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Ram TRX Transmission Blows Off-Road, Saved By Ford F-150 Raptor: Video

When the Ram TRX was revealed last year, it immediately took aim at the Ford F-150 Raptor with a couple of humorous Easter eggs. Since then, everyone has compared the two trucks in every conceivable way, and we’ve also been treated to the brand new, 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor, though we don’t yet know how it will fare against the Ram TRX in the power department. Regardless, the very green TRX in this video isn’t helping the new model’s image one bit.

The truck, owned by YouTuber Ben Hardy, recently headed out on some off-road trails to have a little fun and also so that Hardy could give his impressions of what the TRX is like off-road. Unfortunately, the $100K pickup didn’t even make it onto any sort of tough terrain before the transmission suddenly let go.

If all of that isn’t bad enough, prior to the Ram TRX transmission blowing up, Hardy, a former Raptor owner, notes that on the same trails, he was able to drive his Raptor at higher speeds. He also says that the Raptor handles better off-road, as it’s lighter on the nose, while the TRX “goes all over the place.” He notes that it isn’t as confidence-inspiring as the Ford and that for those that are used to driving a Raptor, it “definitely has its downsides.”

After that series of disappointments, the Ram TRX humorously fails and starts leaking fluid underneath. The truck refused to send any power to the wheels, leaving Hardy stranded. Luckily (and ironically), an F-150 Raptor was nearby to save the day. Hardy was able to get the truck to a nearby dealership, which discovered that the high-pressure transmission line broke, which caused the gearbox to fail.

Luckily for Hardy, it seems like the Ram TRX transmission will be replaced under warranty, as we imagine that it would be a seriously pricey repair out-of-pocket. But since we’ve already seen at least one TRX on a flatbed, this isn’t a great sign for the truck’s durability.

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  1. Gary B. Kempf

    No surprise there…😆

    1. Roy Chile’s

      Dodge rush this Motor Trend Truck of the Year out for bragging rights against the Ford Raptor. See how that worked out should have made it a 2022 model, more testing less BRAGGING

  2. Roy Chile’s

    $100K TRX 🤔 the suspension is great but you don’t feel confident ? It’s noise heavy but it handling well? U hear something bottoming out in the front end, color alone is a eye sore, NOPE

  3. Dave

    What he fails to mention in this article, is that a transmission line failed, and he continued to run the snot out of the truck, running the transmission dry and burning it up. I’m not a fan of Dodge of recent years. But no vehicle will continue to run with no fluid in the transmission. Pro trans builder for 36 years, and trust me, Ford is at the top of the list for transmission failure.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      He did mention the transmission line leak a bigger problem is. Why did it fail in a $100K Dodge let alone any vehicle today? This has recall written all over it it’s not the 1st TRX to fail a inside source said there has been some transmission complaints already now this

  4. JimL

    Ahhhhhh, I’m just going to savor this. As sweet as Todd Tenorman’s tears. FCA, you are true to form.

  5. Al

    Yep.thats a dodge for you.they never been worth a crap since they got bought out by foreign automakers.made by cheap parts.not very reliable. At least when Mercedes had them transmissions got a little better.but in the end.still a dodge.Al bundy

  6. Mike says..

    And the battle begins in earnest…… Ford has the chops to do it but do they need to. How about just building a trim package? Call it RAPTOR RESCUE…..designed to have fully compatible tow and winch capabilities compatible with all major brands. OK…kidding, evidently FORD can already do this.

  7. Gary.

    Been driving ford pickups since 1976 and put high miles on each one.
    Never lost an engine,transmission, rear end.

  8. Phillip

    I own a 2000 ford ranger and have seen alot of F150s on the road over the years. The only transmission problems that I have heard of were reprogramming of the ecm when they switched to 6 speed automatics years ago and motortrend mentioned some rough shifting with the 10 speed automatics. With that being said, Ford has had plenty of time to work out the bugs in the Raptor.


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