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Facelifted Ford EcoSport Renderings Take Design Cues From New Equator

Just yesterday, we showed off a pair of renderings created by digital artist Kleber Silva that applied design elements from the new Ford Equator and the leaked Ford Fusion/Mondeo crossover to the Ford Fiesta to imagine what a facelifted version of The Blue Oval’s hatchback might look like. But Silva didn’t just apply these styling tweaks to the Fiesta – he also took the time to create some renderings depicting what a facelifted Ford EcoSport might look like with the same elements.

Needless to say, the modern design of the China-only Equator three-row SUV translates nicely to Ford’s compact crossover. In fact, we think it looks far better than the current model, which hasn’t produced terribly impressive sales numbers since its debut in the U.S. and is getting a bit old. On top of that, the EcoSport was among the least liked vehicles in a recent Consumer Reports’ survey. However, we think this facelifted Ford EcoSport would go a long way in helping it become more competitive.

Like the Fiesta, this imaginary EcoSport has much slimmer headlights than the current-gen model, as well as LED daytime running lights. The upper portion of the oval-shaped front grille is also much larger than the current model and features a matching lower grille with a visually interesting “3D” design in the center. The lower grille is framed by a set of fog lights that look identical to the ones present on the Equator.

Ford Equator

In the rear, the facelifted Ford EcoSport features taillights that run the entire width of the vehicle, with a light bar connecting them, just like the Equator. The shape of the taillights is quite similar as well but is a bit more stylized than the ones present on the three-row SUV, which presents a much more squared-off appearance. A Blue Oval badge resides in the middle of the light bar in the same spot it appears on the Equator.


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Overall, we’re fans of the Equator styling cues applied to the EcoSport, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Ford move in this direction with future models, especially since early reception for the Equator has proven to be quite warm.

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  1. Njia

    What would make the EcoSport even more competitive is quality that didn’t remind customers of the 1970s for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Badhac

    The Ecosport needs to be all new if it wants to be competitive. Legit one of the worst vehicles Ive ever looked at. Hopefully Ford remembers no matter how much you polish a turd, its still a turd.

    1. Marcello

      The 3rd generation Ecosport project was practically completed in Brazil and according to rumors, it would have some elements inspired by the Mustang Mach-E.
      Even ending production in Brazil, Ford maintained the development center, but it is not known if the projects that were under development will be used.
      Two more SUVs were also under development, destined for emerging markets, the 2nd generation of the Territory to compete with Compass, Taos and Corolla Cross and a derived coupe SUV.

  3. Chris

    That front end would look good on the Escape. The current Escape front end is really it’s only design weakness.

  4. Richard F Klima

    Consumer Reports only surveys their own readers. For this reason, I do not put any faith in what they say. This is not a representative sample. The Ecosport Facebook page seems to have generally good comments.

  5. Marcello

    One of the reasons that contributed to the end of manufacturing in Brazil, was the lag between Ka and Ecosport in relation to the competition.
    The Ecosport had an adequate engine, but its size and market positioning, hampered its sales. New competitors, newer, bigger, safe and technological ones were appearing and Ford took to make its renovation and consequently it was losing market.

  6. Amilcar

    Como propietario de Ford Ecosport, he tenido tres en total, es un vehículo versátil y cómodo, no le creo a Consumer Report. Pienso que es hora de una renovación y de ampliar la capacidad del maletero. Es ágil y fácil de conducir, su calidad de terminación es buena. Estoy muy satisfecho.-

  7. Stryder13

    Yeah, the front looks better but i don’t like the chopped off look of the rear. It reminds me of a Gremlin. Now don’t get me wrong. I like Gremlins. When you look at a Gremlin you know that it is a chopped off Hornet and that was what AMC had to do to compete in the small car market at the time and that’s ok. But when i look at the EcoSport which is an all new car i think why did they chop that back off? I think they could have done better.

  8. Joseph Drew

    A restyle won’t be enough to save the EcoSport. You can put a candle in a cowpie; won’t make it a birthday cake…


    i own one a 2020 and the wife and i luv it its well build and to all the haters drive it for a while and in the winter too and you will see its a jewel in the sand NO COMPLAINTS in fact quite impressed.


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