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2021 Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport To Attend Dixie Off-Road Expo At Moab


The 2021 Ford Bronco has spent quite a bit of time in Moab in recent months, with a Bronco Warthog prototype spied testing there, along with various other pre-production models conquering tough trails like Hell’s Revenge. Now, the new Ford Bronco, a 1969 Bronco, and Ford Bronco Sport will be hanging out in Moab once again, as a variety of both rigs will be in attendance at this year’s Dixie Off-Road Expo.

The 2021 Dixie Off-Road Expo kicks off on March 30th and wraps up on March 31st. And Bronco fans will be pleased to hear that they’ll be able to take a ride in the new vehicles, similar to how things worked at this year’s King of the Hammers, from March 30th through April 3rd. The spots for those rides will be limited, of course, so those that show up early to sign up will likely be the ones rewarded.

As was the case at King of the Hammers, the folks giving attendees rides will consist of a team of pro drivers, as well as some off-road racing champions. Those that want to try out a Bronco Sport will be able to drive those themselves, which seems way more interesting than the average dealership test drive.

Both the rides and test drives are free, as is parking and even attendance to the Dixie Off-Road Expo. In addition, over 100 vendors will be on-site showing off all sorts of parts, accessories, and other goodies. The event is designed to help companies affected by the cancellation of this year’s Easter Jeep Safari, while the vendor portion of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers guided trail runs was also eliminated this year.

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  1. Thomas Podd

    Can you tell me on the Bronco order form for production it indicates a equipment group 321A. What is included in this group (standard equipment)

  2. royl

    March 30-2021, ZERO PRODUCTION BRONCOS EXIST, honestly the article should state that the bronco sport (BS) and the hand built preproduction broncos say they will attend. Regarding the BS, I wonder if they will be mexican made production BSs, or will they be a group of hand built preproduction machines? Please report on the broncos (the pre- production versions) that attend, I’m interested if they’ll be running the 4cylinder ecobooms coupled with the 7speed chinese made manuals, or-far more likely-only the 6 cylinders coupled with the mandatory automatic.


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