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2021 Ford Explorer Timberline Spotted Again, Revealing New Details

Back in October of last yearFord Authority reported that the Ford Explorer would be gaining King Ranch and Timberline trim levels for the 2021 model year. Since then, we’ve spied Explorer Timberline prototypes out testing not just onceor twicebut three times, while Ford officially revealed the Explorer King Ranch a couple of weeks ago. We’re still waiting on the Ford Explorer Timberline unveiling, but we have some new photos to share that reveal all of its unique details.

We’ve already seen the Ford Explorer Timberline pretty much completely uncovered before, but these new photos give us many more details about the off-road-focused crossover. It’s clear that this prototype sits up higher than any other Explorer trim, which makes room for a set of 265/65 Bridgestone Dueler all-terrain tires that are wrapped around unique black 18-inch wheels, which feature a Timberline mountain range logo on the outer part of the rim.

That logo is also present on the front bumper, framed by an orange accent line and two orange tow hooks. The front end sports a unique grille design with a single bar that runs the entire width of the grille. In the rear, the light-duty off-roader wears a tucked-in exhaust that helps improve ground clearance, along with a “4WD” badge, which is interesting because the Explorer is currently available in all-wheel-drive configuration.

Moving to the interior, the Ford Explorer Timberline sports a unique scale-like pattern on the center portion of the dash, along with Timberline logos embossed in the seats and accent stitching in the seats, door panels, and steering wheel. The center portion of the seats is also covered in a differential material with a unique pattern.

As we recently reported, Timberline ushers in a new brand for Ford, much in the vein of the long-running King Ranch. As we’ve exclusively reported in the last few weeks, Ford is also potentially working on a Timberline version of the forthcoming 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup and the 2022 Ford Expedition, which we spied testing recently.

The Explorer Timberline is expected to launch very soon for the 2021 model year. Like all other Explorer variants, it will be produced at the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant.

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  1. JimL

    I don’t see that it sits up significantly higher, as the article claims. If it doesn’t offer more ground clearance, then this is just a wheels and stripe package. If that’s the case, I sure as hell don’t want orange accents to call attention to my wanna-be-rugged ride.

  2. Mike says..

    Another trim level? the raised suspension/tire pkg should be all that makes up this option….. the rest is distracting cosmetics. JimL makes the point about orange accents ugh…. Volvo xc40 did it first and best with orange carpeting option. Wish FORD would lead more, follow less on this type of trim. Love the truck though!

  3. Dennis

    Timberline front end looks better, rear end still has that goofy look…and I don’t see any ground-height improvement…unless you’re measuring in millimeters. 18in wheels for a supposed off-road application? That’s so 10 years ago. Still waiting for the demise of this hideous black wheel fad. We had them back in the day because we couldn’t -afford- anything else. Now people pay thousands for wheels you can’t even identify further than 20ft away.

    1. T Martin

      @Dennis – “ Still waiting for the demise of this hideous black wheel fad. We had them back in the day because we couldn’t -afford- anything else. Now people pay thousands for wheels you can’t even identify further than 20ft away.”

      As opposed to what? Chrome? Chrome was so 90s which is why places offer “chrome delete” packages.
      Personally, I like the bead lock rims that are matte black but I don’t think that would look right on an explorer.

  4. Alex Zsenyuk

    Lincoln Aviator Air Suspension? Appears to be absolutely no Lift.


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