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2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Fuel Economy Ratings Revealed

Following multiple delays, the 2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring and Ford Escape PHEV are still on track to enter production this year, even amidst a host of production issues plaguing Ford Motor Company at the moment. And now, we know exactly how efficient one of these new plug-in hybrid models will be, as the EPA has released its official Corsair Grand Touring fuel economy ratings.

The official Corsair Grand Touring fuel economy ratings come in at 33 miles-per-gallon of combined highway and city driving, and the PHEV will travel an impressive 28 miles on electric power alone, or 78 MPGe combined, with a total driving range of 430 miles.

Those numbers are a bit lower than the Escape PHEV’s estimated EPA ratings of 41 mpg and 100 MPGe combined, as well as its 37-mile estimated electric-only range, but official numbers for that model have not been released yet. Also, it’s worth pointing out that while the Corsair Grand Touring comes standard with all-wheel-drive, the Escape PHEV is equipped with standard front-wheel-drive.

Lincoln Corsair GT

While both of these models share the same Ford 2.5L iVCT Atkinson-Cycle I-4, permanent magnet synchronous motor, and a liquid-cooled, 14.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, the Escape PHEV is rated to produce a targeted 209 horsepower, while the Corsair is expected to produce 266 horsepower. The Escape PHEV also utilizes an electronic continuously variable transmission (CVT), while the Corsair Grand Touring is equipped with Lincoln’s PowerSplit electric CVT.

Pricing for the Corsair Grand Touring starts at $51,225 including destination, while Ford Escape PHEV in base SE trim will sport a starting MSRP of $32,650, $35,510 for SEL trim, and $38,585 for the range-topping Titanium trim, plus a $1,245 destination and delivery fee.

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  1. aarnn

    Can’t wait for sales to start – and excited to see final performance numbers. Hopefully it’s got great torque like the Aviator GT.

  2. BozB

    PHEV 28 miles of range in electric-only mode is very good. Please keep us updated on when the “build your own” feature is available on Lincoln website for PHEVs, date when shipments to dealers begin (so I can actually drive the PHEV), and when customer orders will be taken and expected build/delivery times are estimated. I’m starting to look at Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60 PHEVs. I think the Corsair Grand Touring will match up pretty nicely against them.

  3. Soily

    We ordered our Corsair Grand Touring a few weeks ago at a Northern Virginia Lincoln dealership

  4. Lee Glidewell

    A more interesting comparison would be how much the range would increase if y’all subtracted the weight of the electric motors and related batteries (hint; which makes room for a larger fuel tank).

  5. Mick1

    Compared to my Ford cmax hybrid I get 43mpg combined had 640 miles on a tankful once when averaging 48-52 mpg, normally it’s in the 500’s. I’ll have to test drive and rethink this Corsair GT.

  6. Mike

    I don’t care for all electric appliances at all, nor do I care for hybrids that are built for mileage. Hybrids for power tho, like the Ferraris, I can deal with. I bought a new Aviator GT in December. We’ve put a little over 2200 miles on it and I have an 1/8th tank less than 3/4’s of a tank left in my SECOND FULL TANK OF GAS. Not second this month, 2nd since December 28th and the dealership bought the first. I’m over 600 miles into this tank. My wife usually takes it to work at about 15 miles and she plugs it in there so it’s full for the trip home. A week of work every day and she averages about 85 mpg. My electric bill went up less than $10 this past month. We bought it so my wife could take the hov and express lanes for free and park up front at work. That was the main reason. The $6500 tax rebate helped. We’ve used less than 1/2 tank this month so I imagine we’ll have to fill up near the end of April. It only gets 23 mpg at 90 and about 20 at 100. It’s amazing how quick it gets to that speed. On a closed course of course;). I was a bit concerned about the payment, but with the current gas price, we’re saving at least $150 per month compared to our 2018 MKX. Did I mention 500hp and 600 lb ft with all wheel drive. And it’s beautiful with a beautiful interior.

  7. d. holecko

    When will the Grand Touring model actually start production? I keep seeing the date pushed back.

  8. BozB

    Has Corsair Grand Touring (PHEV) production for the US market begun? If not, when? When are deliveries to dealers and consumers expected to begin?

  9. BozB


  10. BozB

    The website Shopping Tools tab now has the BUILD & PRICE tool available for the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring PHEV model!
    Included in the instructions it states
    “Vehicles are built to order and available for delivery in 6-8 weeks.”
    Maybe this answers the availability questions posted above.
    Maybe not.

  11. Jeffrey Reed

    Build to Price tool is now available on the Lincoln website and dealers are accepting orders. I was told by my dealer that order date to delivery date is around 120 days.

  12. Boz B

    That’s great news! Did the dealer have a PHEV model that you could actually drive?

  13. Jeffrey Reed

    No, they did not. As you may know, Ford has been greatly impacted by the semiconductor shortage. The plant that produces the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair has been idled for several weeks and won’t resume production until July 19, 2021.


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