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Victory 7 Mustang Club Promotes Pony Cars, Serves The Local Community

There are many Ford Mustang clubs across the globe, which exist mainly to celebrate the iconic pony car and give enthusiasts a chance to show off their rides and hang out with like-minded folks. But the Victory 7 Mustang Club, which hails from Richmond, Virginia, spends an equal amount of time giving back to the local community.

The Victory 7 Mustang Club has earned its fair share of local recognition and even national awards for its community service efforts, thanks mostly to the man who runs it – Thomas Victory. Recently, Victory and his crew have supported a local health foundation, delivered meals three times a week for needy families and the elderly in the local community, and even organized a cruise designed to spread the word about the U.S. Census.

In addition to that, Victory 7 has also hosted some drive-by parades for young graduates and donated car models to kids at a local emergency shelter. Last Thanksgiving, it delivered 550 meals to the underserved parts of the community, and at Christmas time, it delivered 135 toys to kids at two daycare centers as well as treating them to a parade.

When problems surface among members, Victory 7 rises to the occasion as well. Recently, a member entered hospice care at home, and the club held an appreciation day that included a 50 Mustang drive-by. The club also donated money and gifts to help keep him afloat before he sadly passed away a couple of weeks later. To help honor him, the club held a mile-long procession at the funeral.

The Victory 7 Mustang Club is a shining example of what a bunch of kind-hearted Blue Oval fans are capable of when they band together, and luckily, they’re just one of many that do exactly that and give back to the community.

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