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First 100 Ford Ranger Black Models Sell Out In Less Than One Day

Several years after it first appeared in concept form, the 2022 Ford Ranger Black was officially revealed last week in Brazil. At that time, Ford said that the first 100 examples of the Ranger Black would come with a special accessory kit consisting of a bed liner, electric tonneau cover, and a storage rack, valued at R $10,000 ($1,734 USD). That, along with the Ford Ranger Black itself, must have proven to be an irresistible offer, as the first 100 units of the pickup sold out in less than one day.

“This sales speed at Ranger Black represents a very promising start, showing that it is the right product with the right positioning,” said Antônio Freitas, Ford’s Pickup Marketing manager. “Customers have recognized that it has attractive content and excellent value for money for those looking for an urban pickup truck.”

The 2022 Ford Ranger Black slots in between the XLS and XLT trims and just below the off-road-oriented Ranger Storm in Ford’s Brazilian Ranger lineup. It’s designed to cater to those that live in urban areas and prefer a sportier, more monochromatic appearance, and the Black certainly delivers with matte black door handles, side mirror caps, roof rack, wheels, and front grille, along with a black leather interior.

The Ranger Black is powered by Ford’s Duratorq 2.2L turbodiesel, which is rated to produce 148 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque and is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Since the Ranger Black is designed for urban adventures and not off-road excursions, it comes exclusively in rear-wheel-drive configuration.

The 2022 Ranger Black features a starting MSRP of R $179,900 ($31,253 USD). Luckily, only the first 100 units are spoken for, as more will be available in Ford’s Brazilian showrooms sometime next month.

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  1. Mike says..

    How silly is this? 100 trucks sell out in less than a day? Sounds a lot like grabbing the last piece of candy before your siblings do. Good marketing on FORDS part though. The product better be well build, and competitive or this is just blowing smoke in a market segment with real trucks on offer. Just sayin…

  2. N. S. Young

    I still have my 1996 (REAL) Ranger, a special order and a one-of-a-kind. It’s a classic. People still turn to look at on the street. Ford missed the boat BIGTIME when they discontinued that truck – and then they brought it back as a royal piece of UGLY. No thanks. I will also keep my ’87 T-Bird Turbo which still beats these “hot-rods” from a light every day! A cop stopped me recently and I figured a ticket was coming – instead he asked me if the car was for sale. I said no. He gave me his card and said if I ever decided to sell to call him FIRST! BTW – the Bird has 96K miles on it and the Ranger 56K. And my family has had almost every Ford product built going back to the 1920s, including Lincolns and Mercs. At age 86 I feel like we have a family history with Ford, so I hate to see these UGLY things they’re building now.


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