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1997 Ford Expedition Carrying 25 People Collides With Big Rig; 13 Killed

The rural town of Holtville, California became the scene of a grisly automobile accident Tuesday morning when a 1997 Ford Expedition crossed the path of a big rig, resulting in the deaths of 15 passengers. A total of 25 individuals had been inside of the SUV when it was involved in the collision, per a report by the Associated Press. Federal authorities are in the early stages of forming an investigation into what caused the crash.

The 1997 Ford Expedition, which appears to be an Eddie Bauer-trimmed model in Dark Toreador Red, could seat up to eight passengers, while certain XLT models from that model year supported a total of nine occupants. At the time of the horrific incident, the SUV was transporting over three times as many individuals as Ford intended for the vehicle, and their combined weight would have exceeded its maximum payload limit of 2,000 pounds. Any vehicle that exceeds its specified payload capacity would be severely compromised in regular driving or any type of emergency maneuver.

“You’re going to have extended stopping distances, delayed reactions to steering inputs and potential over-reaction to any type of high-speed lane change,” said Frank Borris, former head of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Defects Investigation.

Both vehicles collided at approximately 6:15 a.m. on March 2nd, 2021 at the intersection of California State Highway 115 and Norrish Road, about 11 miles north of the U.S.-Mexican border. The speed limit on both roadways is 55 mph. A preliminary analysis of the incident conducted by  the authorities indicated that the Ford pulled out in front of the big rig.

Large SUVs and buses are a common site in Holtville, as the town hosts a number of fields used to grow lettuce and other seasonal vegetables, which are harvested from November to March. The investigation’s initial focus will be centered around why so many people were in the 1997 Ford Expedition when it collided.

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  1. Todd Priest

    Biden keeps sending the message that it’s free crap for everyone, come on over. If trump was doing the same thing the liberals would declare that he has blood on his hands.

    1. Armed Liberal

      Biden never said that…not even close. The only place it -was- said however is on Faux ‘Entertainment’ Nooze as they are desperate to cover for the worst ‘president’ in American history. Go ahead and look disconnected though…these people were probably coming here to pick *YOUR* vegetables because whitey won’t get his hands dirty. Trump does have blood on his hands, and it happened at America’s Capitol. Or did you sleep through that?

      1. toast

        Biden said it with his actions. His Feb 2nd Executive Order to reinstate Catch & Release was the welcome mat.

      2. Todd Priest

        In his actions and inactions he said EXACTLY that. Moron.

  2. Hendrik Joseph Haan

    Now they will sue Ford and Firestone, as they did in the past. Instead of learning how to keep tires inflated and how to not drive an SUV like a sports car, they blamed the vehicle and tires.
    When illegals are cited for any driving offense, we are obligated to employ a translator. After which they are released to the wind.

    1. Armed Liberal

      You can stop the reason ‘illegals’ come here. Get your bad self out in the fields and hoe the rows so there is no reason to hire them. Problem solved, right? Nah…you just want to whine the right wing song and dance.

      1. Disgusted Conservative

        Laughable little troll. Yeah..those illegals were following our traffic laws weren’t they AL? You thing they, or their country of origin government is gonna pay their hospital bills? What if they’re disabled now? Oh wait, it’s all free isn’t it? If we don’t allow cheap/ slave labor in the country maybe growers will innovate! How bout you get out there and pick strawberries big boy?

        1. Armed Liberal

          Why should I pick fruit, son? You’re gonna get your bad self to the fields so your hated ‘illegals’ wouldn’t have a reason to come over here, right? But boy…would love to hear the decibel level as you squeal when that avocado costs $35, lol. Innovate? Farm subsidies are north of $11B per year, so how much help do they need? THAT’s the free stuff you just love to overlook so you can continue your misguided generational bias…and the lack of critical thinking skills Limbaugh stole from you. Here’s another fact you won’t hear on FAUX ‘Entertainment’ Nooze: ‘illegals’ come here to work and farms can’t pay them cash. They have to get checks…checks with taxes they will never be able to draw that gets absorbed by our government. So they pay more taxes than you do! A brain on right wing media is a terrible thing to waste……

    2. TinCanSailor

      I don’t see a tie-in to Firestone, but idiots will sue anyone for anything nowadays so it wouldn’t surprise me. They’ll probably sue Harbor Freight for selling the tools that removed the seats!

      Rumor has it that Eddie Bauer is already in hiding from process servers.

  3. Lee Glidewell

    Armed Liberal huh? Sheesh, there’s an oxymoron. We’re all about a year away from working in the fields and standing in the unemployment line. What with Biden eliminating jobs and opening up the border to all the illegals in Central/South America.


    They broke the laws of the land and of physics, they paid with their lives. I guess it wasn’t a better opportunity after all. Stupid and desperate is as stupid and desperate does. RIP

  5. Todd Priest

    And of course we will pay for all of their medical costs. I was hoping maybe Armed(likely with a sharp tongue) Liberal would offer up his wallet to help them out.

    1. Armed Liberal

      Bwahaha! Remember when Mexico was going to pay for the wall? They didn’t. You forget we both ‘offered up our wallets’ when Tramp squandered $15 BILLION on his decrepit wall that was supposed to keep illegals out and failed spectacularly, but you’ve got your skirt pulled up about a few hundred grand for medical costs? Why didn’t Trampco’s crown jewel keep these people out? I guess the worst president in American history, six-time bankrupt and twice impeached failure couldn’t take care of this project any better than he did anything else he’s touched through the years.

  6. Stephen Dutton

    After thinking about it, how would you get 25 people in a Ford Expedition?? Were they children? If these were adults going to the fields to work would they have to be stacked in like cord wood? I mean 25! No seats? Were they layered in on shelves? The more I think about it the worse it seems. Was this a case of a coyote hauling across the border? That can’t be because you just can’t hide 25!! Children? Babies? Those are smaller bodies… It’s a horror story for sure.


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