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The ‘Hidden’ Compartment Many S550 Mustang Owners May Not Know About

Many cars in the world today have what people like to call “Easter eggs,” or cool little details that pay homage to another vehicle or an automaker’s past. And then there are just plain old basic features that are often difficult to spot, not obvious, or unadvertised. All three apply to the “hidden” compartment present in the dash of the S550 Mustang.

The 2015-2021 Ford Mustang has what is intended to be a sunglass holder positioned in a strange place – directly to the left of the steering wheel, inside the dash. While most cars have a sunglass holder mounted in the overhead area close to the windshield, Mustang designers clearly wanted to do something different.

Problem is, it’s sometimes surprising how many S550 Mustang owners are not even aware that this compartment exists. It is clear by looking at it from the outside that this is a panel of some sort, but most assume that it’s there to cover fuses or something else. But when we push in on it, a little tray pops out as if by magic.

While this compartment was designed to hold sunglasses (albeit only smaller ones), many owners use it for other things. This includes keys, emergency cash or change, a multitool, garage door opener, micro SD cards or USB drives, snacks, business cards, and sometimes, illegal items that we won’t bother to mention here.

Regardless of what it’s used for, this little hidden compartment in the S550 Mustang is a nifty little feature that’s also quite unique. For whatever reason, designers just didn’t want to go with a traditional sunglass holder in the overhead area, and that led them to do something truly different. Unfortunately, it’s a cool feature that for whatever reason, many owners aren’t even aware exists.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    Slow news day, eh?

  2. Michael Walker JR

    Better one. The pen holder inside the the center armrest console cover.

    1. Christian

      My 2017 F150 has this. My Dad’s 2011 Raptor has this, plus holders for other things, such as an older cell phone. Pretty sure most new Fords with a console have that feature.

  3. Pepsi_Stang

    What MUSTANG OWNER doesn’t know this?!

  4. Melmark93

    @Pepsi_Stang, I’ve had my GT500 since May last year & hadn’t found it – Duh.

  5. Mick1


  6. William

    That’s were I keep my switchblade

  7. SuperDuper

    I use it for registration, insurance, etc so the coppers don’t see what’s in my glove compartment.

  8. RocketPak

    Not really hidden. I mean it’s right there next to the trunk release…

  9. Dean Smith

    Bought a vehicle once with a similar compartment that had a bad dash rattle. Opened the drawer to find it was crammed full of quarters. Got rid of the rattle and bought pizza.

  10. Ponyboy

    I keep my NOS bottle in there!

    1. Bla bla

      NOS is a brand.. Your thinking nitrous oxide canister?

  11. James Worley

    Currently own a 2018 mustang gt. Plain Jane as far as you can tell. When you line up against it.
    The 3 ltr. whipple kicks in along with the upgraded oil pump gear, timing chain sprocket, McCloud RXT 1000hp clutch, Steed 1000hp driveline, steel braid hydraulic line, “borla attack”~cat back exhaust. Steeds lowering kit with caster/camber & bump steer.
    $65 k so far stays right with a gt500.
    Destroys Hellcats and camaro’s!

  12. Charles Sems

    It’s the perfect place to hide your weed! Or, so I’ve heard…

  13. Frank

    That’s because all S550 owners can’t read…………..

  14. Uncle Creepy

    Amazing, When I zip down my pants a clown pops out !

    1. Mike

      I thought it was the one-eyed trouser trout that pops out.

  15. 5.0reo

    Just be careful. Once at a red light, I accidentally pushed the trunk release button instead of the sunglasses compartment. So I jumped out super fast to close my trunk lid, and accidentally closed it onto my finger which was stuck. The exterior trunk button above the license plate doesn’t work when the car is on… So I had to sit there until someone pulled over and popped my trunk from inside the car.

  16. Eric Forster

    I found this compartment by accident, last week, I had no idea what it was for.

  17. Ian

    Lol like someone else, what mustang owner doesn’t know this?…now the extra compartment in the glove box would make a better story.

  18. Jordan

    Reminds me of the “useless cubby” in the 08 Civic Si(similair location) I had. Ends up it was perfectly designed to hold a pack of cigarettes(never could find anything else that made sense for it). I wonder how many people leave the Intelligent Key in there?

  19. Frank Rizzo

    Yeah, even dealership cleaning crews don’t know about it. I found a 1/4 of dank and an 8-ball of coke in the 2015 GT PP I bought.

    My 2019 GT PP I traded the 15 in for didn’t come with that standard equipment. Sadly.

    1. John Tommas

      Yeah, youre a real special kind of stupid.

  20. A. Bond

    It’s because of the convertible model! Duh!!

  21. S550R1d3R

    click bait much?

  22. Richard A Lyons

    The hidden tray, will break easily, just by everyday use. I used mine for about 4 months, then it broke, when you push it back in, it won’t stay in, it pops back out. So it’s not hidden to well.

    1. John Clifton

      Did you get it fixed?
      Mine is broken took it out and the drawer is in tact but the catch at the back is broken and fell out when I took the drawer out
      Hard to get debut I think I could repair it if I had a new catch
      Ford dealer parts guy didn’t know what I was talking about

  23. Lurch

    My 2004 Mazda6 had a tiny drawer in that location. Good for pens.

  24. retroeguy

    Yeah that is pretty cool but now car thieves know it’s there and we’ll check that every time they steal a Mustangret

  25. Robert Ford

    Duh. Try reading the owners manual.

  26. Richard Welton

    Nope don’t own the new Mustang or the new Ford truck I’ve had 60s Mustangs in the past nine of them for instance two fastbacks 1966 great comments though fun to hear the different uses for these compartments😉🏁

  27. Tom Joseph

    Don’t drive this on Interstate 20 several law enforcement agencies will stop you and claim it can be used to conceal controlled substances and attempt to do a civil forfeiture of your vehicle. It’s been done to owners of Lincoln town cars watch the ABC 20/20 investigation.

  28. Samuel

    That’s where I put my blunts nothing new

  29. RJ

    I used mine(2016 GT PP,) too hold my safe deposit box key etc… Big question is have you found the hidden second glove box compartment behind the existing glove box? Haha! Didn’t think so!

  30. Butt plug

    Most mustang owners keep there butt plug there.

  31. Conservative media

    You put your weed in there.

  32. Andy

    That’s a tire gauge holder on the underside of the center console flip up door. But, I guess it’ll hold a pen also.

  33. Rusty

    If you missed this compartment, I don’t think you should be driving.

  34. Richo

    My 9mm Luger. it fits perfectly in that space.

  35. Gbud

    I thought that was a mushroom drawer. Been using it all wrong I guess

  36. Dale G. Perry

    The absolute best hiding place in your S550 is in the glove compartment. It’s in the top with that little yellow latch. It drops down and opens a whole new world for hiding ANYTHING! Paint the little yellow latch black and you’re like James Bond.


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