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2021 Ford F-150 ST Renderings Imagine Another Sporty Street Truck


In recent weeks, we’ve taken some time to get creative and create some renderings of a few hypothetical 2021 Ford F-150 models, including a new Harley-Davidson Edition and modern-day F-150 SVT Lightning. Now, we’re taking a shot at a potential 2021 Ford F-150 ST, yet another sporty, performance-oriented street truck.

Our imaginary 2021 Ford F-150 ST would slot just below the equally hypothetical Lightning in the Ford F-150 lineup, giving performance truck fans multiple choices for once. Since the Ford Explorer ST utilizes a high-output 3.0L EcoBoost V6 producing a healthy 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque, we imagine that the Ford F-150 ST could also use this very same powerplant, perhaps with a bit more power to compensate for the weight difference. The obvious transmission choice for our imaginary F-150 ST is Ford’s ubiquitous 10-speed automatic.

Like the Explorer ST, the F-150 ST should theoretically come with a specially-tuned suspension to help it handle better in the corners and put its extra power to the ground as well. This would also effectively lower the truck, which would place it squarely on top of a set of large wheels wrapped with sticky performance tires for optimum performance.

In these renderings, we gave the 2021 Ford F-150 ST a very Explorer-like ST exterior treatment, with a nice blue exterior color and gloss black trim, with red ST badges to let the world know that this is no ordinary F-150. The overall look is clean and subtle, exactly like the Explorer ST (and Fiesta ST or Focus ST, for that matter), but it’s also obvious that the truck is sportier than a run-of-the-mill F-150.

Alas, like our other renderings, there’s no indication that Ford is actually planning on making an F-150 ST, but we’d obviously love to see it, along with a new Lightning and H-D Edition. We certainly can’t be the only ones that miss the good old-fashioned sport truck, right?

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  1. Save The Manuals

    No. Just like nobody needed an Edge ST or an Explorer ST, nobody needs an F150 ST.

    ST stood for small, nimble performance cars. Still does, at least in Europe. It’s a freakin’ travesty what Ford has allowed itself to do with the brand in the U.S.

    1. Joel Sinclair

      Ford should make something like this but with a performance hybrid and make it the new “Lighting.”

    2. Alfredo Acosta

      But since Ford did away with the small performance cars, some people want performance and capability like payload. So naturally that would make sense especially since the SUV movement is in full wing

      1. Save The Manuals

        Fine. Even though nobody will EVER take one of these things to a track or autocross it (which true ST owners actually DO), make a go-fast F150. Just call it literally ANYTHING else. How little creativity do you have as a company to just lazily slap an acronym that has nothing to do with trucks, on one? The Lightning idea is great.

  2. tom

    I’m so sick of reading about pickup trucks! Is Ford ever going to produce cars again? This company is looking more ridiculous each passing day.

  3. Alfredo Acosta

    Yes a Ford F-150 ST is needed like a H-D and Lightning. For the idea of a F-150 ST to work we need other street performance pickups from other manufacturers, like Ram, but that doesn’t like it’s happening soon. There is already a render of a TRX as a street performance pickup called SRT-X the ST would be like the Raptor but street based. This time both should be able to be offered in 4WD with the ability to switch to 2WD High


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