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Lincoln Corsair, Aviator Score High In Consumer Reports Survey

FoMoCo’s luxury arm, Lincoln, recently created a superlative purchasing experience while pushing dealers to build standalone stores – two moves that helped the brand win over customers in a tough sales environment and rise to the top of the 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index. But neither of those things would matter much if the vehicles themselves failed to satisfy owners. Fortunately, a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports revealed that Lincoln Corsair and Lincoln Aviator owners are enjoying their vehicles.

Lincoln Cosair.

These latest findings are a part of the latest Annual Auto Survey that Consumer Reports sends out to its members. The publication asks owners if they would purchase the same vehicle again if given the chance, and separately questions them about specific things they like about their car. The publication specifically asks owners of one to three year old vehicles about comfort, driving dynamics, and how easy it is to use a vehicle’s in-car electronics.

The Lincoln Corsair and Lincoln Aviator both scored highly in each of those categories. CR members like how the crossovers behave on the road in terms of ride and handling characteristics, and also found both to be very comfortable in terms of in-cabin comfort. Additionally, owners seem extremely pleased with aesthetic qualities of both vehicles. Overall, 84 percent of Aviator owners would purchase the three-row again, while 83 percent of Corsair owners felt similarly about their compact crossover.

It certainly helps that the Lincoln Corsair and Aviator are fresh models with modern underpinnings that were created with a the brand’s Quiet Flight mantra from their very inception. Ultimately, these latest Consumer Reports findings suggest that the newest Lincoln products are resonating with buyers, and that FoMoCo should continue their winning formula.

Lincoln Corsair and Aviator Sales - 2020 - USA

MODEL Q4 20 / Q4 19 Q4 20 Q4 19 YTD 20 / YTD 19 YTD 20 YTD 19
CORSAIR +6.64% 8,050 7,549 +1.60% 26,227 25,815
AVIATOR +13.33% 7,280 6,424 +177.30% 23,080 8,323
TOTAL +9.71% 15,330 13,973 +44.43% 49,307 34,138

Lincoln sales fell only 6 percent to 105,410 units during the 2020 calendar year, a highly-challenging timeframe ridden by the COVID-19 pandemic that sapped roughly two months of production from the automaker. During the same timeframe, Lincoln Corsair sales increased 1.6 percent to 26,227 units while Aviator sales jumped an even higher 177 percent to 23,080 units.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Njia

    I really wanted to consider a Corsair Grand Touring PHEV for my next vehicle as my Cadillac XT5 lease expires this month. Together with AWD, it’s a compelling product. Unfortunately, the delays in the launch pushed out availability so far into the future that I needed to go in a different direction: the Mustang Mach E.

  2. Mark

    The Corsair is a really terrific product for sure. Bur our recent shopping experience at a beautiful new Lincoln showroom, which started out fine, ended with us in a Ford showroom and a sales manager that was using old gimmicky car sales methods that ultimately led us to leave and purchase a BMW at another dealer.
    The Lincoln product is very impressive. But they still have a long ways to go with upgrading their customer service practices.

  3. Patrick May

    My wife and I bought a Lincoln corsair back in May 2020. She was coming over from a 2012 Subaru Forrester, and she loved that older vehicle.

    However, she has quickly embraced the quality of the new Lincoln interior. The quiet, well insulated interior is a major reprieve over the “tinny” sound of the Subaru. The turbo charged 4 cylinder engine has almost 100 horsepower than her previous vehicle, and gets better gas mileage, all while maintaining excellent handling through its AWD.

    Its good to see Lincoln build distinguished vehicles again!

    1. Norm T

      That is a big upgrade over the junkie Subaru. We had a 2012 also but the oil consumption sucked down my synthetic reserves, amoungst cracked windshield, coolant level drop, and puff of blue smoke and piston slap on cold starts, we would never buy another one. We have had GMC Terrain and Acadia since and it is favorite brand today. But the push button gear selectors .might push her away next time.

  4. Gary Moss

    We bought a 2018 MKC and couldn’t be happier. Fit, finish ,and features all excellent. Price was well worth it. Comfort and curb appeal also a definite plus.

  5. Gerry Callahan

    I own a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label. Before this I’ve owned Lexus products since 1999. I really enjoy the quality that Lincoln has put into their products.

  6. Gary.

    I would very much like to see Lincoln continue its development and quality. Nice to see an American car brand talked about in a good way.


    Our Aviator has been a wonderful addition to our family. It’s smoothe ride and outstanding comfort have made it the go to vehicle for us. It is also surprising how many strangers approach us and ask – what is that? Or comment that it is beautiful. Homerun for sure!


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