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Elon Musk Roasts GM, Stellantis On Twitter, Ford CEO Jim Farley Responds

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has developed a reputation for using Twitter as his public speaking platform for his 48 million-plus followers in recent years, routinely influencing the stock market, revealing new product information, and just generally speaking his mind about all sorts of topics. One of his most recent tweets just so happened to take a jab at General Motors and Stellantis, or more specifically Chrysler, both of which have filed for bankruptcy in the past.

“Tesla & Ford are the only American carmakers not to have gone bankrupt out of 1000’s of car startups,” Musk’s tweet reads. “Prototypes are easy, production is hard & being cash flow positive is excruciating.” Interestingly enough, Ford CEO Jim Farley retweeted Musk’s statement and replied with just one word – respect.

The whole exchange is a nice showing of respect between two titans of the automotive industry as Ford and Tesla are just beginning their battle for control of the EV market. As we reported earlier this week, the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E had a major impact on Tesla’s market share in just its first full month on sale.

Ford sold 3,739 Mach-Es in February, 70 percent of which came from competitive brands and over 20 percent in the state of California alone, which has long been Tesla territory. Meanwhile, Tesla’s EV market share plunged from 81 percent to 69 percent, and the Mach-E accounted for nearly 100 percent of that loss.

Ford CEO Jim Farley

Regardless, Tesla still sold 21,550 units last month, compared to 9,527 from all other automakers combined. The battle for EV market share is just beginning, however, and early indications clearly demonstrate that Ford will be a major player. Now, it’ll just be interesting to see if Elon Musk and Jim Farley’s relationship continues its warm and fuzzy start as things really start heating up on the sales charts.

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  1. Tommy Frizzell

    Screw musky

    1. Ace Spades

      Elooon Musk Freakshow (EMF) would like that.

  2. Me

    The warm weather Liberal wastelands will always be the biggest market of EV’s

    1. Ace Spades

      Yeah…..BEVs are horrible in the cold. I take out my 100% ICE Panamera Turbo S only in the winter months….and I destroy all TESLAs. Ludicrous mode takes a long time to initiate in the cold….red lights turn green in 20 to 30 seconds.

      ICE, ICE BABY!!!!


    only in AMERICA can we the FORD DRIVERS be ahead of the game. next the cars and trucks will go 450 miles and not worry about a charge just a long extension cord if your in the meddle of the desert , you don’t belong there in an ev to start with.
    some of the rice burners are hi bread with gas engine and electric drive gives ability to do what you want

  4. Mark L Bedel

    As much as I personally do not like certain, popular transportation trends of late, at the the end of the day these companies are businesses, and if doing what Ford is doing currently by adjusting it’s product mix works best for it’s bottom line, then so be it. In a category of two, that is some rarified air! Congrats, and keep up the smart work.

  5. Eddie

    …until you see a farmer with a solar array on his barn, using his F-150 with it’s huge Frunk to weld his equipment in the field using the F-150’s batteries while never having to leave the property to purchase gasoline..

  6. Canyon Owner

    Ford only avoided bankruptcy because it had huge cash reserves and burned through them during the downturn.

    1. Eddie

      Hank Aaron was only successful because he worked his ass off.

      The San Antonio Spurs only have 35 winning seasons in 42 years because they played good.

      –The comment you wrote is a cheap shot against anybody or any organization that has had success in a competitive field.

      You want to try again?

      1. Ace Spades

        The simple truth is that the USA factories cannot compete with factories in other countries where labor rates are much lower unless you have huge tariffs. China, for example, has forced labor. How do you compete with $0 per hour?

        Now, TESLA is making cars in China and shipping them all over the world including the USA….with Beijing Biden’s blessing.

        By the way, every single Model S and Model X cylindrical battery cell was made in China by Panasonic. Nice, hugh? By the way, there is not a single TESLA with 50% or more US parts content. FORD would never get away with this…FORD is too honest….and NOT sociaIist.

      2. Ace Spades

        BEV proponents have put forth some very elaborate lies to trick folks into thinking that EM fields are safe. For example, SINTEF researchers got paid millions of Euros by a pro-BEV government to do a multi-year study on long term health effects from EM field exposure in BEVs. During their study, SINTEF very wisely decided to ignore the long-term health effects! What kind of a study neglects the very thing it’s supposed to research??? Of course one had to read this study very closely to realize that the SINTEF researchers ignored these long term health effects that they were supposed to investigate…SINTEF did not want the readers to realize this….AND then there were statements by SINTEF that went something like this: ”Sure powerful electric motors are safe for the health effects that we studied(although we ignored the long term health effects…OOOPS)….trust us….but we do recommend that the BEV engineers design electric cars so the motors, wiring and power inverters are kept as far away from children as possible… just in case we missed something???” Clearly Elooon did not get this memo. I more or less realized the motivation behind the SINTEF study when it started with a statement that went something like: “It would be OK for electric cars to cause cancer because gasoline also causes cancer.” So now colorectal cancers are spiking in Norway’s female population and SINTEF is saying “we dunno why”…but they do know why.

        In my research on health effects from long-term exposure to powerful EM fields, I discovered that women are more vulnerable than men. Children are most vulnerable. The National Cancer Institute uses a study from two decades ago to try to fool folks into thinking that long-term EM field exposure is safe. The Obama minion at NCI who was responsible for writing this conclusion a few years ago knew very well that even this outdated decades-old research clearly stated that EM field exposure affects our cancer immune system. Two decades ago, our knowledge of cancer was primitive compared to where we are today. Two decades ago we would not call something carcinogenic if it only affected our immune system. This is why both the NCI and the WHO reference these old studies…and the same Obama fossil-fuel-hating minion was in charge of writing these conclusions at both organizations…what a coincidence!!! We now know that something that weakens our cancer immune system can place us at a higher risk of cancer than even powerful carcinogens can…and this is exactly what EM field exposure does…it affects protein production in our bodies…specifically the guardian angel protein. Unlike twenty years ago, things that weaken our cancer immune system are nowadays labeled as CARcinogens.

  7. Ace Spades

    I think EMF (Elon Musk Freakshow) first realized the health risks to children from long-term exposure to powerful electro-magnetic fields the day before he was going to prove to the world that his TESLAs were safe by taking his children on a cross-country trip in a TESLA. Kingston Chang also read my letter that fateful Friday before EMF was to start on his journey across our great nation. Anyway, EMF did not want to cancel his publicity stunt but he could not modify a TESLA overnight to make the rear seats safe for his children…so he decided to go through with the cross-country trek….except that his kids would not ride with him but he would make it look as if they did. Instead, they would travel on his private jet and meet up with him at various spots along the way for photo opportunities. This way they would not be exposed to the powerful EM fields from TESLA’s electric motor spinning at 10,000 rpm…although the dumb Americans would be fooled into thinking Musk’s children were always riding in the TESLA. Kingston wanted no part of such deception…of such an evil experiment intended for American Children…and so he quit working for TESLA that very day…the day he read my letter…the day before Elon’s grand illusion. EMF didn’t care….he was too possessed by his PRECIOUS TESLA to care about horrible health effects on children from powerful electro-magnetic fields that would take a long time to mature (it takes a tumor several years to grow to a size that can easily be diagnosed) and even longer to link to TESLAs, and so he began his great big lie of a trip…Tweeting along the way and lying about how his kids were enjoying their American Vacation in a TESLA…but of course he could not post any photos with his kids until he had a rendezvous with the private jet that was carrying his kids. About a quarter of the way into the fake trip, EMF decided to terminate it on account of the over-enthusiastic media that could never get enough of their super-hero Musk. The Musk-crazed media even reported on where his private jet was flying…and that’s all I needed to expose the big lie that he was trying to pull on the American People. The bottom line is…after Elon Musk Freakshow read my letter, he did not feel very comfortable about having his own kids sit for hours and days on top of powerful electro-magnetic fields in the form of a 400hp electric motor and power inverter (which is what happens in TESLA’s back seats)…but EMF had no problem fooling Americans into doing this to their own Children…and he even used America’s love for the environment to trick parents into hurting their own children.

  8. Ace Spades

    I have had numerous discussions with battery-electric vehicle (BEV) designers about the health safety aspects of BEVs. I have had BEV engineers admit to me (in a public forum!) that they are aware of health risks from electro-magnetic field exposure. When they realize that I’m not as dumb as I look and that they cannot rationally defend the safety of their product, they will just say: ”It’s OK for BEVs and for electro-magnetic(EM) fields to cause cancer because gasoline also causes cancer.” So if the industry leaders agree that powerful EM fields cause cancer, then should we not place cancer warning labels on powerful electric motors and power inverters? On TESLA’s back seats?? (Just like we place warning labels on gasoline) Eloon and Obama and Biden don’t want to do that because that would effectively end their very important experiment on American Children. It is also important to note that we can smell gasoline and it is easy to keep the fumes out of the car’s cabin. Unfortunately, parents cannot detect the powerful EM fields when they drive their children in TESLAs and there is no effective shielding that blocks these EM fields from the 400 hp electric motors that are placed just inches under the TESLA’s back seats…under the Children’s bottoms…spinning at many thousands of revolutions per minute (they’re DYNAMIC!!!)

  9. James HIEBERT

    So to the person that commented that having a large surplus of cash that Ford burned through to survive a financial crisis is somehow worse than going bankrupt is a concept I am having trouble understanding!
    Evidently he must feel going bankrupt and letting working tax paying Americans paying for Gm’s lack financial management is the better choice.


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