. LOL


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