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2021 Ford Bronco Soft Top Will Not Include Wiring For Rear Electronics

The 2021 Ford Bronco has dominated the news cycle since it was revealed last summer, but in recent days, it’s been all about the SUV’s top options. First, Ford announced that it was making the previously optional $495 sound deadening headliner standard equipment on the molded-in-color  (MIC) hard top. Then, the automaker said that the painted modular hard top was being delayed to the 2022 model year. Now, we have some news to share regarding the Bronco soft top, too.

Ford Bronco models equipped with the soft top only – not the dual top option that includes both a soft top and hard top (which has also been delayed to the 2022 model year) – will not get the wiring to power the wiper, rear defroster, and the plumbing for the rear washer. This may or may not be important to some, depending on how much they care about these particular features.

If a customer selects the dual-top option, the vehicle will come with this wiring and plumbing. They will also receive their Bronco soft top in a removable carrier that will be shipped inside the vehicle which doubles as a compact and convenient method of storing the top when it’s not being used.

As we recently reported, the 2021 Bronco was designed with modularity in mind from the beginning, so removing any of these tops is an easy task. Unfortunately, those wanting a 2021 Bronco will be limited to the soft top and MIC hard top, but we don’t yet know when the fastback soft top we recently spotted in the wild will be available, however.

Tops have served as a major thorn in the side of Ford in recent months. Aside from the fact that the painted hard top has been delayed to the 2022 model year, it was also reportedly the reason Bronco deliveries were delayed from spring of 2021 to summer, too.

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  1. Ron

    They should have delayed the Bronco to 2022 when they might be actually ready. Patience is growing thin for us holding orders. Always seems to be a delay on something for some reason. These vehicles are not cheap and you get what they offer with no substitutions. Especially the interior colours which are awful and don’t match some of the exterior colours. I won’t wait much longer so Ford get your act together.

  2. Bob Speshock

    I have delayed my order until spring of 2022. I don’t want my 45,000 dollar vehicle rushed to delivery. I agree with Ron. With the chip shortage and problems with the top supplier wait until 2022. Want thing people aren’t thinking about is the blue book value . Why take a 2021 in June when the 2022’s are coming out in late August. Look how much money you will lose. I’m getting the base model black with Sasquatch package. Bob Pittsburgh

  3. George W

    Why would you need wiper/washer/defroster wiring/plumbing with the soft top? Doesn’t it come with a non-rigid plastic rear window? If you decide to buy a hard-top in the future it will have to include those things.

    1. James Jaross

      As a Ex-Ford Engineer who has launched 3 vehicles in my 32.5 years. I really am baffled at the delays on the Bronco / Mach 3 / Maverick Launches. I realize that Covid and ships stuck somewhere is something quite new, but we had communications that were on the phone, pieces of paper, mylar very ancient CAD / CAM. As suggested these are not delays but a model year shift and I would bet that 1year is enough. I guessing that eventually we will learn that parts are being resorted to different suppliers!!!


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