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Roush Fenway Racing Becomes First Carbon Neutral NASCAR Team

Roush Fenway Racing announced today that it has become the first carbon-neutral NASCAR team as a result of its carbon reduction and offset programs. Roush Fenway has achieved carbon neutrality for the entire organization including operations, its two race teams, and race cars for the period between January 1st, 2020, and December 31st, 2020, according to the PAS 2060 standard as verified by ERM CVS.

“As an organization, Roush Fenway has always been environmentally conscious,” said Roush Fenway Racing president, Steve Newmark. “Our hope with this program is to demonstrate that every business, small or large, and regardless of industry, can contribute to addressing global climate challenges. We hope to set an example and highlight that small steps by many can make a real difference.”

Roush Fenway’s partnership with sponsor Castrol is designed to help the team better manage its greenhouse gas emissions by tracking, quantifying, and reducing those emissions, and offsetting the balance with high-quality carbon offsets.

“At Castrol, we believe that small steps together can make a difference,” said Castrol’s vice president of marketing, Rayne Pacek. “We want to play our part and teaming up with Roush Fenway to achieve their carbon neutral ambitions is a notable milestone in the sport and another step in supporting our partners in their efforts to drive change.”

In addition to working with Roush Fenway, Castrol plans to drive change by expanding its carbon-neutral product range, reducing the carbon used in its production, and offering a new and expanded range of services, all to give consumers and customers more lower carbon choices.

As part of the program, Ryan Newman‘s traditionally green and red Castrol number 6 Ford Mustang will don an all-white paint scheme featuring a grey Castrol badge and muted logos from partners like Ford Motor Company, Kohler Generators, Oscar Mayer, Coca-Cola, Guaranteed Rate, MacTools, and Wyndham Rewards to show their support of the initiative. This paint scheme will be used at the Daytona Road Course on Sunday, February 21st, 2021.

“It’s an honor to pave the way in the sport and bring awareness to the importance of reducing your carbon footprint,” Newman said. “Every business can make choices to help promote a more sustainable future and this program makes me proud to be part of a team that takes the initiative to drive change.”

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  1. Dave

    Well whoop-tee-doo! But all this “cabon neutral” effort hasn’t given their team a win in
    how many races? A championship in how many years?
    Alot of money and effort just to please the eco-nazis.

    1. Dave

      Edit: Should read “carbon neutral” (cheap keyboard-no spell check)


    The OFFSET is normally “bought” credits,, maybe from TESLA?? that’s Tesla’s business model. When the government stops the “credits” and selling them to be “clean” and ” neutral,” This all is just STUPID- BS just as putting “cats” on a racecars ????-

  3. Steven Kuebler

    What a joke! Carbon neutral! Who gives a crap! What do you pump in the gas tank? What lubricates the engine? There are car haulers, aircraft to fly teams and owners to the track, practice, testing, carbon fiber, you name it! Stop the madness people!!!!!

  4. Steven Kuebler

    Oh yea! Hey Ford are you listening!! When you go all electric, I’m Out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Canada says..

    Wicked looking Mustang…sad to hear so much raging going on! This sport is under tremendous pressure to find it’s way forward and survive. Hope the racing teams do everything they can to maintain their presence and sustain their industry….. if not, none of us will have anything to follow!


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