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2022 Lincoln Navigator Spied Testing Alongside Last-Gen Cadillac Escalade

In recent weeks, we’ve spied 2022 Lincoln Navigator prototypes testing on multiple occasions, which gave us our first look at the soon-to-be refreshed SUV. Now, interestingly enough, we’ve caught yet another 2022 Lincoln Navigator prototype out testing, however, this time it’s apparently being benchmarked against a Cadillac Escalade.

On the surface, this would seem like an obvious comparison, since the Lincoln Navigator and Escalade do battle in the same segment. However, Ford isn’t benchmarking the brand-new, fully-redesigned 2021 Cadillac Escalade against the 2022 Navigator prototype, but rather the old, outgoing model.

It isn’t clear why Ford is bothering with the older Escalade, but we do know that the new version is selling like hotcakes, so perhaps the automaker simply couldn’t get its proverbial hands on one. On the other hand, Lincoln Navigator sales were down nearly 8 percent in Q4 of 2020, but as we recently reported, that was good enough to help the Navigator retain second-place in the full-size luxury SUV segment, as it finished behind only the Escalade.

Both the 2022 Lincoln Navigator and the 2022 Ford Expedition, which share the Ford T3 platform, will be getting a mid-cycle action, or refresh, as we’ve previously reported. Both will receive some styling tweaks at the front and rear, while the Navigator will receive a new, larger front grille.

Inside, both the Expedition and Navigator will also receive an interior refresh, but in a very different way. As we previously reported, the 2022 Expedition will come equipped with a very large, vertically-oriented screen that looks identical to the 15.5-inch unit present in the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. Meanwhile, the Navigator will retain a horizontal layout, though it will feature a substantially larger infotainment screen to better match what’s available in the 2021 Escalade.

In addition to new infotainment screens, both the 2022 Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition will be available with Ford’s new 3.5L PowerBoost V6 that debuted in the 2021 Ford F-150. The hybrid version of the Navigator with this powerplant will be called the Navigator Grand Touring, joining the existing Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring and Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring in Lincoln’s sub-brand.

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  1. James K.

    After all said and done, you are either a die hard Lincoln or Escalade shopper.
    When Lincoln Navigator’s newest generation came to the market sales skyrocketed and took some steam away from the Escalade. Although, with the latest generation now having one up on the Navigator with its new curved OLED display. It seems so much more modern and integrated with the flow of the dash layout. And although sometimes “bigger is better” the tablet style screens are starting to look outdated and less modern.
    It seems the American automotive industry always follow suit to what is popular in the European and Asian buyers market. While they are still using this technology, GM has set the bar higher with this new screen layout.
    Personally, I’m not a big fan of the tablet screen because it interrupts the smooth flowing layout of the dash. If I want a tablet screen, which there are some people which will never use it for it’s itended purpose, I will hang my IPad Pro and take it down so as to not make the layout cluttered.
    I’m a big Lincoln supporter, but come on Lincoln, get with the times.

  2. Joseph H

    I think Ford lost out this generation by no giving the Expedition the F-150s face from the a-pillar forward. Every 2 years the truck gets a new face that could be shared with the Expedition. The Navigator could use the extra money to further distinguish themselves from the Expedition.

  3. Bipin rama

    I’m hoping for the generator also installed in the beautiful SUVs just like the f150. That would be an ultimate update and an Ecuadorian for the other companies

  4. Bipin Rama

    How about similar to the f150, a generator included in the beautiful SUVs

  5. Florida Rob

    If they offered a plug in unit I would sell my Hummer Ev Edition and buy either the Expedition of the Navigator ( assuming the front refresh looks better that the current Navigator. Here’s why. To invest over 100k in a large ICE vehicle right now would not be wise, especially if you plan to buy and keep it. Like it or not EUVs are coming and despite the high price the government will make it hard on anyone who insists on gas guzzlers. They are coming fast and hard.
    and like it or not, we have to switch and pray that they don’t kill our hobby. And yes the generator is a must have.

  6. Andrew

    Let’s not forget that the Nav has now won head to head comparisons against the Cadillac in both C&D and MotorTrend magazines – as well as taking #1 against the Mercedes and the new X7 from BMW.

    Lincoln is carving their own path and people are taking notice.

  7. Vito

    Such different vehicles, we really did struggle choosing between the Navigator and the Escalade. In a way, I guess it helps carve out their market. Personally, the Navigator exterior styling is very tame compared to the Escalade. I’m not a fan of the headlights or rear end, and my wife (the primary driver) could never get over the light bar across the back. It’s just not a good looking SUV from the rear, and looks somewhat dated. Inside though, the Navigator is great. I wish the Escalade had as plush seats as the Navigator, and I personally like the hefty feel of the knobs and switches. I also like the modern contemporary, luxury, look to the dash. I personally don’t mind the tablet in the center. Eventually we went with the Escalade, and plan to upgrade to the new one. The Escalade is more striking to look at, and has more presence. It glides on the road. The V8 has more character when you want to give it a go. If I wanted the most comfortable car to sit in; it would be the Navigator. Ultimately, the Escalade just checked more boxes for us. No one could be unhappy if be fortunate enough to own either; great SUV’s in their own right.

    BTW I own another Ford product, so I do crosshop.

  8. Jason Upton

    I am really hoping Lincoln gets the dash right. The new Grand Wagoneer looks amazing inside. Lincoln just needs to come up with a stunning dash and tech like the augmented reality on the Escalade. I fear from the spy photos they are going to just go with a bigger box screen and call it a day. Other than the curved screen in the Escalade I think it lacks on the inside and even outside. The 2nd row should be comparable to the front. Give some class and comfort to my passengers. All in all I am really hoping the updated Nav hits the mark so I can choose it!


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