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2021 Ford Bronco Base Walkaround Proves It Isn’t Giving Up Much: Video

For the most part, the words “entry-level” and “base model” are not generally the ones we want to hear in the automotive world. Oftentimes, these vehicles are cheap, devoid of any sort of desirable options, and sometimes downright miserable to drive or live with on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case with the 2021 Ford Bronco Base whatsoever.

Sure, the 2021 Ford Bronco Base doesn’t come with leather seats, a 12-inch touchscreen, and other such luxuries. But it’s a safe bet that most who buy one won’t care, because they just want an affordable yet capable off-road machine. Throw in the Sasquatch Package, which this Base Ford Bronco four-door has in a new walkaround video from Bronco Nation, and most onlookers won’t even know you’re driving an entry-level vehicle.

Yes, while a lot of folks are happy to shell out $50,000 or $60,000 for a fancy Bronco, getting behind the wheel of one can be accomplished for as little as $28,500, minus destination and delivery charges. For some, that’s a massive difference, and it looks largely the same as those more expensive trim levels. A four-door Base with the Sasquatch Package will run a bit more expensive at just under $40k, but that’s still a solid value for the money.

Even better, the Base Bronco isn’t completely devoid of features and amenities by any means. It comes equipped with power windows and locks, an 8-inch touchscreen, standard four-wheel-drive, a removable roof and doors, a Terrain Management system with five G.O.A.T. models, carpeted flooring, and SYNC 4.

This particular Bronco has a few additional options, including a brush guard, modular front bumper, Ford’s 2.7L EcoBoost V6 instead of the base 2.3L EcoBoost I-4, and the 10-speed automatic transmission. Thus, its retail price will be closer to $44,000. But one of the best things about the Bronco is just how many trim levels, packages, and accessories are available. No matter what a buyer is looking for, they can build one to suit their particular needs and budget.

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  1. anonymous guest

    FordAuthority needs the thumbs up/down counters on the comments. Unless it’s a browser finickiness thing here.

  2. George W

    This vehicle is the Base model but comes with substantial upgrades. It has the upgraded 10-speed automatic, 2.7 L V6 and Sasquatch package with Advanced 4×4.

  3. royl

    First: there is NO ADDING a V6!!!! Let’s be clear, you can add a V6 along with an automatic transmission-they MUST come together, thus the price for a V6 under the hood is Plus the Automatic. No one that has spent any time at all looking at ford’s 4 bangers would want one, especially in a vehicle meant to go Off Road, where little things such as reliability could be important. Second: the bronco in the photo is NOT a production bronco, there are zero production broncos as of 3/19/2021, my guess is the paint has been carefully applied, sanded coated etc., the one off hand built for Photos and publicity broncos are just that. I usually like Brette Foote’s articles and comments; however, I believe he has played down the cost factor, these things are going to priced on the high side. While the bronco’s are being sold as “Real no BS” off road machines, the popularity of leather, heated steering wheels etc. leads me to believe they are actually being sold as, “it could, if I dared take it out into the dirt” machines. While there is be a few (very few as a percentage of the fleet) that actually go off road, most will spend far more time being washed and waxed, than in the dirt. Remember, driving to the back side of the soccer field to pick up the kids does not count as “Off Road”. Once the fan boys get over the “thrill” of buying a new vehicle, ford may decide to go with an American made manual trans, and make it available on the V6, and better yet offer a V8(we can wish)-where is the diesel????

  4. S10guy

    Calling this a “base” bronco seems like a stretch, the sasquatch package and other options add +$10k to the msrp. Show me the base bronco 4cyl with the baby steel wheels and write this same article… I don’t think it’ll happen.


    wow. people are really emotionally involved here… okay. pretty sure it’s just a car. could be wrong, though.


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