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2021 Ford Bronco Badlands Two-Door Spotted With Bushwacker Fender Flares

We’ve known since the day the 2021 Ford Bronco debuted last summer that well over 200 accessories would be available for the SUV when it launches this summer. However, there aren’t many of them currently listed in the Bronco’s build and price configurator, including these forthcoming Bushwacker fender flares that we just spotted on a 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands two-door.

These particular Bushwacker fender flares are what the parts maker calls “pocket-style,” and are one of several different designs on the way for the new Ford Bronco. The pocket-style fender flares will be available for both two- and four-door Bronco models, with either non-paintable or paintable surfaces. The fender flares are easily removable, like the stock pieces, via exposed bolts.

As we can see in the photos, these Bushwacker fender flares are substantially larger than the stock units, even the larger flares present on models equipped with the Sasquatch Package. They also look disproportionately large due to the fact that this Bronco Badlands is running its stock wheels and 33-inch tires. We imagine a larger, 35- or 37-inch tire would look much more at home when paired with this particular accessory.

Regardless, this is just one of what promises to be many fender flare options available for the new Bronco by the time it launches this summer. Buyers shouldn’t have a problem finding one that suits their particular taste or need, no matter what that might be.

This includes flares big enough to cover some seriously beefy off-road tires, which is important because many states require that a vehicle’s tires be completely covered. And we will be happy to bet that a lot of Bronco owners will be swapping out their wheels and tires for larger ones posthaste.

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  1. JimL

    This is so hideous.
    On the plus side, that blue is glorious on the Bronco.

  2. frank keel

    I see a lot of add ons but how about a two door test mule at Ford Dealerships. I like to test before buying and i have not seen nothing but 1.3 Broncos (escape motors). Give me a break it is like buying the orchard but you have not seen a apple yet!

  3. Gary.

    I believe that is a 1.5 LITER 3 cyl but I agree. The smallest engine probably should be the 2 liter which we have learn is dam reliable. And the 4 door should all be available with the 2.7 which appears to be Bullitt proof…

  4. GaryB

    Not a fan of those flares at all. There was a render of different types of grill guards that also happened to show boxy angled fenders that looked amazing. Can’t wait for aftermarket. The Ford factory accessories are still pretty limited and overpriced imo


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